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BetCRIS Offshore Bookmaker 2020

BetCRIS is one of the oldest offshore sportsbetting websites out there which emerged on the scene more than thirty years old in 1985. In this comprehensive, unbiased BetCRIS review, we take a look at the operator’s service, its general quality, its mobile support, the usability of its website as well as other relevant info about the Betric NFL, and other sports offered.

Before we get to these sections, it should be noted that BetCRIS USA formerly known as Costa Rica International Sports is oftentimes regarded to as one of the online sportsbetting pioneers which today has a massive fan base. In addition to the BetCRIS English website, the sportsbook supports several other languages including Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, Korean, Chinese, French and Portuguese.

However, since the company does not hold a gaming and regulatory license to operate in the United States, there are many risks for US residents who decide to still register. Further in this review, we take a look at what are those risks which suggest that BetCRIS should be avoided to stay safe and protected.

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is BetCRIS legal US bookie?

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In this section, we answer the most important question, is BetCRIS legal. In order to answer this question, we naturally have to look at the United States laws related to the sportsbetting industry, sportsbooks and online gaming, casino and poker rooms in general. As many of you probably already know, the United States Supreme Court decided to lift the federal ban related to sportsbetting on the 14th of May, last year.

Since this particular ruling, eleven states have decided to legalize sportsbetting activities to some degree including Nevada, New Jersey and New York. Moreover, seven states have passed a law to do the same, but the process is still pending. Then, twenty-four states have also pending legislation which will see them moving towards legalized sportsbetting.

While some rules still unclear, according to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act revised in 2006 which targets different types of online gambling made it a criminal offense for the United States-based companies to process transactions aimed at illegal, offshore gambling sites such as BetCRIS. In other words, this law did not criminalize online sportsbetting and gambling in general, but it just criminalized gambling operations in the countries which are hosted by overseas or offshore servers.

In other words, those who decide to register at sites such as BetCRIS despite are strong recommendations not do so, expose themselves to all sorts of risky business. As previously mentioned, registering at offshore sportsbetting operators means risking your money, your safety, your private data and even more we discuss further.

That's why you shouldn't bet at this operator

While for decades, the only way to open gaming accounts, placer bets on sports such as football or NFL and enjoy some free play alongside other gaming perks was to use offshore sportsbooks including BetCRIS bookmaker. However, the situation is very much different today with so many different fully state-legalized, reputable and reliable sportsbooks which offer some of the best betting odds in the industry as well as some of the biggest sports collections to explore.

At the same time, many sports fans and enthusiasts still decide to register at online venues that do not have proper licensing or no licensing at all. Even those these sites may offer great deals, and even though some of them enjoy decent reputations, none of them can guarantee players’ safety, fair play, and other ingredients necessary to enjoy online sportsbetting the right way.

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This also applies to the BetCRIS betting website which does include loads of sports such as BetCRIS football, Betccris NBA, BetCRIS hockey and many other popular sports and leagues, but still fails to provide safety and security measures simply because it does not hold a state-issued license to operate in the first place. Registering here for an account means exposing yourself to many different risks.

One of the biggest risks of registering at offshore sportsbetting sites is related to your money which cannot be safe for as long as you make transactions to offshore operators simply because payment processors in the United States cannot legally transfer money to these overseas operators. What is even more, once you are done with your BetCRIS login process, you expose both your private and financial data to outsiders which may use your personal information to steal from you.

Without your data being safe, you also risk to lose your money suddenly including your winning as these kinds of operators without proper licensing could potentially close their doors at any time and you no longer can access your login account. Considering these major risks and they are many other risks as well, the best way to take is to choose a state-licensed, fully regulated, reputable and reliable operator which complies to all of the industry’s standards at all times.

BetCRIS Check: Is BetCRIS legit bookie?

Even though we strongly recommend that you pass on this sportsbetting site, we still want to include a brief section regarding its service’s quality, its sports offering, its live events offering, customer support, payment options and other information.

Sports & Live Betting: Missing Out on Some Major Sports Events

All in all, the BetCRIS sports offering and live betting includes a decent selection of activities with loads of betting odds to choose from including BetCRIS baseball, BetCRIS basketball, as well as NFL, soccer, hockey, football, MMA sports, motorsports, and more. However, the operator still misses out on some major sports events which customers commonly complain about.

It is worth mentioning that besides its sportsbook, registered customers can also access BetCRIS blackjack and other casino games via the same website. Lastly, the operator’s mobile service including the BetCRIS app Android and BetCRIS app iPhone is also available from the website.

Odds: Covering Major Markets

In terms of its betting odds offered, all of the top sports markets go over one hundred percent. The operator does offer odds on all of the most popular leagues and sports while there is also a decent range of prop bets for all of the major North American sports including NBA and NFL.

