Card Player Poker Tour 2020

The Card Player Poker Tour is a series of poker tournaments that are broadcasted live and were started by Card Player Media. They have also published a magazine and have a complete online website where you can play in many of the poker tournaments that they have available. Those that want to take part in these tournaments are welcome to do so. With the use of the information provided here on the Card Player Poker Tour, you can find out if this is somewhere you want to spend your money and your time. You might just win big!

Card Player Poker Tour in Detail: Most Important Things to Know

Since this tour is a series of tournaments, everyone is welcome to start at the beginning and work their way through the series. The tour is held at a number of different hotels, where the players are able to move with the teams, or they can be eliminated from the beginning and stay at the hotel they lost at. The players move with the tour.

The Card Player Poker Tour is known to be seen in a number of cities from Jacksonville to Los Angeles. You can expect to see a number of top players in the games, as well. The prize pool usually gets up in the thousands to millions, depending on the turnout for that specific year.

Those that are in specific areas and do not want to travel are able to buy in at some of the tables being held at that specific spot, making this an all-inclusive tour that invites everywhere across the US to sign up and join in on the fun.

This tournament is one that is broadcasted live, making it a bit different from some of the others that are not broadcasted at all, or if they are, are only broadcasted at the finals in the tournaments.

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Card Player Poker Tour Winners: Previous winners and Last Time Winner

Since this event is one of the biggest in poker tournaments out there, it is important to note that the winners listed below are those that have been in the past tournaments and have won the most during them.

The buy-in for this specific tournament is not large, but the pay outs can be quite hefty for the right winners. These are some of the top grossing winners of 2019, as the 2020 schedule has not been completed as of yet for this tournament.

  1. George P. Antonakos - $123,418
  2. Alexander Beleson - $70,090
  3. Kyle M. Cameron - $46,480
  4. Alex Rapoport - $34,550
  5. Cody V. Bell - $26,310

There are a number of winners that come from the Card Player Poker Tour. With a number of winners, these are just a handful of the ones that won something during the games. The buy for the first games during day one was only $200-$300, making the earnings for this quite large for those that decided to play, win, and move onto the next rounds.

Card Player Poker Tour 2020: The upcoming event in detail

If you are looking to become a part of the Card Player Poker tournaments, then you need to make sure that you are a part of all that comes from being there. Of course, this also means checking out the Card Player Poker schedule, as this contains information for both 2019 and 2020, since the event is currently still being held for this year.

The events for this year are scheduled for October and November 2019, and they will continue through into 2020.

  • There will be 30+ Events
  • Buy-ins start around $200 and can go as high as $1,500
  • Total prize pool is usually around $150,000+
  • The events take place across the entire year, with new tournaments every month
  • The events and venues change with each tour and tournament – Los Angeles, Maryland, Ohio, on a cruise ship, New York, and more – the entire world

Tournament Calendar: Card Player Poker Tour 2020

The Card Player poker tournament calendar is one that changes with the year. The tournament moves from place to place and from tournament to tournament. This means that checking Card Player’s website for updated information on the Card Player Poker schedule is the best way to go when it comes to learning more about the schedule of events.

There are currently tournaments that are upcoming in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Sydney, California, and Indiana. If you’re interested in any of these events, you can still sign up to become a part of them. This allows everyone to sign in and be a part of the Card Player Poker tournament that is happening in their area, or for those that want to buy in some of the larger tournaments.

It is important to check the schedule prior to signing in with a tournament to check that it is in your specific area.

How to qualify for the Card Player Poker Tour

Anyone who wants to play in the Card Player Poker Tour is welcome to do so. They will have to sign into the tour in one of two ways in order to qualify for the event:

  1. You have to buy your way in through the tournament in the specific spot, or through the website online, as they have a section for doing so on their website.
  2. Those that want to check into the tournament and try to win their way in, rather than paying, can do so with one of the many tournaments that is happening for the casino in the specific area or through their website on their online casino.

Anyone that wants to become a part of the Card Player Poker Tour needs to be a member of the Card Player online account and casino, as they need to have an account to sign up and play as a player in the tournament.

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Traveling to the Card Player Poker Tour & ideas of things to do besides poker

Even though the Card Player Poker Tour travels across the world, one of the biggest and best places where they house the tournaments is Sydney. This is one of the areas that you can find yourself searching for something to do if you are new to the area. If this is the case, check out some of these things that the area is offering to those visiting.

Bondi Beach

Those that love the beach life are going to love being a part of Bondi Beach. Not only does this white sandy beach have a lot to offer, but the weather is going to work with you during your visit to show you a good time. If you’re in the area, you love the beach and need something to do then Bondi Beach is where you need to go.

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House is a beautiful place with wonderful shows that you can sit and enjoy while you’re in the area. Whether you want to hear music, opera, or even watch a show, you can find the perfect place to watch and enjoy all that they have to offer.

FAQ – Card Player Poker Tour

You do not need to take part in all of the tournaments, you can take part in the one that is by you if you want, or if you win, you can continue on from there. You can check out the area instead of watching or playing in the games.

The buy in prices for the Card Player Poker Tour change depending on the tournament that you want to buy in for. Most of them are only going to cost a few hundred, while others might be up in the thousands, but those that are higher usually have a higher payout.

Yes, in order to take advantage of their tournaments in the tour, you do have to be a player with the online casino, though you do not have to have played in the online casino. You can sign up for an account right online and take part in them.

You do not need to be a celebrity in order to play in the tournaments. You can be who you are, a player with the online casino and play in them. You just need to sign up and qualify for the tournaments or pay your way in.

While, you do not have to follow along to the different places that the schedule says, you can check it to see when the next tournaments are going to be held and what time, so you can sign up and go to them if you want to take part.

Sign Up to be a part of the Card Player Poker Tour

Those that want to be a part of the Card Player Poker Tour are easily able to do so when they take the time to look into the website, the casino, and the tour. See if they are going to an area near you to sign up with them and cash out with the extras. The Card Player Poker Tour 2019 is still going, so now is the time to jump on board and become a part of the Card Player Poker Tour today. Everyone is a winner when you at least try and win.
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