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Basketball is one of the big four sports and one of the most popular sports in the entire world to bet on. Betting on basketball makes watching each game more exciting and thrilling, you also stand to make lots of money if you’re good at it, just like the Bet American football. Betfair provides you with up-to-date statistics to help you make the best bets possible. So, it doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to basketball betting or a seasoned bettor looking for a profitable money-making hobby or profession in 2020, you’ve come to the right place as you can use this information here to your advantage.

Betfair Basketball Explained

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world along with football, tennis, horse racing, rugby, cricket and golf. Millions of people all over the world enjoy watching different basketball leagues and tournaments every year. Betting on basketball is also one of the most profitable money-making hobby or profession in 2020 if you are good at it. The game provides plenty of opportunities to find value with its seasonal games and tournaments.

The most popular English basketball event in the world is the US National Basketball Association which began in 1946 with just 11 teams. Today, the NBA has grown to over 30 teams, attracting the best talent from across the world. NBA teams typically play an 82-game regular season over a seven-month period, with 41 home games and 41 away games. This provides ample time to get into the daily action not counting the many other associations and groups playing hundred and even thousands of games every season.

Betfair provides you with the latest most accurate basketball stats to help you make informed bets. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide that’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started with basketball betting and with the Betfair exchange.

Basketball Betting Sites

The first step to betting on basketball games is finding a reputable betting site with trustworthy content to place your basketball bet markets. This can be quite exhausting without having the right direction or knowing what to look out for. There are literally hundreds of thousands of options across the web with varying degrees of quality, value proposition, privacy policy, and terms and conditions. The primary criteria to look out for when selecting a new online basketball betting site are the site reputation, level of trust, exchange system, and the integrity of its staff.

Irrespective of its trust level, you’ll also need a betting site that offers the betting variety and flexibility that you need. We recommend betting sites that offer college basketball and a wide range of basketball league options worldwide asides from the NBA. Your basketball betting site also has to give you full flexibility when it comes to the types of bets and number of bets offered.

Remember that you may need to bet on more than just the winner of a particular game. We recommend sites that give you the flexibility to bet on different aspects of the game such as live bets, prop bets, half bets, and over/unders.

Betting on basketball

There are several different bets you can have on a standard basketball game. These include points spreads, prop bets, Moneyline bets, and totals and over/under bets.

1. Points spread bets

Point spread betting is the most popular type of basketball bets you’ll find in any sports ledger in the world. In a point spread, the team that is favored to win is referred to as the favorite, and the underdog team will be awarded points to balance them out. For example, if the LA Lakers were playing against the Denver Nuggets, the bookmakers may consider the Lakers to be 10-points favorites. This means that the Lakers would have to have to win by more than 10 points, while the Nuggets can either win or lose by less than 10 points.

2. Prop bets

Next is the prop bet, short for proposition bet. It is a proposition that someone will or will not do something that is wagered on. If you’ve ever bet a few quid that you or your friend could do something, for example, finish 40 hotdogs, you’ve made a prop bet. Prop bets are usually referred to as specials and they don’t typically have a direct effect on the final outcome of the game. A popular basketball prop bet is on ‘who will score first,’ ‘first team to top 100,’ etc. So, if you place such a bet and your chosen player scores first, you will still win regardless of whether the team wins or not.

3. Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets, also called win bets, are the most popular type of bet available to sports bet users and company around the world. The term Moneyline bet is more common in the US while win bet is reserved for the UK and other parts of the world. It is essentially a simple wager on who will win a game, contest, match, race, or fight.

However, this is all just on the surface; Moneyline bets also represent a type of odds format that shares the odds/payouts for a winning bet. Much like the point spread system, Moneyline bets also take into account who the favorites and underdogs are and pays out winning bets accordingly.

4. Totals and over/under bets

A total and over/under bet is a wager that predicts that an occurrence will be over or under a certain variable. You may probably have a good understanding of why they are called over/under bets now. For example, if you bet that the total over/under total point scores in a basketball game is 165 and the total number of points scored by both teams goes over 165; the over bet wins and if the total is under 165, the under wins.

This allows you to win irrespective of which team actually does. Most basketball betting sites will allow you to bet on the over/under of how many points, goals, runs, or jumps are made. Totals bets are the only sports bet that allows you to enjoy the game without rooting for either team.

Betting on College Basketball

Although the NBA is undoubtedly the biggest thing in basketball, the NCAA college basketball league is a close second. Many professional sports bettors have found college basketball to be a much more lucrative betting experience due to the nature of the younger and more exciting athletes.

March Madness

While there are several college basketball groups with games going on all year, March Madness is the busiest time of the year for college basketball bettors and players, both professional and recreational. March Madness is a 68-team single elimination style tournament that runs every year in March through early April to decide the collegiate basketball national champion. The entire tournament is carried out in the space of a few weeks of endless basketball hence the term ‘madness.’ This is really one of the top exciting months in all of sports betting.

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Thankfully, getting started with Betfair is free and easy. Simply create an account, log in, make a deposit, search for your preferred gambling service and then start making picks today. If your picks are correct, you’ll win! There’s no need to over complicate things, it’s really that simple. However, things may not be as easy as it sounds when it comes to finding a reliable operator, especially if you are new to gambling. That is why we have things extremely by providing relevant and comprehensive in our Sports Betting Comparison page. Please, avail yourself of this tremendous opportunity by visiting our page an finding the operator that best suits your preferences.

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Basketball is one of the biggest sports in the world and one of the most profitable sports to bet on. With so many basketball games and gaming events going on all year, it is easy to see why it’s a favorite among both professional and amateur bettors worldwide. Getting started with basketball betting is easy, you just need to find a reputable and trustworthy betting site and a type of bet to focus on. There are several other factors to look out for when deciding on which team to bet on or who you think has an edge, including things like their current form, fitness levels, current standings and much more. However, having an effective strategy will give you a bonus edge.
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