Online Poker Cheating 2020: Methods & Prevention

Every poker player at one point or another has wondered if they were being cheated. And also, many more poker players might be wondering how the online poker cheating system works. Online poker is indeed safe and secure most of the time, but as you have guessed, the online gambling space is not cheat-proof.

Those wondering how to win at poker must know that online cheating is one of them. It is vital that you know there are a variety of ways poker players cheat online. Some cheating methods are more aggressive than others, but they get cheaters what exactly they want. Knowing how to play poker, as well as knowing the cheating methods is how to become a professional poker player. Read further to learn about the six most used online poker cheating methods.

Everything to Know About Online Poker Cheating
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  • Online poker is considered safe, but it is not cheating proof

  • There are six common ways of cheating in online poker

  • Cheating is a typical online poker hack

  • Some online cheating methods are more aggressive than others

Ways to cheat in online poker

There are countless ways to cheat at online poker, but the fact remains that with the right collection of online poker books, and a knowledge of the most used cheating methods, you can play online poker to win as often as possible. The six online cheating methods discussed in the article are Virtual Machine or online poker bots, Collusion, Multi-Accounting, Ghosting, Account selling, and Access to hole cards.

Virtual machines or online poker bots

Online poker bots or virtual machines are computer programs that can cheat at virtual poker games. These poker bots can cheat at online poker as they are capable of making decisions, and taking actions for online poker players both when he or she is at the table or away. One popular online poker bot is the program Polaris, which was built by the University of Alberta in Canada, and is capable of winning most of the heads-up fixed limit Texas Hold’em cash against professional poker players. One reason why poker bots are suitable for online poker cheating is that they have no emotions; thus they do not make rash decisions. You may already know that poker bots have the best poker math skills, so there is almost no way to suffer a loss with these machines.

Also, poker cheats can get away with using these virtual machines because poker rooms have to interest in catching them. If at all a poker bot is detected, the poker rooms make sure the information is kept from the public to save their reputation. This is not to negate the fact that several poker rooms use different methods to detect poker bots and attempt to get rid of them sometimes.

Some of the methods used to checkmate the use of online poker bots are:

  • Checking whether specific programs are like WinHoldem poker bot framework are running in the background.
  • Measurement of a poker player’s reaction time
  • Taking screenshots
  • Measuring a player’s mouse movement to find out if they are artificial

Poker rooms do not allow the running of too many programs while a poker game is on, so players do not use bots.


Multi-Accounting is a term used to describe when a poker player makes use of multiple real money poker accounts in one poker room, tournament, or ring time. Multi-Accounting is considered the most dangerous and widespread online poker cheating method.

Online poker rooms do not allow players to open more than one poker account with them, mainly because almost all online poker rooms have a first-time deposit offer. Poker rooms prevent bonus frauds by banning multiple accounts per customer.

Honest online poker players begin to experience serious problems when they play on the same table with Multi-Accounting cheats who have two or more accounts in one tournament or poker table. Such problems arise because these cheats have unfair advantage. Thankfully, most poker rooms now use some trusted preventive measures to save themselves and other players from these multi-account holders. Take, for instance, to cash out in some poker rooms; a player is required to upload a clear copy of their valid ID card.

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Ghosting is when a poker player stays in the shadows to give another player advice during a poker game or tournament. It is not easy to control this kind of cheating in a virtual poker game or tournament.

Ghosting occurs when a supporter or friend seats next to a poker player and assist him in playing a game or tournament, or when players help themselves by talking via Skype or TeamViewer during a match.

Ghosting is very common in the last phase of online poker tournaments when there are big prize pools, and it is not so bad for a coach to assist in a difficult situation or help to prevent tilt.

Account Selling

Account selling is also a cheating method that is hard to avoid. This happens when a player sells out his seat at an online poker tournament to a professional poker player. There have been numerous cases of such cheating events, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is against the rules of online poker. Most times, people who engage in account selling are individuals who are unsure of winning a poker tournament and would instead get some change from selling their seat than losing out entirely.

Access to hole cards

Logically, poker players who can see the hole cards of their opponents can win any poker game. The information about the hole card is only made available to one player by online poker rooms. Such information is usually saved on the poker servers, making it difficult to be stolen by anyone. However, there is always a first time for such things to happen and in this case, it did in 2007, at a poker room called Absolute Poker.


Collusion in poker occurs when there is a cooperation between two or more players at a table, and it has become one of the most prominent ways of cheating. The downside of this online poker cheating method is that it is tough to collude profitably, and it is time-consuming. It is clearly stated in the terms and conditions of all online poker rooms that collusion is prohibited. Collusion happens in online poker when players exchange information via cell phone calls, Skype, or any other communication tools.

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What can you do about people who try to cheat at online poker?

The fact that people cheat at online poker is not enough reason for you to quit playing and winning. Learning tactics, and playing only at trusted online poker rooms is what will shield you from falling prey to online poker cheats. There is no poker site utterly free of cheaters, but there are poker rooms who do a great job at making sure all games are clean and fair. Remember that you must first attain the legal online poker age to play both online and physical poker.

Where to find the most reliable online poker rooms?

Online poker rooms are not entirely cheat-proof, but there are a few ways to save yourself from dealing with online poker cheats. One of the ways to stay safe is to visit only trusted poker rooms and know most of the common tricks and online poker hacks used by poker cheats. Of course there are multiple cheating techniques when it comes to online poker, and not all of them are easy to avoid, but you shouldn’t feel discouraged by that. We can help you find the most reliable poker rooms where you can play without worrying about online poker cheating. Visit our Poker Comparison page to choose your preferred poker room. Let nothing hold you back from playing online poker and winning big.

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Start playing online poker without getting cheated

Online poker is a rewarding game. If it weren’t, people wouldn’t go out of their way to find cheating techniques and risk getting caught. However, not all online poker cheating mediums can be checked; thus, it is essential to know what these cheating styles are so you can detect them if possible. There are six popular cheating methods as discussed above, and you can avoid them by patronizing only trusted poker rooms. You are therefore encouraged to keep playing poker and winning big.
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