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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Online Poker Against Computer 2021: Tips & Strategies

As humans continue to evolve, poker becomes more of online games, and now, you can even play online poker against computer instead of playing with other people. Poker artificial intelligence is developing as years are going by, and these advancements cannot stop. Playing poker against a computer system might have been absurd years before, but now it is becoming viral because of the simplicity and yet, the toughness in the game. After all, how do you win against a computer when a computer has no tell.

Online poker against computers are sometimes played for free, and other times, played to win or to practice any gaming strategies you might have in mind. There are different levels of gaming online poker games against computer. You might be gaming for fun, but there are also big deals where competitors try to beat a poker bot or AI and end up losing their money. With all that said, here's all you need to know about gaming online poker against computer.

Everything You Need to Know About Online Poker against Computer
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  • It comprises of one human and computer software.

  • You can play for free, or with real money.

  • It can be played on any mobile device or computer system with an internet connection.

  • The computer is called a computer poker player or a poker bot.

  • It is best used for practice or challenges.

Online Poker against Computer: Detailed Explanation

When engaging in online poker games against a computer, you’re going against a computer poker player. This is simply a computer program that has been designed and equipped to play the game of poker against humans, or in some cases, other computer poker players. A lot of poker gamers rejected computer poker players initially because of fears for their privacy, but with the development in technology came the protection of gamers.

Player Bots

A poker bot, or a computer poker player, has two sides. There are poker bots that cannot interface with a poker gamer without the assistance of a human operator, and there are those that work alone. Those that can work without the human operator are believed to be working with autoplay.

When it comes to poker bots, although some poker gamers accept it, others worry that the poker bot would have an unfair advantage over the human poker players. This is because they do not know how much artificial intelligence and the kind of information that the computer poker player has access to. Also, a poker bot can play poker for long hours at a time because of the lack of human factors like fatigue. Also, poker bots don't have a 'tell', and so you cannot find out the weaknesses of the poker bot.

Even with that, poker bots don't game with the same flexibility that human gamers have. They find it difficult to read a bluff correctly or to adjust their strategy. When looking for a brilliant way to play poker, you should consider gaming against the computer, especially if you want to learn more about poker.

House Bots

Apart from poker bots, online poker rooms also make use of a house bot. The online poker site operates these AIs, and it is an automated gamer. This is the case when you pick the choice of playing against a computer on an online poker site. These bots are also usually in need of a human operator. A house bot on an online poker site is the same with shills at the traditional casino.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the features of the game of poker that makes it so exciting is that it is a game of imperfect information because some cards are covered. This is why it is difficult for anybody or poker bot to predict the final result of the hand. This is why computer programmers continue to create poker artificial intelligence systems even though they would still be imperfect.

Some poker AIs are designed to decide what the best strategy for gaming poker is by engaging itself for a very long time during the planning period. This is the usual plan of programmers, and so this makes the poker AI less like a human and more intense. This is because they end up coming up with different strategies and weird bet sizing that humans don't usually see.

Poker AIs resulted from the human need to find out what the perfect poker strategy is, and you can attempt to find out by playing online poker games against computer too.

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Why Play Online Poker against Computer

You might be wondering, why should I game online poker against a computer when there are thousands of online poker gamers I can play with?

For Practice

A lot of online poker players take advantage of the existence of computer poker gamers online and game against them to practice. In this case, it's not about winning but about learning from the different and efficient strategies employed by the computer. Once they see how the computer does it, they use these strategies in their games online against human poker players. Apart from learning from the computer poker player, you can also play free online poker games against computer to try out strategies that might be tricky. You don't have to pay anything, and you can practice whatever crazy plan you might have in mind. Online poker against computer acts as a teacher for a lot of poker gamers.

For Fun

While we have professional poker players and amateurs, we also have recreational poker gamers. This gives them the chance to game poker online for fun against a computer. In a lot of cases, they don't have to pay, and they can enjoy the game of poker without having to play with human beings.

For the Challenge

Poker players, especially the professional poker gamers, turn to computer poker players when they are looking for a challenge or a change of pace. Engaging in online poker games against computer gives them this feeling, especially since you can in some cases set the computer to go easy on you or be very difficult.

Strategies for Winning

If you place a bet against a computer poker player, then you must be gaming to win. You can also learn to play as good as a computer does, and this would help you when playing in poker tournaments or competitions. Here are a few strategies to help you when engaging in online poker game against computer.

Don’t depend on the pot size for your bet size

Many gamers calculate their bet size according to how large the pot is, and computers do the opposite. Humans use the pot size as an anchor to determine how large the bet size is, but you should be open to betting above the pot size. The pot should not serve as a limit to you but as a point of reference. This also doesn't mean that over-betting is wise, and so you must be smart with your bet sizes because the computer would too.

Have a balanced strategy

A computer would have a fair strategy, and this is something that you as the player must have as well. For example, some computer poker players share their hands over all kinds of action, but humans find this difficult to do. To get a balanced strategy, you as a player should learn from the tables. Look at different situations and figure out the best way to start. This would not only help you when gaming online poker games against the computer but also in standard online poker games.

Be critical in your card removal

Card removal is an essential part of playing poker, and it helps you determine your betting strategies and options. When you look at the cards in your hand, you discover that it is doubtful that your opponent would have the same cards. So, it is easier to work out a strategy to win.

Try New Things

You don't always have to stick to the usual strategies. This is what makes computer poker player so different. They make-up strategies and employ different styles that humans don't usually come across. As I mentioned earlier, before computer poker players are pitted against humans, they practice by themselves to discover new strategies and gaming styles. This can also work for humans. And when you find out new forms of strategies and plans, don't be afraid to use them against the computer poker player or any other human poker player on online poker sites.

Best Sites for Playing Online Poker against Computer

When looking for the best sites for online poker games against computer, there are a lot of choices available to you. Most of these poker sites allow you to play against their computer for free and they offer a lot of poker variants like Texas hold’em. There are also apps that you can download to get poker online and even for free. If you decide to play real money poker against computer, that is also allowed in some cases. On these sites, you can play online Texas hold'em poker against computer and other games too.

If you’re worried about your privacy or the policy of the poker sites, never mind that. The best poker sites for playing against a computer provide you with complete privacy and a good terms and conditions policy. Also, for complaints, you can always contact the office of the online poker room.

If you need the best online poker site where you can play against a computer, you should check out our recommendations in our Poker Comparison. You can also get cool bonuses and win a lot of prizes when using a lot of these sites. So, there's no need to wait. It's pretty easy to get started. All you have to do is open the website or download the app, sign up and start gaming for free.

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