World Series of Poker Circuit 2020

The main event that so many have been waiting for or like to watch, or even have been trying to be a part of is the World Series of Poker Circuit. This event brings many top players together and has them play against one another to win the biggest jackpot. As a televised event, it is one that many know and love.

Through the use of the fun that is provided, everyone is able to take advantage of the World Series of Poker Circuit main event that is talked about. With a large buy in, but an even better venue, everyone is welcome to win through satellite, or buy their way into this well-known event.

World Series of Poker Circuit in Detail: Most Important Things to Know

The upcoming World Series of Poker Circuit is promising to be the best for this upcoming year of 2020. As the last hand takes place and concludes for 2019, everyone is wondering what the upcoming year has in store for those that are looking to get something from the use of the poker tournament that is welcoming everyone to be a part of it.

With the first 35 stops already having taken place, this last circuit is set to be the biggest and best of them all, taking the top contenders from the previous sets and bringing them all together in this one place.

This event is scheduled to be the biggest event of them all, providing the user with the information that they need to determine if they are able to make it in the end or not. Due to this, many of the other players may get kicked out of the smaller events that the WSOP is able to hold for them.

The World Series of Poker Circuit is set to be underway just one day after the initial World Series of Poker concludes in the United States. From there, the top players are expected to find themselves playing in the circuit next.

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World Series of Poker Circuit Winners: Previous winners and Last Time Winner

Since this circuit has been held for years to come, even longer than the World Series of Poker Europe event, the players that have won previous years have been posted on the internet for one and all to see.

The 2018 results have been posted online, so if you’re interested to know who has won, the top players that took home the amounts are listed below:

  • Maurice Hawkins - $243,436
  • David Larson - $106,080
  • Blake Whittington - $297,810
  • Roland Israelashvili - $99,259

As the qualifiers are taking place, many others may be added to the board following the ones currently there. Qualifying for the main circuit is a big deal. Many players try their hand to make the cut and get put into the tournament.

For a detailed, more comprehensive list of winners for 2018, and any other seasons that you want to check into for the World Series of Poker Circuit, you can visit the website specifically for the Circuit, as they are always posted online.

WCOOP 2020: The upcoming event in Detail

The next event for the WCOOP is set to be in the Czech Republic. This beautiful country welcomes one and all to not only come out and play in their country but also win in the country where scenic views welcome them.

The turn out is set to be wonderful, with hundreds to thousands of visitors and players alike showing up. This has been a common theme in the past years.

The WCOOP was held in this country previously, in 2019 and then again in 2017, providing a great place to set up the poker tables and bring the players together. All of the players are easily able to fly to the area and then spend time inside the lavish hotel meant for the players to stay in.

Check the website to find out what to expect with this upcoming event. This is important as you need to find the best information regarding the event, where to stay and how to play. Unfortunately, 2020 doesn't currently have specific dates set for the event, though this information should be released soon.

The Tournament Calendar: World Series of Poker Circuit 2020

The schedule for the World Series of Poker Circuit has been released, so if you are looking for more information regarding where the events are going to be held and when then you are able to find this information right here.

The Circuit is set to be held through now until May, with upcoming events being released as they are put onto the board. Those who want to be a part of any of these events are more than welcome to do the buy-in or even play through satellites online.

The events are subject to change, but many of them are being held at Horseshoe, Harrah’s, Bally’s, or Hard Rock hotel and casino locations throughout the United States.

You can look into the full World Series of Poker Circuit event schedule for further information online. This provides everyone with a way to follow the games, or even take part in them if you are a player that wants to buy into the tournaments happening.

Qualifying for World Series of Poker Circuit

Those interested in playing in the World Series of Poker Circuit can qualify as they would with any other event, such as the WSOP by one of two ways:

  • You can buy your seat to the event straight up, providing yourself with a guaranteed spot just by putting the cash down and purchasing it.
  • You can qualify for a seat and pay a specific amount to get a seat at one of the available tables through a satellite event that can be played online.

You have the choice based on which you are the most comfortable doing, you will find that if you play online a lot that qualifying for the event might be the easiest way to get to the World Series of Poker Circuit games.

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Traveling to Las Vegas & ideas of things to do besides poker

Depending on where you are going to be during the event, you might want to find something to do. Since some of the events are being held right in Las Vegas, you can find that you are able to play inside the many casinos, restaurants, and nightlife clubs that are in the area.

Those that are spending time in Tulsa can enjoy the many shops, and hiking trails and scenic routes that are given, as these areas are known for their views and the beautiful outdoor terrain that they provide. Additionally, when you are not playing or being at the tables of this circuit, you can also take advantage of the horse riding.

FAQ – World Series of Poker Circuit

Yes, everyone has to buy their way in. Generally, when you qualify for a seat through the satellite, your seat is held and your pay in is taken from the winnings of the qualifier. This means you have to play to get in, and once you do, you benefit.

If you are playing in the games, then you do not have to stay at the hotel, though they do offer discounted rates and it would be easier to get to the tables. You just have to show up to the games you have a spot in.

You can be whoever you want to be. Anyone is able to buy a spot to the Circuit. You may want to be pretty good at poker to make it to the top events, but other than that, anyone is welcome to take part.

The event is a televised one, as it is a pretty big poker tournament that many enjoy watching. However, whether or not you are shown depends on the tables that they pan on. You may or may not be shown on television during the event.

You are welcome to leave once you are no longer making it through the tables. However, you are welcome to stay and watch how the tournament plays out if you want, or just visit the area. This is a personal preference of the player.

Playing the World Series of Poker Circuit

The Circuit provides everyone with a way to put their cards down and actually show off their talent. Poker is a game of skill, so this allows you to exercise your skills and become better, especially since a lot of the top poker players are usually playing in these matches.

Just like the other World Series of Poker games and tables, you start with a series of smaller tables with all the players and then work your way up with the better players. The longer you make it in the tournament, the more money you have the option of winning.

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