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April 3, 2021
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Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.
Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.

Bet American Football 2021: Odds & Strategies

The American bet is a peculiar bet type. It has features that are only identifiable with it. Other countries may also have their bet types, but there are some features that differentiate their bets from how the American football bets are placed as compared to other countries. In the US, there are bet types that can be placed on other sports such as the baseball, boxing, golf, basketball, tennis and horse racing at times; however, betting in American football is most popular. This article will now broaden your knowledge of the American football betting and its types as you read.

Everything you need to know about Bet American Football
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  • Several betting options for American football betting

  • Get to know and observe the various teams thoroughly

  • Check the odds of different sports betting operator

  • Begin betting with the simple wagers first

Bet American Football Explained

The Bet America football is just another type that is set apart from others based on the location in which it is played; the US. It is quite tricky to play; however, there are some strategies that may be applied to playing each of it types that help makes it easier to win as would be explained shortly. Bettors are therefore expected to make a decision as to their approach towards the betting. So with the regular season approaching, it’s essential to have a good understanding of American football betting.

American Football Betting Lines

It is a common knowledge that bookies provide bettors with different game line markets for each NFL season week. These game lines form the collation of odds that the make up the bettor’s odds for a win, a handicap or money line and totals in the game. The odds offered by each of these markets differ, one to the other.

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The Bet American Football Point Spread

Some bookies prefer to call this the ‘Straight bet’ especially in the US. It is a safe betting as compared to other game lines in the American football betting. It is much more common in soccer than in other games as basketball or horse riding. Point spreads are also used outside the US. This is not a win bet as bettors are not betting on whether a team would win or lose, instead, they are betting on which of the two teams would cover ‘the spread’. The spread is given by bookies and they equalize the teams in terms of which team is favorite. The favorite team therefore its points reduced while the underdog team has some points added to its points. In this sense, point spread performs the function of a handicap by giving a margin of error as it were, and providing access to additional points. It may also bolster odds and gives minus points to the chosen team.

A bettor who decides to bet for the favorite team on point spread would back them to win by a margin greater than the spread and if the bettor backs the underdog, he backs the team to win or lose by a margin that is less than the point spread.

For example; two teams, Miami Dolphins play against New York Giants in the 2019 NFL super bowl and the offer of a bookie is;

Miami Dolphins and New York Giants Point spread for NFL betting

Miami DolphinsNew York Giants


Miami Dolphins is the Underdog while New York Giants is the favorite team. Miami Dolphins is given 8 points while New York Giants is subtracted 8 points. The numbers are the odds of the two teams. Since the odds differ even if by little number of points, this implies that Miami Dolphins is less likely to cover the spread than New York Giants. it is common place that the odds differ at least by very little, but what is more common is that the odds be exactly equal, since that is the main point of the Point spread, creating two favorites for the sake of betting.

The Bet American Football Money line

Otherwise known as the ‘Win bet’, the Money line bet is often tagged as the simplest American bet. It is so simple, it only involves picking who is going to win a match. In other games, there is only a win market, however, for games like soccer, the win-draw-win market is often offered, in which you can back either of the two teams to win or you can back a draw.

For example, below is an illustration of a match and the odds that accompanies each of the teams in the match;

Atlanta FalconsDRAWLos Angeles Rams


The numbers above are the NFL odds and if the punter places a bet of $100 dollars on:

  Atlanta Falcons winning he earns $280

Los Angeles Rams winning he earns $320

Atlanta Falcons and Los Angeles Rams draw; he earns $400      

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The Bet American Football Totals

This is another American bet type also known as ‘Over-Under’. In soccer, it involves bookies setting a line for the number of goals that would be scored in a match. Then, bettors are given the choice of betting in favor of the number of goals exceeding the set line (Backing the over) or the number of goals scored being less than the set line (Backing the under).  Most times, the odds for the Overs and Under are usually different depending on the more likely outcome.



The numbers are the betting odds for each bet. The table implies that if a punter backs the Over, he needs more than 44 points or 44 points to win and if he backs the Under, he needs less than 44 points or 44 points to win the bet.

The three bet types explained above are the most common bet types in the US. There are other good bet types besides them as explained below;

The Bet American Football Futures or Outrights

As its name implies, it involves betting on the winner of a game, sport or event in advance, way before the event even begins in the season or year. An example is betting that a team for example the New England Patriots will win the Super Bowl when the season begins. Futures bets are exactly what they sound like, a wager placed on an event that will occur in the future. As you can imagine, the most popular futures bet in the NFL is who will win the Super bowl.  It’s also possible to bet on NFL and College football futures and outrights. This can be an alternative to live NFL Betting.  NFL futures involve betting on the winners of the following:

  • NFL Super Bowl Winner
  • NFL Conference Champions
  • NFL Division Winners
  • NFL Most Valuable Player
  • National Football Championship (NFC)

This bet will of course pay out much higher when it is placed before the season actually begins, and the NFL betting odds for future wagers bet  gets  worse and worse as the season goes on.

The Bet American Football Parlays or Accumulators

These are multiples which involve placing more than one bet in a single selection. This bet type is hard to win as all bets need to win before there can be profit. On the other hand, the advantage is that the payout is usually very great. There can be up to more than five bets in just one selection.

The Bet American Football Full Cover Bets

Basically, it involves a series of wagers that cover all selections and possible outcomes.  Examples of full cover bets are; Lucky 15 and Lucky 63 Bet.

The Bet American Football Progressive Parlays

Just like accumulators, the full cover bets include placing multiple bets, but they are more flexible in that if there is a loss in one of the bets, the bet money if refunded.

Other American bet types include; Teasers, Pleasers, if bets and reverse bets.

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Betting American Football; Terms, Conditions and Policies

It’s paramount to go through the terms, conditions and policies of betting American Football before engaging in gambling of any sort. This generally can be found in the bottom of the page where terms and conditions, cookie policy, privacy policy and rules and regulations can be found on betting sites and mobile betting apps. Please kindly go through this as it is highly advised

Where to find great Bookies with nice Odds?

The American bet is not only safe, but also profitable, hence every day, punters have begun to place the American football bets. For new ones just about to start playing the Bet American football, it might seem like unfamiliar territory and some might get discouraged as a result of the difficulty in finding bookies who offer good odd deals, easy deposit, and quick withdrawals. However, we have done that part for, we have helped searched out the best bookies, all you need to do is visit our sports betting comparison to select, by your standards, the bookies that would meet your betting and bookie taste with terms and conditions that are favorable for you, then, you can start betting the American way!

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Start Scoring Homeruns with Your American Football Betting
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The Bet American football is fast becoming popular because of its variety and the privilege of choice that it offers to punters on gambling. As highlighted in this article, there are types of the American football bet, as a result, more individuals have begun to place the bets and make deposits in their online betting accounts both in the US and in some territories around it. Therefore, more bettors are encouraged to start placing and earning.
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