However, some betting odds offered are below the industry’s average such as over and under predictions which makes them not worth players’ money. Either way, all info on the betting odds, live betting and sports offering can be accessed using its BetCRIS app.

Bonus & Promotions: Nothing Extraordinary Offered

Punters who decide to register here despite our firm recommendations can grab rather ordinary bonuses and promotions. One BetCRIS bonus commonly offered to newbies includes a 25% free play sign-up bonus worth up to USD 300 with a 4x wagering requirement.

Other than this, punters can scoop reload bonuses of 10% worth up to USD 500. However, to get this one, players need to contact the sportsbook’s customer support and check whether they are eligible or not. This definitely does not add to the operator’s credibility.

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Payment Methods: International Payment Options

When it comes to depositing and withdrawing with the sportsbook, players can use a variety of methods offered such as BetCRIS Bitcoin, credit and debit cards including MasterCard ad Visa as well as other services such as Skrill, Neteller, PagoEfectivo, PaySafe Card, bank transfers and more.

It is worth mentioning that for funding their accounts and withdrawing their winnings, customers can use the BetCRIS android or iPhone app in the same way when using the sportsbook’s website. However, there are several downsides to its banking system mainly slow payouts, higher transactional fees and longer withdrawal pending times.

User Interface / Usability: Simple, Easily Navigable

The website’s design is quite simple with the main sportsbook section listing all sports and major leagues offered. In the center of the website, players can check the odds for all upcoming sports events and matches alongside other important info. While the website is easily navigable, its rather too simple design does not make it particularly appealing.

Customer Service: Available Around the Clock

The operator’s customer support agents can be reached using the company’s live chat feature, its e-mail and its phone support. Even though the customer support department at BetCRIS is decently good, customers oftentimes complaint that customer support agents fail to provide meaningful answers regarding their issues, questions and inquiries.

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The Future of Offshore Betting Sites

Some of the most recent iGaming industry reports have suggested that some very interesting trends are emerging on the scene mainly related to recent technological advancements which in one way or another modify players’ behavior. With mobile devices revolutionizing the entire iGaming industry, new laws and regulations do very similarly to the behavior of online gaming operators.

The truth is that US residents illegally place billions of dollars on sportsbetting offered at offshore gambling sites and this is not changing any time in the future. Nonetheless, with some states legalizing these activities and providing state-licensed, fully regulated sportsbooks, many customers will turn to these operators and leave offshore sportsbooks behind.

This does not mean the end for BetCRIS and other similar sportsbooks, but it means that their fan bases are deemed to shrink to some degree especially in the time to come. All in all, it is always a better idea to register at a state-licensed operator that can guarantee fair play, safety and privacy alongside some of the best odds in the industry and much more which offshore operators fail to provide.

Disclaimer: Don't play here

Justice background is a 100% legal portal licensed by U.S. authorities that exclusively recommends and promotes legal online providers. The information on offshore providers published here is for informational purposes only and is intended to show the negative consequences that the use of these providers can have. We neither recommend nor link these providers in any way. We also have no business connection with these providers. Please only play with 100% legal and licensed US providers that are shown in our comparison and regulated by US authorities. Only with these providers, you can play safely and reliably.

FAQ: Is BetCRIS scam site or not?

Yes, but it also depends on your location as not all the states issue licenses to online bookmakers. If you live in a state where online betting is legal, you can make your bets, while other players should wait for their state regulators to start issuing licenses to operators. Offshore betting platforms are not the solution.

As managed by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act from 2006, payments made to overseas operators are considered a federal crime. Hence, US residents are not allowed to place real money bets at such offshore operators including Betcris. Even though players can be prosecuted, there are no records of such criminal offenses made.

Yes, the majority of offshore operators including Betcris accept and even encourage using cryptocurrencies fur funding online accounts. While some players prefer Bitcoin as their payment option, Bitcoin also has its own downsides and is better to avoid. Generally speaking Bitcoin payments are both unsafe and unreliable.


Yes, since Betcris does not have a license to operate in the US. Even though it is possible to be prosecuted, players usually do no face legal consequences. Nevertheless, legal issues relating to tax evasion and support of such actions are still possible and making transactions to offshore sites can affect your credit rating.

Most definitely. Betting at any offshore sportsbook or any unlicensed betting website means that players have no recourse in case of disputes which is not the case with state-licensed websites. Offshore sites have been known to scam their customers and simply never pay out winnings in many cases.

Is BetCRIS illegal or not?

The purpose of this BetCRIS review is to objectively present you this brand which remains operating in the United States without holding a necessary, state-issued license. Any overseas operator without a proper licensing does not comply witth the industry’s standards to some degree.

In other words, customers who decide to register here expose themselves to all sorts of risky, shady business including risking their money, and their privacy. Therefore, the best idea is to stay away from operators such as BetCRIS which do offer some gaming perks, but the risks of registering and playing here are just too serious to not to pay attention.

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