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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Ignition Poker Offshore

Ignition Offshore Poker 2021

Ignition Poker was launched in 2016 as a substitute of sorts for Bovada. Namely, Bovada decided to distance itself from the US market and Ignition took over, becoming a new US-facing poker site. The Bovada hiatus didn’t last for too long as they returned to the US shortly after but Ignition poker still remained as another live offshore operator in the States.

In this Ignition Poker review, we’ll look into what this poker and casino operator has to offer but it must be emphasized that this room, regardless of its popularity and its bonus offers, is neither licensed nor regulated to provide its services in the US and as a player, you should try to avoid it and play on one of the regulated sites instead.

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  • So far no license in the USA
  • No safe gaming possible
  • Playing is not recommended

Is Ignition Poker legal for US players?

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Many players from the states are unclear is Ignition Poker legal to play at. They seem to have a large share of the market and a seemingly solid reputation, so this confusion isn’t hard to understand. However, it is important to know that Ignition doesn’t have any required licenses to offer poker games to the any player located in the States.

The operator provides poker and casino games but they’re doing so against current laws, which prohibit offshore operators from offering services to US residents. What this means is that players are put in a tough spot if they decide to play any game here because they can’t expect any sort of legal protection if things go sideways and their money gets lost.

While it is unlikely for a player to face any legal consequences for just gambling here as laws are focused on the providers, it is still not worth it because a player can never be certain about what’s going to happen in the future. Ignition Poker isn’t a licensed US operator so if you were wondering is Ignition Poker illegal, that’s all the answer you need. While technicalities of it can be discussed at length, the fact of the matter is that they’re operating a gambling site that they don’t have permission for and any casino or poker game on offer is, thus, not legal.

Is Ignition Poker legit? This is why you shouldn’t play here

The question is Ignition Poker legit is not a surprising one given the operator’s very strong presence in the industry and ties to Bovada, which is one of the best-known offshore brands around. However, despite of some potential advantages, there are many reasons why US players should steer clear of Ignition and stick to regulated game sites instead.

The number one problem is the lack of regulation, obviously. When you’re dealing with a poker or casino site that doesn’t have a proper license, even though they’re free to sign up, you’re gambling that everything is going to be fine. An event like Black Friday back in the day could easily have all of your funds stuck in a limbo without any real idea on how, if, and when you might get them back.

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  • Play games with licensed operator
  • Secure deposits and withdrawals
  • Great fun and awesome winnings

There are many other Ignition Poker issues that may pop up down the line, leaving US customers with little recourse. When dealing with these offshore sites, all of these should play an important role in your decision making process and actually help you stay away and play with regulated sites wherever it is possible.

  • Problems with blocked or refused deposits
  • Very slow cash withdrawals
  • Withdrawals refused by your bank
  • Having your bank account closed for gambling-related transactions
  • Your personal data can be at risk due to lack of regulation
  • The room could go out of business at any point without prior notice

When all of these are added together, it is clearly much more problems than it could ever be worth it. While playing online poker games can be your favorite pastime, doing it with offshore operators like Ignition can just create so many issues and potentially cost you a lot of cash. So, despite the fact that some US players do seem to use the room without serious issues at this moment in time, you should take the “better safe than sorry” approach in this particular instance.

Ignition Poker scam or not? Operator in check

So, is Ignition Poker scam, then? We wouldn’t go so far as to call them a scam because it seems they’re running a fair operation as far as players are concerned. Their biggest problem is of legal nature and resides with the fact they offer services in an area where they aren’t allowed to do so. In the interest of providing a full review, we’ll briefly look into what this operator has to offer in general.

Game types & tournaments

When it comes to Ignition Poker games, there are No Limit Hold’em and Pot Limit Omaha tables, ranging from micro stakes to very high stakes. The variety of games is certainly not as big as with most regulated US poker rooms, though. For the fans of fast action, there is Zone poker, which is Ignitions version of fast-fold cash table games, where players are dealt new cards immediately after clicking fold.

The selection of Ignition Poker tournaments is decent. Those looking to play tournaments will find a decent number of daily and weekly events on offer with solid guaranteed prize pools. Of course, these numbers could be much higher if the room actually had a license to operate in the States as many more players would decide to use the room.

