WSOPE 2020

The next event is upcoming in 2020, and the event is set to be held in the Czech Republic. This is because it is meant to provide the users and players with a comfortable scenic place to spend their time, but also a nice hotel to play at.

The WSOPE has been held in this same event venue previously and the turn-out was great, so the hotel extended an invitation to hold the event here again.

Being held in the Czech Republic in the past, not only 2019, but also previously in 2017, the European tour was one of the biggest hits in the area and being in this area made it easier for the players to fly to this particular hotel and spend their time and money in the area.

As the upcoming event makes way for the spring season, it is important to keep checking the website to find out if any further details have been released, as there are currently no particular or specific information or dates released for 2020 and the European tour, though you can expect to find more information about the WSOP in the US.

The Tournament Calendar: WSOPE 2020

The World Series of Poker Europe is one of the biggest European poker tours of the area. This is something to think about when you want to sign up for a poker tournament. This is one of the ones that is going to provide you with a way to win big and cash out on the many extras that follow along with it.

The calendar for the upcoming year is currently not out yet for the WSOPE, so you will have to wait for this specific calendar to come out and provide the specific information that is needed to sign up and take part in the schedule of events.

The WSOPE Europe is one of the biggest events, but it is currently over, and the upcoming events have yet to be posted. Those that want to learn more about the upcoming events, for 2020 or any other year, are able to do so when they look into the website page offering the upcoming information for you to use.

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Traveling to Rozvadov & ideas of things to do besides poker

Being held in Rozvadov, Czech Republic, knowing what to do in the area is always a good thing to think about. This is because you want to check out what comes with the use of the poker tournament, but also being in a new area with plenty of things to offer the tourist.

Prague is one of the biggest cities in this country, and many people flock to this area because of the high-end shopping, restaurants, spas, and other attractions that they have. If you are interested in checking out this city, then make sure to learn more about what they have to offer.

King’s Casino is where the tournament is usually held, and when you are not taking part in the tournament, the casino has other nice games that you can take part in. Not only that, but the rooms are nice, the amenities and extras, as well as the restaurants are all open and providing the help you want and need.

There is a nature reserve and walking trails, as well as a smaller mountain that can be climbed to spend your time taking in the scenery and the beautiful weather of the area while you are there. This is something that many choose to do while in the area, as the sights are beautiful during the time of the year that the World Series of Poker Europe is held.

This city is also on the border with Germany, so those that wish to visit the other European countries are also able to do so. You can visit these areas when you cross the border of the area and provide you with more things to do instead of having to stay in the Czech Republic.

Everyone is welcome to take part in the WSOPE event, but if you are thinking about doing things outside of the event when you are there, then make sure to check out the online activities being offered ahead of time, so you can book them and be aware of the available options in the area.

FAQ – World Series of Poker Europe

You do not have to pay your way in for some of the events if you are able to qualify yourself through other means. There are online satellites that can be used to your advantage when you want to get into the events but not have to spend thousands on the table to do so.

While, this is not mandatory, it is important to note that a lot of people choose to stay here because it is convenient, but also because they provide a discount for those players in the tournament that are staying with them. This allows you to get more out of the stay while you are there.

You are free to do what you want when you are eliminated from the round. You can buy yourself back in if that is an option, or you can explore the area if you still have time before checking out. Whatever you choose to do is up to you. There are no guidelines on what you need or have to do while here.

It is held and put through the same company as the WSOP in the US, so there are not many differences, except that it is more accessible to those that are living in Europe, rather than those that are living in the US, making it a more viable option for these individuals to use.

 For the most part, everything is done in euros for the sake of where the tournament is being held. However, conversions are provided right at the casino and a lot of the reporting is done in USD, rather than in euros.

Playing in the World Series of Poker Europe

If you have never been to Europe, then taking part in a poker tournament that provides not only fun and a little friendly competition, but also a great way to sight see is the way to go about it. You can create a whole trip out of it and if you make it to the final tables, then you are going to feel great about the skill that you have. Check out the tables and schedule today!
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