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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Nitrogen Poker Offshore

Nitrogen Offshore Poker 2021

Nitrogen Poker is a sports betting, gambling, and online poker operator that’s been around since 2012. The site offers players from the US a chance to play for real money on the site using Bitcoins. While it may seem like a good alternative for poker fans from the States, it is important to understand that this operator isn’t licensed to offer its sports or poker services in the US.

So, while the question is Nitrogen Poker legal may seem somewhat blurry due to the fact they use BTC and don’t require players to make accounts, it is most certainly not a room you should trust with your money. There is way too much risk involved with doing so as we’ll explain in this review.

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is Nitrogen Poker legal option for US players?

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Like the rest of offshore online poker operators, Nitrogen is most certainly not a legal site. They have found a way to reach out to US players and make their deposits and withdrawals somewhat convenient by bypassing traditional financial institutions and using bitcoin but this doesn’t really make them legal; it mostly helps them fly under the radar.

In fact, the site also offers sports betting and casino games as well and they don’t have a single license that would allow them to do so in any of the states. So, it is quite clear that this gambling operator isn’t legal in any state at the moment and if they keep up this approach, they most likely never will be.

Of course, players are probably more worried about whether Nitrogen Poker illegal presence in the US could reflect badly on them if they decide to use the poker room or use their casino tables or sports section. This is really an open-ended question as the answer depends on the state you live in and various other circumstances. In general, the government leaves players alone so you don’t have to worry too much about legal repercussions but your Nitrogen Poker bankroll is an entirely different matter.

Is Nitrogen Poker legit? Why you shouldn’t play here

Poker fans from the US are often keen to find the ways to play their favorite game online. Until relatively recently, offshore operators were the only real option but now, there is finally a wave of regulation coming and more and more legal and licensed poker rooms, casino sites, and lately sports betting operators are opening their doors across the country for the people to use.

When it comes to Nitrogen Poker and Sports, there are many red flags that indicate that players from the States should steer well clear of it. First and foremost, the site only allows bitcoin deposits and withdrawals and they don’t require players to even make an account. While this may seem great as it lets users keep their anonymity as they deposit, it opens doors for many potential Nitrogen Poker scam schemes down the line.

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  • Play games with licensed operator
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

Of course, the bitcoin bit is just a small piece of the puzzle. There are many other reasons to avoid Nitrogen Sports and Poker, most of which apply to all offshore sites. You can never really feel safe with these casino and poker operators given they don’t have any proper licensing authority behind them, which means the level of control is very low. This particular room is licensed by Costa Rica, but this license carries very little weight in the sports betting and gambling world.

But even if everything else is put aside, players should be mostly concerned over the money they deposit and have on the site. Given the kind of operation this room runs, there is really no guarantee they won’t shut down pretty much over night. Should this happen, all players (and especially the ones based in the US) won’t have anyone to turn to. That money will be gone, just like we’ve seen it happen many times in the past with sports and poker operators.

So, when all these facts and potential issues are added together, there is really just one result. Players from the States should under no circumstances play any games at Nitrogen Poker and Sports, even if they don’t have access to any licensed US rooms at this point in time. You’re best off just waiting it out.

Is Nitrogen Poker scam: Operator in check

With everything we’ve said about this operator in the previous paragraphs, we still bring a short Nitrogen Poker review. The purpose of this review is primarily to show players that these offshore operators don’t really have that much to offer when compared to licensed and regulated sites.

Game types & tournaments

The range of games offered on the site is very modest. Users can choose between cash game and tournaments and the room offers only two popular game formats, i.e. Pot Limit Omaha and Texas Hold’em. There are also Crazy Hold’em tables on offer, although these don’t seem very popular and there is barely any action ever taking place on these. When compared to regulated US sites we review, where there are also games like different types of stud poker and other variations, Nitrogen certainly doesn’t impress.

