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Online Poker Sites In Nevada

Poker in Nevada: Quick overview 2020

With Nevada being one of the gambling capitals of the universe, it isn't a shock to know that they have been very friendly with the game of poker throughout their history. Anyone who loves the game knows that in-person poker rooms are commonplace there, with some of the biggest poker tournaments in their respective games being held in the legendary Las Vegas. And online poker Nevada real money action is legal throughout the state and has been for a long time as a part of a pool system with some other states that adopted the game early. For both new and experienced poker players, there aren't many more favorable states than Nevada.

  • Land-based poker is legal in Nevada
  • Online poker also perfectly legal
  • NV is the capital of poker in the United States to many
  • Several prestigious tournaments held in state

Land-based poker rooms in Nevada 2020

When it comes to online poker Nevada is one of the best sites for a new or veteran player to be. A huge reason for that is the fact that land-based poker rooms in Nevada aren’t just legal, but they are plentiful as well. This is because Nevada is one of the few sites in America where gambling was not made illegal for long stretches of the 20th century. That allowed them a huge head start to build what has become the poker capital of the United States in Las Vegas and their land-based options.

Land-based casino gaming in Nevada has been legal since the year 1939, without there being any sort of new challenge that legal status that has ever interfered with those facilities taking wagers. As a result, poker rooms have long been a part of the fabric of Nevada. In fact, some of the biggest poker tournaments in the game take place in Nevada, including the World Series of Poker that features some of the largest prizes in the history of gambling, let alone poker tournaments.

Tournament play isn’t the only type of land-based poker that can be enjoyed in Nevada and Las Vegas. A player or players old and new can also go to a poker room and play in ring game action as well. Despite the fact that those kinds of games are not as heavily publicized due to the fact that there aren’t giant new cash prizes to the winner on as regular a basis, some new and experienced players or a single player play this type of poker more than tournament play. But both are perfectly legal in the United States’ top poker destination.

Online Poker Nevada Real Money

Is online poker legal in Nevada? We have the answer!

Online poker in Nevada 2020

When it comes to online poker Nevada real money action is some of the most lucrative online poker action in America. This is because online poker in Nevada is just as popular as poker in person, with many of the top players in these games playing online while residing in the state due to the fact that each player can bet professionally in Nevada with all of the legal options that exist. In the way of online poker, action has been legal in the state since 2013.

In 2013, Assembly Bill 114 passed to make poker legal again and under the jurisdiction of the Nevada Gaming Commission. Online poker needed to be legalized again in the state after Black Friday, the 2011 event that saw poker banned in the United States for a period of time. Since then, online poker in Nevada and Las Vegas has made a comeback with the World Series of Poker website serving as the state’s online poker operator. Given how tied together the WSOP and the state of Nevada are, the partnership makes a lot of sense.

If there is one thing that a new player or players might like to see more of in Nevada it could very well be online poker competition. With one main operator in the state, there are a series of reasons that new players might like to see other options emerge as viable. For now, though, any alternative to the WSOP will need to come from land-based providers due to the current set of rules in the state.

Mobile poker in Nevada 2020

Online poker in Nevada is run through the WSOP website, which means very good things for the fate of mobile poker in the state. WSOP has built a strong poker product that has extended into a social game on social media sites as well as an app that allows real money poker players the chance to play in games from no matter where the player is in the state. This app has been used for play both by new and old real money players and those who prefer to use play money when playing the game for fun. Either way, the option to play mobile poker is there for each player.

Compare this capability to that of Delaware, for example. For online poker Delaware has three casinos that offer online poker play to players in that state, but none of them are capable of providing mobile poker play to a player. Nevada and Las Vegas, meanwhile, has one online poker provider that offers a highly regarded app to bettors. This is a case of quality trumping quantity in the games of poker, and is one of the reasons why Nevada is often considered the gold standard in gambling.

Nevada poker site list: Legal poker operators in 2020

OperatorLandbased Partner
WSOP PokerBally's Atlantic City

Gambling in Nevada: A journey into the past

As it pertains to poker Nevada and Las Vegas has always had a leg up on the rest of the United States. But its gambling history as a whole suggests that this state has an advantage over the rest of the country and world in far more ways than that. This is because the history of legal betting play in Nevada and Las Vegas has gone largely unchallenged over the course of its inception after the 1930s. Casino gaming has been legal in Nevada and Las Vegas since the late 1930s, while states were trying to figure out ways to offset the issues that had befallen many of them during the Great Depression.

The betting history of Nevada goes back further than that even, with the first relaxing of betting laws in the state taking place in the late 1860s. After that, the early 1900s saw permission granted for low stakes games like low risk slots become accepted in Nevada, which was the beginning of a lot of gambling to take place in the state over the next century.

Since those early days, the continued legal status of many different kinds of wagering has made this state one of the most popular travel destinations both in the United States and beyond. In addition to the sports betting that has become so common in Nevada, there has also been an influx of other casino offerings that have grown in popularity. The biggest of those has been poker, with the online poker boom of the early 2000s and the memorable World Series of Poker run of Chris Moneymaker prompting many to get into that sport and going to Nevada to play it.

Nevada gambling guide

Nevada online poker sites are not the only ways that players can get the action that they crave in the industry of gambling. Instead, players have the ability to take on these wagering options as well as each player attempts to win in a series of different disciplines.

Betting typeLegal status
Land-based casinosLegal
Online gambling in NevadaLegal statewide
Sports bettingOnline, mobile, and land-based
LotteryIllegal per state constitution
Daily fantasy sportsNo licensed operators
Minimum gambling age21

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FAQ: Often asked and answered here

Online gambling in Nevada is indeed legal in a series of different ways. People can take on casino gambling in the state like the WSOP tournament, or they can go to Nevada online poker sites if they would rather. Either way, Nevada has been tested by millions of players who have come to join some of the top gamblers on the planet.

The best online poker Nevada has to offer has to be from the WSOP online poker Nevada offers legally in the state. WSOP has built a strong poker product that can be accessed on both desktop and mobile devices, and players have the chance to make the most of that versatility when they take on opponents at the WSOP virtual table.

The answer to the question “Is poker legal in Nevada?” has always been yes. That is because casino gambling in the state has been permitted since the late 1930s without any real challenge to that status along the way. After a brief break in 2011, legalized poker in Nevada resumed in 2013.

When it comes to poker Nevada online players have never had a problem taking part in online gambling. This is because legislation in the 1940s validated the legality of gambling in the state back then and future legislation was largely swatted down to stop it.

Nevada poker sites can be played on mobile through the WSOP website and WSOP mobile app. While there are fewer options than one might expect from such a betting-friendly state, this is a high quality choice that most players should be able to enjoy.

The regulation of online betting in Nevada is done by the Nevada Gaming Commission. Given all of the gaming options that are presented throughout Nevada, it is no surprise that this is one of the busiest gaming commissions in the United States today.

Aside from the legal online poker Nevada has come to know and love, bettors in the state can take on casino games both in person and online as well sports betting in the same way. Lottery and daily fantasy sports action, however, are not available.

Nevada means poker

Overall, Nevada is one of the betting capitals of the United States for a reason. This state offers more than what most could ever dream of, and their ability to deliver superior poker products than most states will only continue to make Nevada one of the best sites to place bets. Tournaments like the WSOP Poker tournament are an example of that fact. Players shouldn’t miss out on the chance to try Nevada’s online poker and play some of the best that the industry has to offer in any state. Don’t waste another minute, as new hands are being dealt right now. Check out Nevada’s poker offerings and get your bonus today.
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