Bonus & VIP Program

The operator does offer a solid welcome bonus for new players and the existing ones can get a part of their Ignition Poker rake back through the VIP program. However, all of this “free” money isn’t worth the risk for US players. The possibility of something just going wrong with no warning whatsoever is just too big when compared to any bonus on offer.

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Payment methods

Ignition accepts a solid range of payment methods including credit cards. However, US players will often face difficulties when trying to deposit here and even more problems when cashing out their winnings. Ignition Poker bitcoin transactions are one way around the problem but using bitcoin comes with a whole different set of issues. While bitcoin may seem like an answer to the US poker conundrum, things aren’t nearly as smooth as they appear.

Software / usability

When it comes to the software solution, the software is fairly decent and stable. The Ignition Poker app makes Ignition Poker mobile sessions possible as well so players can play from their home computers and phones alike. However, like with all offshore operators, the software does lack some functions and perks found with regulated rooms. This is primarily due to the fact that regulated sites can focus on developing their software much more, while rooms like Ignition have many other priorities to take care of to make sure they stay in operation in the US.

Player pool & poker network

Ignition Poker is part of the PaiWangLuo Network and the number of players at the tables is fairly decent. However, you won’t find action around the clock, especially as you move up in stakes. This creates problems for some players as they can’t tailor their gaming schedules to their needs but rather have to use the room when there is enough action or not play at all.

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The future of offshore poker sites

Right now, the US casino and poker market is in a very strange situation. There are several offshore operators that have seized a share of that market and have a big number of players despite the fact they operate without a license. For a site like Ignition, remaining in the US is of vital importance and could crucial for them staying in the business.

On the other hand, there is a wave of gambling regulation coming across the US. More and more states are introducing their own regulated poker and casino sites, giving players access to gaming in a safe and trustworthy environment where they know their money is protected and there is no danger of legal ramifications.

So, what will happen in the future? Will new card room operators and casino sites take over and push out the illegal ones? From the players’ point of view, this scenario is quite likely. After all, most people would rather play in a regulated card room and safe environment. But, at the same time, offshore sites won’t go down without a fight and they’ll probably try to lure players in with even bigger bonus offers and free money. In the end, though, regulated sites will likely prevail.

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Is Ignition Poker illegal: Players’ FAQ

For a while, Ignition was regulated by Kahnawake Gaming Commission. However, they decided they didn’t need an official license and decided to go the self-regulated route. So, at the moment, the room isn’t actually licensed or regulated by any of the mainstream licensing authorities like Kahnawake, Malta, Alderney, or Curacao.

Although they accept players from the US and there is a fair number of customers from the States playing at Ignition, the room doesn’t have any kind of a license to operate in the USA. By that token, they’re not a legal operator and their business is done against the laws currently in place.

Ignition Poker is part of PaiWangLuo Network, which is one of the top ten poker networks currently in operation. It is also the biggest offshore network catering to players from the US and includes players from other rooms, primarily Bodog brands. The shared liquidity help somewhat with overall player numbers.

Although there are all sorts of rumors, there is no real evidence that Ignition might be rigged in any way. While the room currently doesn’t have a proper license, the table games do seem fair from the mathematical perspective. That said, you can always reach out to Ignition Poker customer service for more answers.

Not very soft at all. Due to the fact they’re not a licensed operator, Ignition poker table games mostly attracts players that are already quite familiar with the game. You won’t see many poker newbies playing on these tables and you’ll need solid card playing skills to beat the games here and make some cash.


Take Your Play to a Regulated Site

Don’t be fooled by all the free money and bonus offers by offshore operators. No matter what they may promise, even if they have the best intentions, risks involved with playing at these rooms are just too great. Stick to licensed and regulated operators instead and focus on playing poker instead of having to worry about all these external factors. In our extensive comparison poker, you’ll find all licensed and regulated poker rooms in the US grouped by the states so you’ll easily find the ones that cater to you specifically. Pick from one of the available options and jump straight into action with no hassle and no fear.

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