Best Poker Apps 2020

When playing poker, you will have access to all different online platforms. For some people, they enjoy playing poker when out and about through their mobile device. Therefore, an important consideration for these people is going to be the type of mobile app offering a given operator provides. This will usually be a make or break variable for them to consider. Therefore, they do plenty of research to see how respective apps operate, what their optimal system requirements are, what games they have on offer and so on. Over time, there are new poker apps constantly hitting the market. This article looks at what makes the best mobile poker apps a success and what variables to consider when trying to determine what is the best online poker app.

Best Poker Apps Key Points
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  • Do your homework

  • Ensure that the games offering is what you desire

  • Ensure your mobile device is compatible

  • Check to see that your preferred payment methods are offered

Growth of playing poker on mobile devices

It is only in recent years that people have been moving more and more towards poker play through a mobile device. They can be lying in bed or sitting on the toilet and still be placing bets and partaking in sit and gos. The action never stops once you have an internet connection. The problem for many years in the United States was the legality of online poker.

Originally, online poker was very popular in the early to mid-noughties in the country. People were regularly playing their favorite poker games online without a problem. However, all of these online sites were made illegal in 2006 following the passage of legislation. Most of the major operators left the United States market, but some still continued their operations illegally. In recent years, some states have been able to legalize online poker once more.

While in the early noughties, smartphones were not really a thing and you could only really play online poker through a desktop computer, things have changed. With some states making online poker legal in the smartphone age, it opened up poker players to a new world of possibilities. US players could not play poker through their mobile devices something which they could not legally do previously.

Operators were slow to embrace it at the beginning for the US market, but slowly and surely they rolled out their respective poker apps. These were oftentimes basic in the beginning, but regular updates tailored them and made them more accessible to players. These days, the mobile offering is a key focus for a lot of online poker operators in the US market, pumping a lot of time, money and energy into improving them.

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Choosing the best online poker app

A multitude of factors exists that need consideration when you are assessing the merits of a given operator's mobile poker app. It is important that the most important of the variables are taken care of before you start to concern yourself with the other aspects of the offering. Here are some of the key variables to consider we it comes to you choosing the best online poker app for your needs.

Game selection

The initial step is to consider what games are going to be on offer through the mobile poker app of a given operator. While an operator may have a great selection of games on their desktop poker site, this is not necessarily the case on the mobile offering. Most operators at the moment do not have a full offering on their mobile apps, which is why you need to make sure that you know what you have to choose from.

Generally, it will be the more popular games such as no-limit holdem that will be on offer through mobile apps, as well as a select few variants that receive decent levels of traffic. Some operators will not have sit and gos available on their mobile offerings or lose they may be severely curtailed in terms of stake sizes. For tournaments, you need to ensure you will have access to them on your mobile devices, as these are a major part of most online poker player's interests. You want to be able to access these events as you please on a poker app with real money offerings.

Type of app

Your next step will be to ensure that the given app is well-suited to your respective mobile device. Most operators will have a poker app that you can download for Android and iOS devices. Therefore, this covers a lot of bases. You will want to ensure that the app’s system requirements are in line with the mobile device you currently have. If you are someone who does not want to download a dedicated app onto your device, you may want to see what web browsers are supported through your mobile device for the given platform. Certain web browsers may not be able to run the mobile sites for certain operators.

Types of bonuses and promotions on offer

Another aspect to choosing an operator is the types of bonuses on offer. Some operators may have bonuses dedicated just to their mobile players. There are also regular promotions for existing customers that players will want to make sure that they are able to access through a given mobile poker app.

Payment options on offer

This is one of the make or break variables for a lot of online poker players. If a site has a great selection of games and tournaments for you to play but it does not cater for your preferred type of deposit method, then you may want to look elsewhere. You want to be sure that the payment options offered on the desktop version for an operator are also on offer through the mobile versions. This includes checking to see if there are fees attached with these methods and to see what sort of processing times are promised. Another key aspect will be to check to see what safety measures are in place when making deposits via the mobile app, as well as the ease of conducting these transactions.


When looking at different mobile poker operators, you want to be sure that they are fully licensed in your state and that they have a good track record. This will give you more peace of mind that you are trusting a safe company. You will also want to check to see how your private information is protected, ensuring that the most up to date encryption technology is being used. Protection of data has never been a more relevant topic than it is today and is now an important consideration when people are signing up for online platforms.

Other key considerations

There are some more fundamental things you also need to consider when trying to decide which is the best poker app for you may be. You want to be sure that the given offerings are fully legal in your state. These laws vary depending on where you are. A lot of the mobile apps can be downloaded from anywhere and you can even sign up for an account in states where it is not legal, but you will not be able to actually play any poker until you are within state lines in a region where it is in fact legal. There are also age requirements in place that you need to meet and identity verification that is important for when it comes time to make an initial withdrawal from a platform. The way in which the poker app knows what state you are in is thanks to the geolocation features that are integrated into the app offering.

What is the next step?

Luckily, AmericaGambles provides you with key info for when it comes to figuring out which is the best Texas Holdem app on the market today. There are reviews for all of the leading apps in the space today which are unbiased and objective. This will allow you to quickly and easily see which apps are ideal for your own individual tastes.

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Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
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Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $0.30 - $3.50)
Player Pool: 500 - 3,000
Variations: 4+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400
Variations: 4+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $0.30 - $3.50)
Player Pool: 500 - 3,000
Variations: 8+
Rake: approx. 5% (Cap $1-$5)
Player Pool: 350 - 1,400

The future is here

As time goes on, playing poker through your mobile device is going to become more and more popular. Therefore, you want to be staying up to date with the latest developments in the space and seeing which platforms are currently the cream of the crop at this moment in time.
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