Bonus & VIP Program

Surprisingly, there is absolutely no welcome bonus offered by the operator. While most offshore casino and poker sites try to pull in players with nice bonuses, this one has taken a completely different approach. The best and only way to make some free cash from the site is by exchanging your Nitro points for bonuses or cash but you need to play a fair bit to generate any meaningful amount of these Nitro rewards.

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Payment methods

At the moment, Nitrogen Poker only supports deposit and withdrawal requests made with bitcoin. Players can play for real cash in tournaments and at cash game tables but all play on the tables happens in BTC. What’s also new about the approach is that you don’t need to create an account as you can simply make a new one in a couple of clicks and transfer money from your bitcoin wallet. While convenient, this is very risky and definitely not safe as your bitcoin can easily get lost.

Software / usability

Nitrogen Poker USA doesn’t have a downloadable software client. Instead, there is just a browser-based version. While the software does work like it should and it makes it possible to play some poker, it is far from being state-of-the-art. The review shows that web software is very basic and offers only a few options so the overall gambling experience with this operator is far from being of top quality. The mobile gaming is also browser-based as there is no Nitrogen Poker app available.

Player pool & poker network

This particular operator isn’t a part of any larger network. They are a standalone room, which doesn’t really work in their favor. Because they work alone, the player traffic on the room is usually very low, which means that players have hard time finding games, especially at any sort of higher stakes. For tournament players, the traffic is such that they pretty much have no incentive to use the operator.

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The future of offshore poker sites hanging in the balance

Things are definitely not looking good for offshore poker, casino, and sports operators at the moment. While these have had a pretty good run for several years, the States are finally turning a new page and as these changes roll out, offshore casino, sports betting, and poker sites are starting to lose their ground.

In the past, these rooms were the only alternative for US players who enjoyed online poker. This is no longer the case in many states where there are now legal and fully licensed rooms – and the number of these states is poised to grow moving forward. So, it definitely seems like offshore operators have come to the end of the road and they have maybe a few more years at best.

This isn’t to say that these companies will just roll over and die. For many of these, new and established ones alike, the USA represents a very significant market they are very reluctant to leave. So, even with the legislation, they will do everything in their power to hang on for as long as they possibly can – something they’ve already proven with the introduction of bitcoin as a deposit method.

It seems like there is an interesting battle ahead, in which even the best offshore sites can’t really win but they can certainly make sure to stay around for as long as they are allowed. Without a forceful action on the government part, they most certainly won’t leave and it will be interesting to see what happens in the next few years on this front.

Disclaimer: Don't play here

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Is Nitrogen Poker illegal: Player FAQs

Users from the States can’t legally play here. While the room does accept users from the US and allows them to play for real money via bitcoin, this doesn’t meant that this is a Nitrogen Poker legit operation. They have just found the ways around laws and restrictions for the time being.

It is not very likely for a player to have legal issues for simply playing with an offshore site. That said, this does depend on the state you live in as there are a few state with fairly strict laws that could technically get you in serious trouble.

The only reason this room can do it is because they are not licensed. No licensed and regulated operator can allow these practices because they create an environment where different types of abuses can happen. You’ll never see a legitimate poker or casino site offer anything like this, bitcoin or not.

This is a fairly common question and it is the one that’s hard to answer because the room doesn’t do regular controls. It is probably not rigged in a traditional sense of the word (i.e. games being fixed), but there could be other shady things happening behind the scenes, especially with bitcoin.

We recommend online poker sites that are licensed and regulated in the US. There are several states that have passed online poker laws and in these states you can play without any issues. You can find the comparison of all available operators by the states right here on this site.


Avoid Offshore Sites & Stick to Legit Rooms

While offshore sites can certainly seem like an alluring alternative at times, with all of their bonuses, free cash offers, and big guaranteed tournaments, at the end of the day, they are just not worth the problems. All the risks connected to playing with these operators simply makes it not worth your while.

Instead, check out our list of the best licensed and regulated poker sites. These sites offer a safe and completely legal environment for the players. Here, you can play with no fear or concerns and really enjoy your gambling experience to the fullest, and also get your hands on plenty of free cash along the way!

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