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Darts is majorly thought of as a local and traditional pub game, but it has gradually developed to become a big popular professional sport with large live crowd following and strong television viewership. It has grown at an explosive rate. In fact, over the past decade, it became the second-most watched sport on Sky Sports behind football. Betfair in recognizing this sport’s growing popularity offers a multitude of the latest betting promotions and opportunities such as 180s Betting, Checkout Betting, in-play betting and Handicap Betting. Betfair also offers free live darts streaming on its website.

Darts Betting on Betfair

Checkout Betting

While the 180s betting arouses the crowd, a three figure checkout can make all the difference between winning and losing a match. There are usually two checkout markets available for each match. They are Highest Checkout Player and Highest Checkout Score. Highest Checkout Player watches out for the player that will score the highest checkout of the match while Highest Checkout Score ask whether the highest checkout will be under or over a predetermined figure. The highest checkouts mostly come in matches that are nip and tuck, from the player that shows the greatest bottle. For example, Phil Taylor is well known for taking down big checkouts when his opponent is waiting on a 1 or 2 dart finish. Checkout specialists include Phil Taylor, Simon Whitlock, Mervyn King and Wes Newton.

180s Betting

180s betting is very popular in sports betting. A 180 in darts is the maximum score a player can achieve on a single turn of three darts. It is achieved by landing the dart on the treble 20 score three times. It is very similar to predicting the number of corners in a football match. You may bet on the number of tournaments 180s, total number on individual 180s, betting on whether or not there will be a 180 in a leg and the number of 180s in a chosen game.

Generally, there are four 180 markets available per match. They are Most 180s, Under/Over 180s, Player A 180s and Players B 180s. Note: that the most 180s market will be settled as a dead heat if the players hit the same number of 180s throughout the match. Always study the form of the players involved before making this bet as it will help you in making an informed decision on the likelihood of either of them hitting a maximum. A match with short number of legs gives fewer opportunities for players to hit maximums but a match with plenty legs gives plenty opportunities for 180s. 180 specialists include Adrian Lewis, Gary Anderson and Dave Chisnall.

Handicap Betting

This betting occurs when one of the players in the dart game is hugely favored over the others. To counter this bias in ability Betfair offers handicap betting which levels the playing field. For example, Phil Taylor, Gary Anderson, Adrian Lewis and James Wade are given odds of (1.2) and below when facing lower ranked players in the early rounds. This makes the Handicap market very appealing in attempts to find value.

Do a research on players that are well known slow starters and oppose them in the Handicap market in the first round. For example, Phil Taylor is usually said to be a slow starter, so there is regular value in opposing him at the early stages while James Wade usually progress with much efforts at the early stages.

In-Play Betting

Punters who engage in in-play betting needs to be quick with both their fingers and mind because a 180 can turn the leg or match in one player’s favor and a missed double can turn it in the opposite direction within a few seconds.

Betfair darts markets are turned in-play at the beginning of each match. But the markets are not actively managed like that of football. So it is left to the users to manage their positions throughout. Just like the Handicap markets, in-play bets are very profitable in matches involving players who are either known as slow starters or those who lose concentration easily when seemingly heading towards victory. For example, James Wade and Adrian Lewis usually lose concentration when they are in commanding positions and heading for seeming victory during matches. Laying both of them in-play as they approach the winning line usually offers good value.

Lay to Back / Back to Lay

In major darts knockout tournaments where the only outcome of the match is to produce a winner and a loser, laying is very effective as all you have to do is to pick the player who you think will lose. If you pick correctly, you win the money. Laying is currently available on only Betfair, where you have to stake against other punters rather than bookies. Betfair also offers regular darts ‘special’ which usually involve improved prices on particular multiple bets.

Darts Tournaments to Bet On

It is unusual for a month to go by without having darts tournaments, league, or championship worth betting on, in the last decades. The sport has become increasingly popular in many countries such as US, Germany, Austria, Holland and Belgium as well as in countries further afield like South Africa, China, Thailand and Japan. The sport has been firmly established and enjoys large viewership in the United States and Canada for almost as long as it has been in the United Kingdom.

The darts tournaments to bet on are:

S/NTournamentWhen    Where
1World Darts ChampionshipDecember/JanuaryAlexandra Palace
2UK OpenMarchButlins Minehead
3World MatchplayJulyBlackpool Winter Garden
4World Grand PrixOctoberCitywest Hot Dublin
5Grand Slam Of DartsNovemberWolverhampton Civic Hall
6Players Championship FinalsNovemberButlins Minehead
7European ChampionshipVariousEthias Arena, Belgium
8BDO World Darts ChampionshipJanuaryLakeside
9World MastersVaries between September/DecemberHull City Hall
10BDO World TrophyMayEvent City, Manchester
11Finder Darts MastersDecemberZuiderduin Hotel, Holland
12Category A+ Tournaments Dutch OpenJanuaryDe Bonte Wever, Holland
13England ClassicSeptemberBunn Leisure Holiday Centre
14England OpenJuneBunn Leisure Holiday Centre
15Isle Of Man OpenMarchVilla Marina Complex
16Welsh OpenMayPontins, Prestatyn

Betfair Sign Up

To enjoy darts betting on Betfair, you need to create a Betfair account, register your personal details and directly deposit funds into your account.

Betfair Signup Process

  • Step 1: Visit Betfair Sportsbook on your computer or mobile phone.
  • Step 2: Click on the ‘Join Now’ button in the top right corner of Betfair Sportbook home page. The ‘Join Now’ button will take you to Betfair Sportsbook account registration page.
  • Step 3: Fill in the required details and your personal information such as your first and last name, date of birth, country of residence, postcode and home address, phone number, email address, password, security question and preferred currency.
  • Step 4: After filling the required details, the next step is to click on the submit button. Then you can make your first deposit.

Darts Betting Winning Techniques

Below ae some useful strategy researched by us to make our dart betting a success

Always Analyze the Player’s form

Analyzing the players run of form is very important in guiding your betting. The confidence and the ability of the players to either translate their practice board play to the competition board or translate form in weekend tournaments should be considered. For example, Mark Walsh and Justin Pipe have dominated ‘floor tournaments’ (non-televised events) for most of their career but have not succeeded in winning any major title.

Analyze the Draw

Make careful analysis of the draw your first point of call before deciding who you back for the title because favorable draws may be a huge factor in who eventually wins the trophy.

Know Your Players

A huge lead in a darts match does not guarantee a player’s win. So the player cannot sit back and see out the game. Tension can set in while playing the game of darts so you have to either mentally or physically note the players that become nervy when the winning line approaches and be ready to lay them at short prices.

Darts Players

Professional darts players are split between the British Darts Organization (BDO) and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC). The BDO which is the older organization was established in 1972 while the PDC was formed in 1992 following a breakaway from the BDO.

Find More Info and Sign Up with More Bookies

Betting on darts may be a daunting affair, especially to new players. However, if you know where to look regarding relevant information, you will realize that you have more than enough help and guide to help you or Darts betting and other sports such as rugby, football, and others. To this end, we have provided comprehensive and relevant information in our Sports Betting comparison page, where you can use all the insights to your gain and start winning on Betfair Exchange.

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Can I Really Win with Betfair Darts?

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In this article we examined Betfair’s relationship with the game of darts and darts betting. We discussed the different methods of darts betting and darts tournaments to bet on. We enumerated the step by step processes of registering an account to start enjoying the thrills on darts betting. The article concludes with a list of techniques to aid winning darts betting.
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