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There is almost nothing as disheartening for a punter as winning a bet without being able to cash out the winnings, thereby losing both his stake and returns because he failed to take the necessary precaution in choosing the best betting sites that best cater for his needs as a punter. We understand the fact that there are a lot of sportsbooks available in the gambling market today and it can be very difficult to choose the best betting websites. That is why we have pulled our resources together to ease you off this trouble by carrying out a rock-solid research and analysis on what to look out for before choosing your best betting sites.

Important Facts to know about Best Sports Betting Sites
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  • Best sport betting sites offer much more value

  • Your financial and data security is guaranteed

  • Get the best odds and cash out bigger

Sport Betting Explained

It is very unlikely to come across a bet operator that doesn’t have a sportsbook. As a matter of fact sport betting is the most popular form of gambling in the 21st century. Although online gambling has overtaken the traditional ways of sport betting as the most preferred method because of the ease and comfort it gives to punters. You can bet on virtually all sports, but the most popular sports you can bet on include major sports leagues, football, basketball, MLB, golf, NHL, horse racing, soccer, cricket, tennis, rugby and major boxing events.

Some gambling sites also offer betting markets on e-sports, motorsports, futsal, cycling, darts, snooker, and entertainment props.

Choosing the Best Sports Betting Websites

In helping you to choose the best online sport betting site, our group of expert reviewers has come up with a checklist of strict criteria that must be ticked before embarking on that sportsbook signup. These criteria were developed through a study of betting details such as safety, bet offers, betting experience, betting odds, bonuses, customer service and support, payment ease, payment methods, reputation, promotions, mobile app platform and so on.

Betting Odds

You want a betting site that can offer you the best possible odds you can get, don’t you? So why do you always place your bets on gambling websites that usually offer poor odds? In assessing the best online sports betting sites, the odds offered plays a significant role. Your eventual winning returns are usually higher when the odds offered by a bookmaker are high. Thus, bookmakers with regular high odds on sports are usually ranked highly when listing the best online sport betting websites.

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Website Safety and Security

Website safety and security in this instance refers to measures taken to guarantee the safety of the bettor’s personal details and the sites financial trustworthiness. The top sportsbooks are expected to accept your money anytime you make deposits, accept wagers placed on bets and send you money for cash outs. If there is a betting site that has a track record and policy of neglecting the above conditions, then that site is not a good betting site and should be avoided at all cost because a site’s current financial status is very important in choosing the best sporting site. Sadly, there have been many bet operators that foldup without giving bettors the opportunity to recover their funds.


One way to ascertain the reputation of a sport bet site is if such site has a legitimate license or valid online gaming licenses. In the United States of America, there are a number of legislations regulating betting businesses such as the Interstate Wire Act of 1961 and the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). While in the United Kingdom, gaming licenses are issued by the Gambling Commission. Thus, we recommend that you sign up with a bookmaker with good reputation.

Bonuses and Rewards

Why bet on a website that offers no bonus or reward, when there are many sites offering a lot of extra value? Bonuses and rewards offer the extra value that greatly boosts your returns if you take full advantage of them. Thus, a top sport betting site is expected to offer a series of bonuses such as welcome bonuses, current bonuses, deposit bonuses to show a reasonably generous attribute.

Customer Service and Support

Customer service and support are some of the betting basics that cannot be neglected as there are a lot of situations that may warrant urgent assistance from the betting site by the bettor. Issues such as encountering problems in logging into your account or signing up should be effectively attended to by a friendly customer care service. Sport bookies are expected to have several methods in carrying out their customer support system such as email, mobile phone contacts, live chat, social media platforms, FAQs, etc. this goes a long way in showing that they genuinely care about the bettors

Payment Methods and Transactions Fees

The best sport betting sites offer payments via debit/credit cards, e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfers and sometimes even cheques. Just ensure that your preferred payment option is listed on the site before signing up. Another factor to consider is the transaction fees charged on transactions to and from your account.

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What are some of the best betting sites in the USA?

Some of the best betting sites in the United States where you can wager with complete peace of mind include William Hill, FOX Bet, FanDuel, DraftKings, and others that you can find on our website. It is very important that bettors take the time and diligence to find which of these good sites works in their state to avoid restrictions.

Importance of Staking on the Best Sports Betting Sites

It is astonishing that some people care less about the sites on which they stake their bets as long as they find no difficulty in placing their wager. Even expert punters who are expected to know the nitty-gritty of betting, often prefer to use the best sites they’ve been using for years rather than exploring better options. These sets of persons do not know what they are missing from using the best betting sites.

Where to find the Best Sports Betting Websites?

To be reading this part of this article, then it is assumed that you’ve read and understood all that this article is all about. If so, the next step after choosing your most preferred betting site and wager with them. Visit our Sports Betting Comparison for more comprehensive information on which bookmaker is more suitable for you.

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