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Betfair Account Suspended

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  • There is always a plausible reason behind every suspension
  • Not every Betfair user gets suspended
  • The suspension is typically resolved quickly
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"Your Betfair account has been suspended", " Your Betfair account has been closed down" these are common clauses that some Betfair customers whether new or old, have received via email or when they try to login with their username and password to their account, notifying them that they have either done something wrong or something is wrong with their account. Every year, Betfair customer service resolves issues concerning suspension of customer accounts. This article will also provide some instances of suspension, reason for it, and how you can find help if you find yourself in similar situation.

What is Betfair?

Betfair is said to operate one of the largest betting exchanges Betfair Exchange in the world! It also offers fixed game odds, online poker, bingo and Casino for your gambling pleasure. It was founded in June, 2000 and it started operations immediately with one of its headquarters in the UK. It is one if the safest betting sites in the world just like the Bet America betting site, but the bet fair are much bigger with operations even in Australia. The company is said to have over four million customers out of which one million and a hundred thousand are active. This is a huge community of punters and a huge market at that. Year 2019 makes it 19 years which Betfair has being in operation

The Betfair account is very popular is the United States because of its profitability and quick payout. Besides this, the bet fair is very legal and it is licensed, so customers get to place their bets without being afraid of repercussions of an illegal activity. Despite its popularity as well as its reputation for being a safe betting site with different betting types to offer, the Betfair is not legalized in some territories.

The betting exchange and sports book offer over 30 sports. Bets such as the in- play bet, the lay bet, live in-play and back bets are available on the Betfair exchange. Customers get to place bets in different markets and events across a moderate number of sports. Since we understand what Betfair is now, it is important that we now explain the steps that are required to open a Betfair account.

How to Open a Betfair Account

  • New customers can open a Betfair account by visiting the website, and clicking on the "Join now" button while on the home page. Its paramount to go through the terms and conditions, cookie policy and privacy policy at the bottom section to get a full knowledge of Betfair terms
  • After clicking on the "Join group" button, a screen appears that contain sign up details, that is, the details required from the potential customer. Some details must be provided while others are optional.
  • The following details are required to be imputed.
  1. Basic contact details (Name, address, telephone number, state etc.)
  2. Email address and password of the bet Fair account being opened
  3. A security question is given and an answer to it is required
  4. Currency of bet fair account
  5. Promo code (optional). This would however be required if the customer wants access to free bets.
  • Remember not to share your login details with anyone as this should be kept private

Once the registration is complete and the bettor makes his first deposit, he has access to free bets as well as other gaming offers from Betfair such as the casino ( up to $100 bonuses), poker welcome pack,  arcade bonus and free spins among other benefits.

It should be noted that it is possible to open two Betfair accounts; all that would be required is two separate forums.

As part of the initial account registration process, you are provided with an opportunity to record your marketing preferences. Where you have agreed to receive such communications, the Group or Paddy Power/Betfair (as applicable) may use your information and personal details to contact you with marketing messages by SMS, email, phone, post or otherwise in  order to inform you about products, services, promotions , commissions and special offers which they  feel may be of interest to you.

Betfair Account Suspended

It is not unusual to hear complaints from owners of bet fair account having their accounts suspended. While some claim that the reasons for suspension were not clearly stated, others think that their accounts were unfairly suspended by Betfair. The main question now is; what are some reasons why Betfair accounts sometimes get suspended?

Whenever Betfair accounts are suspended the reasons are not always stated, so, the account owner may have to contact a customer service personnel who would then make inquiries as to why the account was suspended. Below are some of the top reasons why your Betfair account may be suspended:

  • One of the reasons why a bet fair account may be shut down temporarily is that there might be some issues verifying the account. If this occurs, the affected individual has to check his or her email as the reason for the suspension may have been sent via email, otherwise, a call should be put across to customer service care. The problem should be solved in no time. Just read the guide on the help section to solve it.
  • Another reason why accounts may be suspended is if there is situation where there is the slightest suspicion that the owner of the account is not the same as the person running or using the account which is against Betfair terms and conditions and also privacy policy. Once the account owner is made aware of the reason why his account was suspended, he will be required to supply valid documents for example his bank card, passport or driving license and back statement. All these had been required before but they would be required again for the sake of comparison. Once the operators are satisfied, the suspension would be lifted.
  • In some cases, some bettors choose to have a period of temporary or permanent self-exclusion. This can be likened to a self-imposed suspension. For the temporary self-exclusion, it is possible to have the account reactivated by contacting Betfair customer service providers. However, if it is a permanent self-exclusion, it is not possible to have the account reactivated.
  • Instances where account owners deposit and withdraw money too many times in a short while, their accounts may be suspended due to suspicion of money laundering activities. Sometimes, this suspension may go along with account owners having the money in their accounts seized. In situations like this, it not sure that the account will be reopened, but there is a slight possibility that it would be reopened if satisfying evidence can be provided to support that there were no money laundering activities.
  • Also common place is for bettors to have their accounts suspended over Premium Charge Avoidance. The account may need to be suspended for a period of seven to ten working days while the operators investigate whether there was an avoidance of premium charge payment. If they are satisfied with the result of the investigation, the account is reopened.

Where to Find the Best Online Gambling Deals

Betfair offers good odd deals as well as nice free bets including bonuses in other services which it offers, but in case you are still not satisfied with the odds been given or you do not have access to Betfair services in your state, you can visit sports betting comparison page to help search the best odds. You can place your bets in any sport or team of your choice and expect your profit in no time at all. Start your day with good returns on your bets and ease of access to your account through the Betfair latest version of their mobile app. Your work or business need not be affected as you can set your bets with ease. The software algorithm executes your order in lightning speed.

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Betfair Account Suspension is definitely not the End

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This article has provided evidence that the Betfair is indeed a fair betting site. Asides the bonuses, there are also free bets that new account owners have access to and also a helpful forum with latest posts of. The downside would have been the fact that sometimes, some accounts are suspended, but usually, there is a good reason behind the suspension and immediately the problem is resolved, the account is reopened. Also, the Betfair is not only restricted to the US, it has subsidiaries in other parts of the world like Australia. Hence, non-members of the US can access the site and place their bets on any sport of their choice from the number of sports offered. If your account gets suspended, remember to take the needed steps, and soon, your account would be back up and running.
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