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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Basketball Betting 2021: How to get Started

Betting on National Basketball Association (NBA) and NCAA College Basketball games is commonly practiced by American sports bettors. However, for newbies who also want to begin placing wagers on Basketball bets, it’s necessary to comprehend the basics of betting in basketball, the available wagering options in order to optimally benefit from basketball betting. The game of Basketball offers sports bettors numerous wagering possibilities; however, as a sports bettor, you have to know how each wagering type works and the perfect time to use that wagering type for your preferred team. Players new to basketball sports betting will be able to learn some basic strategies for basketball betting as our guide takes you on a journey through all the methods of making the most out of every wager you place.

Everything you need to know about Basketball betting
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  • Betting on Basketball games involves betting on NBA and NCAA

  • Several profitable Basketball betting strategies exist

  • Advanced betting strategies lead to big wins

  • You need to make your Basketball bets with proper Sportsbooks

Basketball betting Explained

For American sports bettors, Basketball is among the commonly patronized and profitable sports, this is why it’s vital to get familiarized with basketball betting strategies and tricks. Knowledge of certain information, strategies and stats can certainly be very helpful in making your basketball bets more profitable. New bettors who are looking to start betting on basketball matches can use the information provided here to get a head start on the competition.

Basketball betting strategies

There are several basketball betting lines which sports bettors can select from, choose. If you wish to wager on either the NBA or Betting college basketball, with adequate practice of these strategies on top sports betting sites, you can familiarize yourself with the most profitable strategies.

Betting Moneyline

Moneyline betting or wagering is one of the most popular as well as the simplest betting variants which is often used in basketball betting. When you bet on the moneyline market, you are simply betting on what team will come out as the winner. As expected, betting on the favorite will generate a smaller potential win, while betting on the underdogs to win can generate some big payouts. If you are trying to make money on the moneyline markets, make sure that you are not always just placing your bet on the favorite as this will not work in the long term. Check out our Betting moneyline guide for even more information on this particular market.

Spread Betting

Spread betting is commonly used by sports bettors; this betting system involves betting on difference in score between both teams and accurately predicting which team will win the game. In basketball matches, it’s not strange for spreads to surpass 15 points, though this hardly occurs in National Football league (nfl) games. In Basketball, spread betting is more complex when compared to betting moneyline, but it comes with a larger payout. For sports bettors who feel positive about the result of a match and feel they can accurately predict the difference in scores, they can rely on the spread bet wagering strategy as it comes with a higher payout.

Betting Totals (over/under betting)

Totals betting is a highly popular betting market in basketball, since we are talking about a sport that normally has a high number of points scored. The bookmakers will set a line and players are betting whether the final score will end up being under or over the line - that is whether the two teams will end up scoring higher than the amount or lower than the amount. Pleaser betting strategy and Teasers are used to adjust the total numbers up or down in order to increase or reduce the house odds, which also has a corresponding effect on the payout.

Proposition bets

Also known as prop bets, these wagers are more specific and they give you a chance to bet on particular events during a basketball match. Special betting competitions such as March Madness give players plenty of chances to make prop bets. For instance, a player may bet on which player will score a certain amount of points, which minute an event will happen in, etc.Due to the wideness of possibilities that can be wagered on in proposition bets compared to other betting strategies, a good number of experienced sports bettors rely on proposition bets when placing multiple wagers. In certain situations, proposition bets are also used for hedging and betting arbitrage.

Halftime and Quarter Lines

Although they’re sometimes categorized under proposition bets, another common sort of basketball betting lines include both the halftime and quarter lines. Halftime and Quarter line bets can work like Spread bets, moneyline bets, or like totals. What separates them is they focus on a specific period during the game. So, with them, Sports bettors can wager on events which will take place during the first quarter, the first half, during other quarters or during the matchup’s final half. These halftime and quarter line wagers should be wagered live since they’re available while the game is on, with the exception of first quarter wagers and first half wagers. For sports betting enthusiasts and fans who prefer remaining involved in the basketball matchup, they can wager follow-ups on events to happen in advanced periods of the game while they observe the game.


Parlay betting is another fun and engaging way to bet on sports. Unlike normal bets, parlays combine several basketball bets into one. The odds of the bets on the parlay are multiplied, making the potential for a big win possible. However, in order for a parlay to be a winner, all bets on it must be winners. This obviously means that the chances of winning a parlay are smaller, but the final reward is much higher. With this in mind, players who like volatile betting and highly risky gambling are in for a real treat. An advantage of parlay betting is that you can place a small bet and win big if you are lucky and smart enough to find the right bets to include.

Live Wagers and Promotional Offers

Apart from the various wagering lines discussed above, there are numerous ways to enjoy betting on basketball games. Sports bettors who wish to have more fun can place wagers during matchups to keep up the fun, and the sports books usually provide sports bettors with bonus offers which they can benefit from.

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Betting Parlays and Cash Back Bonuses

When on the lookout for bonuses, betting on Basketball games comes with quite a number of bonus offers, this makes sports bettors who may not even have so much interest in a basketball game, attracted to betting on Basketball. Some of these bonuses include bonus money in form of money-back offers given on a sports bettor’s wager on statistics like “the number of three-point shots to be scored by a certain player during the game”, or on another event which may occur during the game. For players who make use of parlays, some other offers are also provided which make their wagers more profitable.

Live Betting

Though not every sports bettor is a fan of the games they bet on, others are huge fans and love to watch these sports. Therefore, being fans of sports like basketball, Basketball fans who are sports bettors get to watch these games, usually from the start of the game to full time and rather than simply watch, they enjoy placing wagers while the game is going on and love to see how the game unfolds. With the several sportsbooks today, there are opportunities to engage in live betting. Live betting is enjoyable and equally profitable as players are rewarded with impressive payouts.

Find the Best Sportsbooks for Basketball Betting

You are now aware of how online basketball betting works and it is time you get started. You can sign up with any of the online bookmakers from our sports betting comparison and get access to hundreds of pre-match and live betting basketball markets. Check out the available games and the markets on offer and get started with your first basketball bets today. You can apply any of the strategies we advise in our strategy guide and of course don't forget to claim your betting bonuses to give yourself the best possible chances to win.

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Excel With Your Preferred Basketball Betting Strategy
There are many different betting strategies for basketball betting out there. As we already explained, new players should stick to simple strategies. Start learning how to make money on NBA and NCAA basketball betting and develop your personal style and strategy starting with small real money bets. This will help you attain impressive profits. Therefore, acquaint yourself with the top betting strategies, learn how to use them optimally and rely only on top sportsbooks.
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