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There is a massive shift underway for people turning to play online poker through their mobile devices instead of using a desktop. This is only going to become more and more prevalent as time goes on as these apps get better and better. A lot of people now regularly play on a poker app on Android for real money. The online poker Android offerings are constantly improving and they do not need a lot of high system requirements in order to run in an optimal manner. Most of the leading operators will have a poker app for Android devices and you will also be able to play through your mobile’s web browser. This guide will walk you through the different aspects that are associated with using a real money poker app for Android devices. You will see what the best way is for you to determine which is the best poker app for Android devices on the market today.

Best Poker App for Android Key Standouts
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  • Wide selection of poker Android apps

  • Operators are pouring more money and attention into mobile offerings

  • Demands on Android devices are not high

  • Ensure your homework is done on the respective operators

Mobile poker plays always growing

Before online poker was originally banned in the United States, playing poker on your mobile device was not really a thing. Smartphones were only in their very infancy, so these mobile devices did not have the technological capabilities to allow you to play online poker against live players through your mobile phone. With online poker becoming banned in the country for a number of years, the online gambling industry began to undergo a shift. Mobile gambling became more and more popular. People would place sports bets, play casino games and play online poker through their smartphones.

When online poker became legal again in a few states, people now had the option to play poker through their Android devices. The online poker sites saw this and began to develop apps directly for Android users. As time goes on, this technology has gotten better and better for the most part. You can easily download a quality poker app for Android from the Google Play Store and get started playing poker through your device to date. As time goes on, mobile poker play is only going to become more popular as people are always looking at ways to do more when they are on the go. Now you have the luxury of playing poker through your Android device while you are on the bus or even if you are on the toilet.

How do you play poker through your Android device?

There are a few different ways in which you are able to get started playing poker on your Android phone. The method by which you do this depends on your particular preference. For example, some people will not really care about downloading a dedicated poker Android app from the respective operator website or Google Play Store. However, others will not want to take up space on their devices and prefer to play through one of the popular mobile web browsers. Normally, the dedicated apps for Android devices will work better and lead to a better overall experience than if you are just playing through a web browser.

The gameplay will generally be smoother through the Android poker app, as well as having access to more features. It will be a lot easier for you to navigate around the menu system through the app also. Most of the popular real money poker apps for Android do not take up much storage space on your phone and they do not need high system requirements to run optimally. Therefore, you do not need to have the latest Android device in order to play your favorite poker games through your phone. A lot of browsers will be able to handle poker sites just fine, but some operators will struggle with certain web browsers. Therefore, you need to check this out before you sign up for an account in order to ensure that you will be able to play on your mobile device as you see fit.

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Determine the best poker app for Android devices

There are many different variables that go into making a solid offering for a poker app. This is why it is important that proper research and analysis is done to ensure that you are going with the right option for your particular Android needs. There are a few key variables that cannot be overlooked and here some of them explained with a bit of detail;

Selection of games

Your first and most important aspect to consider when it comes to assessing poker apps for Android devices is the types of games that are on offer. You want to be sure that your favorite games are well looked after, as well as ensuring your favorite types of tournaments can be played through the mobile offering. A lot of operators will not translate their full offering of games from their desktop version over to their mobile version. This is why it is important to check to see what games you can play before signing up for an account. This will save you a lot of time instead of jumping in head first without having done your homework.

Different methods of payment

Another make or break factor to consider when assessing the merits of an app for Android players is the types of payment methods you can use. If there are no desirable payment methods, then it is time to move onto another offering, no matter how good the game selection may be. You want to be sure that your preferred methods are catered for through the mobile offering and you want to be sure that they are cheap and fast to process. It is also a good idea to see how efficient the banking system is when you are dealing with a mobile device.

How the app performs

Your next step will be to see what type of software a given app for poker app for Android players is performing. You want to be sure that the software is not too outdated and that the gameplay experience is a smooth one. With a lot of operators seeing the significant shift in more players playing through their mobile devices, the operators are starting to invest more and more into their mobile offerings. For some of the more modern offerings, you may need higher system requirements for your Android device than you may have for the older versions of software. At the end of the day, you will want a platform that is smooth and does not have any glitches.


When looking at poker apps for Android, you want to be dealing with a reputable operator. This means ensuring that they hold a proper license in the jurisdiction in which you are playing. This ensures a level of oversight to prevent them from doing anything nefarious. There will also need to be a check of how the operator protects your private data. You want to be using an operator with top-quality encryption technology as this will help keep your mind at ease when you are dealing with significant sums of cash.

What is your next step?

Now that you know what to look for in a poker app for Android devices, you will be able to determine which is the poker app for Android on the market today. This is provided that the proper research has been done. To save you a lot of the grunt work, you are now able to check out the objective and unbiased online poker Android app reviews through the AmericaGambles site.

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New Jersey
Variations: 5+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400
Variations: 7+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $0.30 - $3.50)
Player Pool: 500 - 3,000
Variations: 4+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400
Variations: 4+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $0.30 - $3.50)
Player Pool: 500 - 3,000
Variations: 8+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400

Common questions about Android poker apps

For those people who are looking to use the best poker apps for Android, there are a few issues or questions that tend to pop up again and again. It may be your first time ever playing online poker through your Android device and the entire experience is a new one for you. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions in relation to this topic.

You are able to play poker for virtual money through some of the apps for Android players without having an internet connection. However, if you want to play live games against other players then you will need to be connected to the internet.

There are geolocation aspects built into the poker apps for Android devices that lets the app know where you are. This is important to ensure that you are within a state where online poker is legal and that the operator has a license to operate in.

Generally, you will be better off using the dedicated poker app for Android than playing through your web browser. The playing experience will be smoother, the platform easier to navigate and sometimes you will even receive special bonus poker [bonus poker] funds for using the dedicated app.

The time is now

Mobile poker technology for Android devices has never been better. You have the ability at the tips of your fingers to play your favorite poker games only using your Android device. There are many hours of enjoyment you will derive from having this opportunity and there is no time like the present for you to get started.
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