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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

PokerStars Sunday Million

Did you know that, by playing your favorite casino game, you could win a million dollars in a tournament? The PokerStars Sunday Million is a good chance for you to do this. PokerStars, one of the oldest and best online poker sites, holds a competition every Sunday with a prize pool of over a million dollars. As PokerStars is a stylish and well-liked online poker room, this tournament receives over 6,000 people every Sunday to get a chance at winning. This is why you need a guide to help you through the process of winning the competition while playing your favorite online poker game.

The PokerStars Sunday million is even more accessible now to many poker players because of the surprisingly low price of a little bit over a hundred dollars just to buy-in. If you want to attain life-changing money, and you're very good at poker, then PokerStars has offered you a chance to do just this. If you’re lucky enough, you might just enter into a live competition after this.

Everything you need to know about PokerStars Sunday Million
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  • The PokerStars Sunday million prize pool can be up to over a million dollars

  • It is the largest frequently held online poker tournament in the world of poker

  • It is possible to qualify through online satellites

  • The buy-in was recently reduced to $109

  • It usually lasts for, at most, ten hours on a Sunday

PokerStars Sunday Million Guideline

Entry Fee

The PokerStars Sunday Million Tournament, for now, has an entry fee of $109 since January this year. The online poker room decreased it to accommodate more gamers and increase the prize pool. If you don't spend this much on playing poker, then you can consider playing some satellites. Satellites are mini-competitions that offer the winner seats into big online or live competitions. They run during the week, and you can win a seat at the Sunday million tournament. The entry fee for these satellites are usually a few dollars, or if you're a frequent player, you could use your PokerStars player points as your entry fee. PokerStars would inform the players so watch out for any news adverting any satellites. It is as easy as that.

Start Time and Duration

Every Sunday, the time of the most significant and frequently held online poker competition is at 6 PM UTC. Also, the online poker site offers 3 hours and 15 minutes for late registration if you are late but still want to participate. The event is a bit late because of the other Sunday Majors that PokerStars holds the same day. For those that play to the final table, the game lasts for a long time, about ten hours, and so you would have to clear your Monday morning schedule if you're willing to go that far. To get to the stage of the competition when you start winning money, you would play for about five hours.

Number of Players

The number of gamers is increasing every Sunday, although you can say that there are thousands of players. A lot of them are satellite qualifiers and recreational gamers, and only a few are professional poker players.

PokerStars Sunday Million Prize Pool

Although it is called the Sunday million, the guaranteed prize pool of a million dollars is usually beaten, and so the PokerStars Sunday million winner would win up to $300,000 at most. This often differs if there is a higher buy-in running. Also, for the payout structure, the prize pool is generally concentrated on those who get to the final table. Furthermore, 15% of the participants are paid.

The Situation for US Players

Because of the new laws restricting PokerStars from operating in the US, PokerStars had to exit the country, and so this affected the Sunday Million tournament for a while. But, other countries soon joined, and the Sunday Million was back again. Also, if a US player is physically present in a state that allows online poker games, the player can use PokerStars and participate in the competition.

Apart from the Sunday Million, PokerStars also has a few other major poker events like the Sunday Warm-Up, Sunday Rebuy, Sunday Kick-Off and the Sunday 500.

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How to Qualify

It is straightforward to qualify for a seat in the PokerStars Sunday Million Tournament. It has a significant outlay, and it allows different kinds of gamers, from low-income players to VIPs. Because a lot of people keep joining, the chances of winning up to a million dollars increase every week.

To join the PokerStars tournament, you have to pay an entry fee and get started. If you don't want to pay an entry fee, there are Sunday Million Satellites that you can join to obtain a seat at the competition. There are Multi-table tournaments, Sit and Go events, turbo re-buy competitions, hyper turbo, and double shootouts. These online satellites usually have a slightly different strategy, unlike playing the usual poker cash games. Before playing the online satellite, you should practice a bit so that you can avoid losing your seat at the event. Also, you can watch live tournaments to get a feel of the game, and you should get to the online event on time.

For example, you can pay the deadline qualifier, which is an online satellite game on PokerStars. The satellite has a buy-in of $11, and it offers 200 people seats to the Sunday Million tournament. It also runs a few hours before the main event. A lot of newbies and recreational players try out this satellite, and so there are a lot of easy wins right in front of you. If you’re relatively new to satellite games, you should avoid turbo games because they are fast-paced and can be confusing.

PokerStars Sunday Million Strategy

Don’t be intimidated

Poker events are generally daunting and challenging, and so it is understandable if you don't feel like you're up for this kind of competition with such a massive prize pool. However, the first tip that would go a long way in helping you is that you shouldn't be intimidated by the size of the buy-in or the prize pool.

Give Your Best

The field of the Sunday Million Tournament is combined with a lot of different kinds of poker gamblers. There are professional poker players who have a lot of experience in these events. Some recreational gamers want to try their luck and amateur players because a lot of the gamers in the events qualify through satellites. This should show you that anyone who knows how to play poker can go far in this competition. Also, no one is bothered about their lack of experience, and so you shouldn't be scared to play. You shouldn't play 'scared money' and lose this great opportunity to win big.

Be Flexible

Also, learn to adjust your strategies when needed. You shouldn’t be too rigid in playing in a tournament this significant because the stacks are deeper. So, although you might have your way of playing, learn to adapt when faced with a different kind of player.

Try Some Software

You can check out a HUD software online and use it to gain an advantage over your opponents. The software would gather statistics on your opponents, and then it would show it to you on the screen next to their avatar. The HUD software would give you a lot of understanding of the other players and how they bet. The software can help you get to the final table and help you attain more pots.

More Tips

You shouldn't forget your basics when playing online poker competitions. You can be the PokerStars Sunday Million winner by remembering the foundation of playing poker and how to do it. Also, try to play a lot more hands when you're in the latter position and try not to call when you have easily dominated hands. If you’re uncertain about some things, try to keep the pot small. Also, cherish any bet that you have in your hand, and when you see a chance, go for it instead of trying to be sneaky.

You can also read our articles on how to play online poker tournaments and the different kinds, plus strategies that you might need. This would help you go a long way so that you can have a bigger chance of winning when playing.

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Join PokerStars Now

To join this great opportunity, all you have to do is click on the PokerStars site that you can find in our poker comparison. PokerStars offers a lot of bonuses and gifts for new gamers like the no deposit bonus which allows you to play poker for free. Also, if you play frequently, you can use the points earned to buy into an online satellite and get a chance to play at the PokerStars Sunday Million this year.

Once you sign into the PokerStars online poker room, you can join the tournament whenever you're ready although it's best to practice first if you're relatively new to the world of poker events. You can watch out for any news on satellites to get a chance to play. Also, you should watch the PokerStars Sunday Million live stream if you want to observe the structure of the game and learn from the players, especially the winners. This would help you familiarize yourself with the way the tournament works and offer you some new tricks on how to beat some opponents.

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A Chance to Win Big
PokerStars is offering you a chance to win a lot of money every Sunday, just by playing your favorite game. All you have to do is sign in and play. The tournament process is effortless, and the buy-in is very reasonable. And so, follow our sports betting comparison guide and start playing to win a million dollars on your favorite Online Poker Games.
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