Poker Freeroll 2020

When you sign up for a new online poker account, there will be different types of offers you can avail of. The operators try to entice players to sign up with different deals and bonus poker offers. One of these types of offers will be tickets into poker freeroll events. These types of events are usually open to a lot of existing players also. They are a great way for a player to build a bankroll without having to risk any funds, just their time. There are a few different aspects and strategies that go into maximizing online poker freeroll events.

Poker Freeroll Notable Points
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  • Always have a strategy when playing poker freerolls

  • There will be a lot of fish in the early rounds

  • Play conservative in the beginning

  • Become more aggressive as the event goes on

Different types of poker freerolls

There are a few different types of poker freeroll you will come across in your time online, depending on what types of operators you are looking at. Some people will get mixed up with the idea of free to play platforms. These are platforms where you will be playing with virtual money and most of the time you will not be getting any monetary gain if you do well. Poker freeroll events are on real money poker sites but they give you a chance to gain entry to an event that has real prize money for free.

Most of the time, the online poker freeroll will be tournaments on these pay to play sites. You will get a ticket to an event that other players have to pay into. Sometimes for a joining bonus, you will get a poker freeroll for an event that only has other freeroll players in it. Most states will also have daily, weekly and monthly poker freeroll events that are open to all players. Therefore, there are a few different forms that online poker freeroll takes up.

What are the best types of poker freeroll events?

This really depends on the specific player. Some freeroll events will give the winner or a number of the top finishers entry into big events. The likes of the World Series of Poker have a number of tickets reserved for winners of poker freeroll event series. While there are a lot of people vying for this place, you are still in with a chance of getting a coveted seat at the main event. Then there are players who prefer to play poker freeroll events for the prizes. The events which are solely freeroll and take place daily may only have a top prize of $10. However, you will sometimes get free entries into events with large buy-ins. Oftentimes poker site loyalty programs will give you freeroll entries into these types of events when you reach a certain tier or a certain amount of loyalty points in a given period.

A lot of players will use poker freeroll as a form of practice as it is a low-pressure environment where they can try and test out different strategies to see what works in a low-risk environment. No money will be lost in the process.

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Advice on making the most out of an online poker freeroll event

When you are participating in a poker freeroll event and you want to do well, there are a few different tips and strategies you can implement in order to improve your chances of being successful.

Getting through the early rounds of the event

In the beginning stages of a poker freeroll event, you will want to play a bit more conservatively than you otherwise might usually play. If the other players are also playing in the poker freeroll without paying an entry fee, then they are going to take a much riskier approach than they usually might take. This is because they are not playing with their win funds and are willing to take these risks in the hopes that they pay off. If they don’t, then they have lost nothing. Therefore, you should play tight in the early stages and let these aggressive players knock themselves out of the event. For the low blind rounds, you should only try to play the strong hands you get. This includes the likes of high pairs, aces with a strong kicker and suited K-Q. When the starting bets are small and a lot of people are at the table, you can also open with smaller pairs and suited connectors.

Usually, there will be a lot of fish in the beginning rounds of a poker freeroll event and very often right up until the end of proceedings. Therefore, you need to be cautious about reading too much into the play of these players. While the urge is to get involved in every hand at the start of an event, this is actually not the best strategy. Your chips will whittle away faster than you may think. Therefore, you should instead focus on picking your moments and not overcommitting to hands and getting yourself into spots of trouble.

Stay away from early all-ins

As mentioned, players get very aggressive in the beginning rounds of online poker freeroll events as they have nothing to lose. This means that you will see a lot of people going all-in from the very beginning. It can be very tempting to do the same when you get a decent hand. However, the conservative approach is still the best one. The times in which you should go all-in during the early rounds should be confined to when you have the nuts or an extremely strong hand. If a given player has gone all-in a number of times by bluffing or have small or middle pairs, then it may be a good strategy if you have a strong hand to go head to head with this given player. This is why it is important to keep an eye on what other players at your table are doing, even if you are out of the hand.

Don’t over complicate matters

A lot of players will try to pull off some fancy move sin the poker freeroll events. However, as you are likely going to be playing with a lot of fish, these moves will not work out too well most of the time as the fishes only think about the game on a very basic level. A lot of the people you are playing against will not realize when in theory they should be folding their hands. As it is a poker freeroll event, they will also be a lot happier to call bets as they are not playing with their own funds. Therefore, there is not much sense trying to bluff your way through early rounds to steal blinds when the blinds are very low. You are opening yourself up to a lot of risks if you go down this route. Keeping this in mind will make you a lot more successful at poker freeroll events.

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Stack your chips

Not committing too many chips unnecessarily is a smart strategy in poker freeroll events. Even when you have strong hands, you will not want to overcommit in your betting in earlier rounds. As the stakes are lower in the early rounds, a lot more players will enter in to see the flop with a wide mix of the strength of hands. You never know which way the draw is going to go and you may be overcommitting more chips than you should in this circumstance due to the added uncertainty.

Ramping up in the middle stages

Once you have successfully negotiated the beginning part of the poker freeroll event, you can then get a bit more aggressive. There is no need to worry about your stack size just yet relative to the field or your current position in the event. You can now focus on accumulating chips and maintaining what you have. You don’t what to get worried and start to try and chase the bigger stacks as you will start to make rash decisions. You can be more aggressive with the likes of top pair, betting confidently. Most players will go more into their shell at this stage of the event. You should still not try to be bluffing a lot.

Getting through the final rounds

Once you find yourself close to or in the money positions towards the end of the event, the end will be in sight. Usually, you need to reach the final table in order to get a decent payout. A strong strategy is needed, which is why you can start to roll out with some bluffs. There is always going to be someone weak at a table that you can focus your efforts on. Try to avoid those players with the larger stacks as they will not get hurt too much when calling your bets. The very small stacks will also be more aggressive, so you do need to heed caution when dealing with them. Their time is running out and they will need to win some chips to survive. Therefore, they will be taking more chances of going all-in on weaker hands. It is key that you are aggressive in the final stages without being sloppy. You still need to pick your opponent and pick your moments well. If you go out early, then at least you will still be in the money.

Get started with poker freerolls today

What are you waiting for? You are now armed with plenty of knowledge that you can use at the poker freeroll table. There are many great sites that have top-quality online poker freeroll events for you to get involved with great prize pools.

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New Jersey
Variations: 5+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400
Variations: 4+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400
Variations: 4+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $0.30 - $3.50)
Player Pool: 500 - 3,000
Variations: 8+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400

All upside

The beauty of poker freeroll events is that it is all upside as you are not putting your own funds on the line. Therefore, you can be a bit more relaxed when playing and enjoy the experience a lot more than you normally do. At the end of your play, you may be in the ideal position to make some nice money.
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