Aussie Millions 2020

The Aussie Millions or Australian Poker Championship is a series of tournaments where players play poker against one another and knock each other out until there is a final winner at the table. This tournament is always held at the Crown Casino, located in Melbourne, Australia. Players are invited but need to buy in to play at this table and the Aussie Millions buy in is usually around $70 for smaller players and tables, but these amounts increase with each tournament. This is also known as one of the richest and biggest jackpot pools that players can win, with amounts that get up in the excess of A$7 million or more.

Aussie Millions in Detail: Most Important Things to Know

Obtaining information regarding the Aussie Millions is important, as you need to ensure that you are buying in to the best tournament. Held every year, there are a series of smaller tournaments that kick out players with each and every one. The main event houses a handful of top players, the winner of the top tournament is the one that receives the million-dollar jackpot for the event.

The buy in amounts are always small, under $100 per player for the Aussie Millions buy in. The players do have to buy their own stay with the hotels in the area and show up as requested in the different areas. The tournament is played out over a course of 21 consecutive days. Seeing over 8 thousand players, this is one of the largest tournaments that you can see.

The Aussie Millions poker tournament is one that hosts over 100 poker tables which houses all those that buy themselves in. It is a tournament where everyone is welcome, but there are only so many spots at the tables, so buy in must be done as soon as the Aussie Millions schedule is released.

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Aussie Millions Winners: Previous winners and Last Time Winner

The top overall super high roller winners that have won A$250,000 or more are:

  1. Erik Seidel – A$2,500,000 (2011)
  2. Phil Ivey – A$2,000,000 (2012)
  3. Sam Trickett – A$2,000,000 (2013)

The top overall high roller winners in the Aussie Millions that have won A$100,000 or more are:

  1. Richard Yong – A$1,870,000 (2015)
  2. Sam Trickett – A$1,525,000 (2011)
  3. Fabian Quoss – A$1,446,480 (2016)

The final table winners that can be noted at the 2019 Aussie Millions are:

  1. Bryn Kenney - $1,272,598
  2. Mike Del Vecchio - $1,272,162
  3. Andrew Hinrichsen - $1,097,739
  4. Clinton Taylor - $483,000
  5. Matthew Wakeman - $380,300

The final three players in the last tournament all made a deal with one another, which then crowned Kenney the champion of the tournament. The number of buy-ins that happened during this event was 822, though there were a number of payouts, 88 to be exact.

Aussie Millions 2020: The upcoming event in detail

Those interested in the upcoming Aussie Millions tournament that is set to be held in 2020, can find the information that they need right here.

According to the Aussie Millions schedule, the Aussie Millions 2020 tournament is coming up to provide the necessary information regarding the event and what you should expect for getting the jackpot.

  • There will be 23 Championship Events
  • There are set to be around 8,600 players
  • Buy-ins start at A$1,150 to A$100,000
  • Total prize pool is looking to exceed A$30 million
  • January 4-24, 2020
  • Crown Complex at the Crown Melbourne in Australia

