EPT (European Poker Tour) 2020

EPT stands for European Poker Tour, and it is one of the biggest poker tour events in the world. Those that sign up to become a part of this event buy their way in initially, then they play to qualify their way into the events thereafter. The event is held in different areas across Europe, with players moving along with the tour each time they beat the tables and qualify for the next round. The EPT Poker Tour is one of the most exclusive events, and one that many online poker players try to earn their right to be in.

EPT in Detail: Most Important Things to Know

Spanning across 2019 and 2020, you can expect to find many of the events happening in a lot of different places. Whether you are signing up for one area you’re nearby, or you are traveling with the tour from the beginning, you can ensure that this is an exciting one to be one.

Televised, and greeted with open arms, the hotels allow those players with EPT to stay within the rooms for a discounted rate. This helps save money when you’re a part of the tables.

Visiting Monte Carlo, Barcelona, or other places; you can find that you are able to get more fun out of the tables in one of these areas over another. The choice is yours, though and you can choose to sign up and buy in to the EPT Poker Tour.

Gather the EPT poker chips or qualify for the tour by playing in the many poker games on Pokerstars, as they are who holds the tournaments and tour. They welcome everyone to be a part of the tournament, but you do have to have an account with the online casino to play with the tournaments in the EPT.

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EPT Winners: Previous winners and Last Time Winner

EPT has had previous tournaments that were held with single games, or even a whole tour that you can find the results from. These results are always changing, so when you are interested in signing up with the tournaments, you want to check into the winners, the amounts, and the extras that are paid back with the use of these tours. Win cash now.

Here are the EPT poker results that you can keep in mind if you’re going to be signing up with the tour to see how much you may be able to win with the right hand of cards:

  • EPT Sochi – Uri Gilboa – 27,475,000 RUB
  • EPT Monte-Carlo – Manig Loeser – 827,700 EUR
  • EPT Barcelona – Simon Brandstrom – 1,290, 166 EUR

These are the top winners for the past EPT tournaments that have just moved on. Additionally, you can find the additional information about the results and further information about the outcome of the previous games by visiting Pokerstars and reading about the previous tours and tournaments.

EPT 2020: The upcoming events details

When you’re considering playing in one of the upcoming EPT poker events, then you should know more about these events, and where they will be held. While the past events have been held in the spring and summer months, there are more tours happening in the fall and winter months.

Those that are interested in the next 2019, 2020 tournaments are able to take advantage of the EPT when they sign up or qualify to play in it.

The events are currently scheduled for October in Sochi, as well as Prague in December.

  • There will be 30+ Events between the two
  • Buy-ins start around $200 and can go as high as $5,00
  • Total prize pool is usually around $500,000+, as well as a Platinum Pass

(Platinum Pass has many things in it from free merchandise and swag, to hotel accommodation stays, buy ins for future events, tourist activities, events, and more…)

  • The events take place across the entire year, with new tournaments every month
  • The events and venues change with each tour and tournament – Sochi, Prague, Madrid, Barcelona, Monte-Carlo

Tournament Calendar: EPT 2020

Those that are interested in learning more about the EPT poker tournament schedule can find more information about what to expect here. Each day offers something different depending on the particular area you’re playing in, as well as what table you make it to.


  • EPT Open – Main Event – October 9 – 13 with a guaranteed pot of 70,000,000 RUB and buy in of 133,000 RUB
  • Moneymaker’s Road – October 11 – 13 with a buy in of 10,500 RUB
  • EPT Open – High Roller – October 12 – 13 with a buy in of 257,600 RUB

Find the full schedule of events happening for these dates on their website, as well as qualifying and signing up information for this event.


  • EPT National – December 7 – 11 – 1,100 EUROS
  • EPT Main Event – December 11 – 17 – 5,300 EUROS

Find the full schedule of events happening for these dates on their website, as well as qualifying and signing up information.

How to qualify for the EPT

There are a couple of ways that you can qualify for the EPT poker tournament when you want to be a part of the tours. These two ways are the best ways to qualify for this tournament, depending on which you feel the most comfortable with:

  • Buy in to the initial tables that the tours start with, and then qualify and win in those to move on to the next tables and qualifying events
  • Qualify at one of the top events previously and get invited to these events for the upcoming years

If you find that you want to take part, you do need to have an account with Pokerstars in order to qualify and sign up for the tours that they are offering, as this is required.

Traveling to Sochi & ideas of things to do besides poker

If you are visiting Sochi for the next upcoming EPT tournament, then you need to find the best things to do when you are not playing poker at the tables. Whether you are still playing, but have down time, or if you have been disqualified and are out of the game but have time before going back home, then check out some of these great things to do in Sochi.

Sochi Arboretum

This is an arboretum that was built in the 19th-century, and it is a beautiful sight to see. Those that are in the area must stop by this beautiful place.

Bol’shoy Sochinskiy Del’finariy

This is an amusement park and tourist spot for the area. They offer games, rides, things to do and eat. If you want a nice little rush and to see what amusement parks in Russia look like, this is where you should go.

Cascades de Agura

The waterfall, mountain, and river all come together in this beautiful section of land. You can expect to find the clearest, coolest of waters, especially when it is warmer out. Even during the colder months, this is a beautiful sight to see, but it is a tourist spot that comes highly recommended.

Mount Akhun

This is a mountain that provides beautiful views of the city below, as well as a way to exercise and enjoy the fresh air. This is also one of the best places to bring the family, or just to explore on your own.

If you travel to Prague for the next event, some of the things to do in that area include: St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and so many other landmarks and must-see places that provide beauty and inspire the senses.


You do need to pay to be in the EPT tours because you have to pay into the tournaments and tables that you want to play in. If you are playing at the tables and qualify for the next round, they will take the prize money from the money you win in this round.

You can qualify to the go to the next round of tournaments by playing. In fact, you have to buy into the lower tables to move to the higher ones. This makes it a challenging, but exciting event to be a part of.

Once you are disqualified from the tables and the tournament, you do not need to stay and watch the rest of the tournament. You can remain in the hotel for the remainder of your stay that you have paid for and you can check out the area around you.

You can stay at the hotel where EPT is being held, they provide discounts for the players that will be in the tournament. However, this is not where you have to stay. You can stay in any hotel nearby and just show up for the tournaments.

You do need to be a player with Pokerstars [Pokerstars Casino] in order to sign up and be a part of the tournaments. However, you do not have to be a resident of Europe to play in the tournaments. You can live anywhere that online gambling is legal.

Playing in Sochi

As one of the largest poker tournaments, you can take advantage of putting your cash down on the table and actually being in a televised event. Find out how you can buy or win your way into this tournament to get the best possible payments when putting your cash down on the table to win. Those who love poker games can benefit.
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