No Limit Omaha: Rules & Strategies

A relatively less popular version of the poker game of Omaha is no limit Omaha. Due to the fact that the game plays so big even in it's pot limit version, it is not very common to see players playing no limit Omaha. However, the game does exist and is played in some private games and ocasssionally online.

Slightly more popular version that is played as no limit is the no limit Omaha hi lo, which offers players an oppotunity to split the pot between a high and a low hand, thus making big bets more appropriate. In this short guide, we teach you how to play no limit Omaha, what rules to look out for and what popular strategies you should start applying.

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New Jersey
Variations: 7+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $0.30 - $3.50)
Player Pool: 500 - 3,000
Variations: 4+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400
Variations: 8+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400

How to play No Limit Omaha

Before you can start playing, you will need to get familiar with the basic no limit Omaha rules. These include the way the game is dealt, how players are seated, the betting rounds and the winning hands. So, let's get into it and teach you how to play no limit Omaha.

The setup

As we already mentioned, no limit Omaha is not played very commonly and when it is, it is often played in the hi lo variant. No limit Omaha poker can be played with anywhere between 2 and 9 players seated at the table, but most commonly it is played in a six handed format, with six players dealt into the hand. The game uses a standard poker deck of 52 cards, which means there is enough cards for everyone to get their four and plenty remaining for the community cards.

The deal

Once all the players are seated at the table, the dealing can begin. Two players at the table post the blind bets to get the action started and they are the first players to get cards. Cards are dealt in circle, with every player receiving four hole cards in total.

Once the hole cards have been dealt, players get to act on them as they take turns making their preflot bets. After the betting round, a flop is dealt, with three community cards on it. Two more community cards, the turn and the river, are dealt following the flop and further betting rounds.

In total, every player in no limit Omaha gets to use nine different cards to create the best possible poker hand. However, it is important to remember that three community cards and two hole cards must be used by players to make their hand, and no other combination can be accepted.

No limit Omaha betting rounds

As we already mentioned, there are a total of four betting rounds in a hand of no limit Omaha. The first betting round starts when the hole cards are dealt and before the flop. In this round, players have to post blind and ante bets as required by the game they are playing and other players get to raise the bet, call it, or simply fold their cards.

Thanks to the no limit format of the game, players can make raises to any size they choose, much like in no limit Texas Hold’em, the most popular poker game. This is contrary to the more popular pot limit Omaha version, in which bets are capped at the size of the pot.

After the flop is dealt, players get to make further bets, again with no limit as to the size of the bet. Keep in mind that players can only bet the amount of chips they have at the table and no more than that. This is true for all four betting rounds, including pre-flop, flop, turn and river.

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No limit Omaha hi lo explained

Often called no limit Omaha 8, the game offers a twist on the classic version. With no limit Omaha hi lo rules, players get to win half of the pot if they can make a low hand, which is comprised of cards lower than a nine.

In no limit Omaha hi lo, the high hand always wins at least half of the pot. If there is no low hand possible, than the high hand wins the whole pot. On the other hand, the low hand can never win the entire pot.

Showdown: Tabling the cards

When all the betting and dealing is done, if there are still players remaining in the hand, it is time to table the cards and find out who won. In no limit Omaha, players must use two hole cards and three community cards to make a winning hand, so it is important to know that the player whose cards play best with the board is the winner regardless of the preflop hands. Once the cards are tabled, the dealer will help players determine what the winning hand is, in case there is any confusion.

No limit Omaha Rules: Hand rankings

Before you can actually start playing the game of no limit Omaha, it is important to know what hands beat others and how the hand rankings work. Fortunately, hand rankings in no limit Omaha are pretty simple and similar to other popular forms of poker. The following are the poker hands you will need to know to play the game:

  • Royal flush: Made up of five highest cards of any suite
  • Straight flush: Made up of five consecutive cards of any suite
  • Four of a kind: Made up of four cards of same face value
  • Full house: Made up of three of a kind plus a pair
  • Flush: Made up of five cards of the same suite
  • Straight: Made up of five consecutive cards that are not suited
  • Three of a kind: Made up of three cards of the same face value
  • Two pair: Made up of two pairs
  • One pair: Made up of one pair (aces are the strongest pair)
  • High card: A hand with no pairs or other poker combinations

If you play the high low format of the game, it is important to also remember that making a low hand with cards between ace and eight will count for half the pot. The best possible low hand is A, 2, 3, 4, 5 which is also called the wheel and can often be good for both parts of the pot.

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No limit Omaha strategy basics

No limit Omaha poker strategy can be very complicated and it would take an entire book to describe all the intricacies of the game. However, as a beginner just getting started with Omaha cash games or tournaments for real money, you will want to know at least a few basic tips.

The first thing to consider is the strength of your own hand and there are many factors to keep in mind. In no limit Omaha, you are dealt four cards, so you will want to look for hands with high cards which are suited or even double suited. This way, you get the most potential to hit high straights, flushes, full houses or at least draw to these hands after the flop.

Playing low cards in no limit Omaha can often be a big mistake as these hands tend to make small straights, flushes and the wrong ends of full houses, which can win you a small pot or lose you a big one. For starters, stick to playing high cards with suites and you will have an edge over other inexperienced players.

The differences in no limit Omaha strategy definitely start to appear when we look at the hi lo version of the game, in which small cards become a lot more interesting. In Omaha 8, you will want to play combinations that hold an ace, a suite, and another small card to go with the ace.

In both versions of the game, it is important to also keep track of your position and play as many hands as possible from the button and cutoff positions, while reducing the number of hands played from the blinds and other early positions.

No limit Omaha FAQs

No limit Omaha is a version of the Omaha game in which there is no limit set on the size of the bets players can make on every betting street. The pot limit version is played a lot more frequently, but no limit games do still exist.

No limit Omaha is not found in every poker room or poker site out there, but there are some games running. In particular, players looking to play without limits should look to play no limit Omaha hi lo as much as possible.

No limit Omaha hi lo is a version of Omaha in which the low hand wins half of the pot, while all other rules are the same as other Omaha games. In no limit Omaha hi lo, there is no limit to the size of the bet you can make.

You can sign up with one of the top rated online poker sites to start playing no limit Omaha tournaments or cash games today, or ask around your local card rooms. Most no limit Omaha games are found at online poker sites.

Certainly! The game of no limit Omaha is not nearly as solved as Texas Hold’em, which can give good players a much bigger edge over their competition. Players who spend the time to learn good Omaha strategy can capitalize on this and beat weaker players for a reasonable win rate.

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