Tournament Calendar: Aussie Millions 2020

Sat 4 JanOpening Event Day 1 Flight 1$1,150
Sun 5 JanOpening Event Day 1 Flight 2$1,150
Mon 6 JanOpening Event Day 1 Flight 3$1,150
Opening Event Day 1 Flight 4$1,150
Tue 7 JanOpening Event Day 1 Flight 5$1,150
Wed 8 JanOpening Event Day 2
Thu 9 JanOpening Event Day 3
Pot Limit Omaha$1,150
No Limit Hold’em Mix Max$1,150
Fri 10 JanNo Limit Hold’em Six Max$1,150
Sat 11 JanPot Limit Omaha$2,500
No Limit Hold’em Deep Freeze Day 1$1,500
Sun 12 JanShot Clock No Limit Hold’em Six Max$2,500
No Limit Hold’em Deep Freeze Day 2
Mon 13 JanNo Limit Hold’em Deep Freeze Day 3
No Limit Hold’em Accumulator Day 1 Flight 1$1,150
8-Game Mixed$2,500
$25K PLO Day 1$25,000
Tue 14 JanNo Limit Hold’em Accumulator Day 1 Flight 2$1,150
$25K PLO Day 2
Wed 15 JanNo Limit Hold’em Accumulator Day 1 Flight 3$1,150
$25,000 Challenge Day 1$25,000
Thu 16 JanNo Limit Hold’em Accumulator Day 2
No Limit Hold’em Bounty Event$2,000
$25,000 Challenge Day 2
Fri 17 JanMain Event Day 1 Flight 1$10,600
No Limit Hold’em Accumulator Day 3
$50,000 Challenge$50,000
No Limit Hold’em Terminator$1,150
Sat 18 JanMain Event Day 1 Flight 2$10,600
$50,000 Challenge Day 2
Hyper Turbo No Limit Hold’em$1,150
Sun 19 JanMain Event Day 1 Flight 3$10,600
Mon 20 JanMain Event Day 2
Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo$1,150
No Limit Hold’em$2,500
Tue 21 JanMain Event Day 3
The Aussie Millions Tournament of Champions$1,150
No Limit Hold’em Six Max$5,000
Wed 22 JanTurbo No Limit Hold’em Shot Clock$1,150
Main Event Day 4
$100,000 Challenge$100,000
Thu 23 Jan$100,000 Challenge Day 2
Fri 24 JanMain Event Final Table


How to qualify for the Aussie Millions

Being able to qualify for the Aussie Millions is important. There are some specifics to keep in mind if you want to take part in this tournament.

If you’re interested in the Aussie Millions poker tournament, then you can earn your way in one of two ways depending on which you feel the most confident or comfortable doing:

  • Win into the event through a satellite that you play and win in
  • Buy into the tournament by registering at the event using cash or casino chips

Play online at 888Poker to qualify through satellite.

The choice to become a part of the Aussie Millions tournament is an exciting one, and one you want to be a part of when you are a poker playing looking for something exciting to you. They allow everyone to buy in if they want.

Traveling to Melbourne & ideas of things to do besides poker

Australia is a beautiful place, especially Melbourne, where the tournament is held. If you are traveling to Melbourne and have some down time to waste when you are not playing poker, then take advantage of these many other things you can do besides play in the Aussie Millions.

Puffing Billy Railway

Enjoy the open-air train ride that takes you to new places when you sit down. You can even ride through the rainforests that are in the area. You might just be able to take in the local scenery and wildlife.

The Yarra River

If you love a great breeze, comfortable weather, and water then you want to check out the Yarra River. This river is one that expands a great way. Not only do they have the water to show you, but also kayaking, a winery, and more for you to enjoy during your time in the area.

Queen Victoria Market

This is one of the best-known areas in Melbourne, and one of the top attractions. The shops and stalls have something to offer everyone, and many of the shops and areas down this alleyway have history stories to tell their visitors.

FAQ – Aussie Millions

You do not have to stay until the end of the tournament if you choose not to, but many stay and watch or just enjoy Australia. This is a great time to spend some down time inside the country that welcomes you.

You can win money at any of the tournaments that you play in if you make it to the end of the tournament. The amounts vary depending on the specific tournament. This is something you can know ahead of time when you sign up with the tournament.

You can still buy in and play at the Aussie Millions, even if you are not a celebrity or well known in the poker world. Everyone is welcome to sign up, pay their way in, or even qualify to be there and get more from the tournament. 

You do not have to stay at Hotel Melbourne if you are in the tournament, but the hotel does offer discounts for those traveling to the area for the tournament, and it is a nice hotel that houses the tournament right downstairs in the lobby.

The tournaments all have different buy in amounts depending on the cash payouts that are being offered. It is important to check them prior to buying in, so you’re prepared and informed. You can also qualify in other ways to play in the casino tournament.

The Aussie Millions awaits you

If you’re interested in the Aussie Millions, then you want to consider doing the Aussie Millions buy-in. You can find yourself playing in the poker tournament that is broadcasted and shared with the rest of the world around you. If you are looking to be one of the Aussie Millions winners, then the tournament invites you to join in on the fun and try to win the money. Sign up with the tournament and learn more about it today.

Until the tournament, you should not sit idly by, but expand your skills and improve yourself. Train now on a few rounds of online poker with one of the licensed providers. In our online poker comparison you will find the best poker providers.

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