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888 Poker Customer Service Phone Number

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  • Phone: 1 (855) 218-6234
  • Online help center for finding quick answers available
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888 Poker customer service is just a phone call away. Those that require help are easily able to reach out to a team of trained professionals offering this essential help, as needed. Learn more about contacting the team and giving the 888 poker helpline a call. We provide the necessary information you search for right here, so you can have all the contact information you need in one place for quick reference.

The steps to contact the 888 Poker customer service phone number

If you are unsure of how to contact the 888 Poker customer service phone number, as well as team then please follow these instructions and steps provided below.

  1. Use your telephone to dial in the number (1 855 218 6234)
  2. Wait for the customer service representative to answer the call
  3. Ask them the question(s) that you may have regarding the casino, banking, games, bonuses, etc.
  4. Obtain answers that they provide you with
  5. Use their answers to your benefit when you get off the phone with them

Common questions that are asked to the 888 Poker customer service team

Common questions that the customer service team for 888 Poker is asked on a regular basis. If you’re considering calling them, consider asking the team these questions, as well. These questions could help you during the next weeks while playing at 888 Poker.

  • Can I use a Visa or Mastercard to deposit money into my player account?
  • The 100% match 888 Poker bonus on up to $400 is able to be used by new players, but I am not, can I still use it?
  • How much do I need to deposit into my account to become a high-roller with 888 Poker?
  • Are there specialized poker games that I can play?
  • Do I need a specific amount of space on my computer to download the casino interface?
  • Do I need an account to play at the poker tables, or can I try it before making an account?
  • Are all the transactions that I make on the online account secure with the platform?
  • Do I need to show proof of where I live when I sign up with the casino?
  • Are they going to ask to see a copy of anything when I sign up with them?

These are only some of the questions you could ask the team. They are knowledgeable and know the website and online casino platform well. They can answer any questions you may think of regarding the use of the casino or the account you are creating.

The customer service team is located across the entire world, not just the US

While you are a player located in the United States, it is still important to note that if you are located anywhere else in the world or are staying anywhere else; you can still give the customer service team a call for further help. This way you do not incur further charges while you are roaming in other countries.

Whether you are reaching out to the United States 888 Poker customer service phone number, or if you need to speak with someone in the 888 Poker customer service phone number in the UK, or the 888 Poker customer service phone number in Canada; you can reach out and get the best possible outcome from the answers that the team gives for your questions, regardless of where you are located.

Other ways to contact the 888 Poker helpline

Whether you want to connect with someone that can provide help for the software of the casino, or if you have questions regarding signing up for an account or using one of the bonuses, such as the 100% welcome bonus, up to $400, the team is able to provide the help needed.

There are a number of other ways to contact this team.

  • Phone Number – 1 (855) 218-6234

You can visit this page ( to send them a message form to email, and they do their best to get back to players within 48 hours.

Please, check out the 888 Poker FAQ section first, prior to contacting the team, as this might be somewhere that you can learn the information you’re looking for before contacting the team for this specific help.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and even most major holidays to answer questions that players might have while they are playing online in the casino.

What the 888 Poker helpline provides help with

Those that reach out to the 888 Poker helpline require further help with a number of issues they’re experiencing. Due to this, it is important to reach out to them and ask any questions you may have. Here are some of the more common questions that are brought to the attention of the team.

  • Signing up or into your account
  • Playing in any of the poker games offered
  • Downloading the interface to your computer
  • Using the Flash-version of the game
  • Making deposits or requesting withdrawals from the account
  • Verifying your account with the online casino
  • Bonuses and cashing in on extra plays

Of course, this is not a full list of questions they are able to answer and provide help with. Regardless of the questions you have, reaching out to the 888 Poker helpline can be the most ideal way to go when considering speaking with someone who may be able to help.

Contact the 888 Poker customer service team for help today

If you have questions that need to be answered, contacting the 888 poker customer service phone number and team is important. They can provide the necessary information that is required. Not only that, but you can feel much more confident in all that you are doing on the website, as they are helpful and welcoming. Contact the 888 Poker helpline for further help.

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FAQ: Often asked and answered here

No, it will not cost money to reach out to the customer service team. The toll-free number that they offer, 1 (855) 218-6234, connects you to the team that is able to provide further help for any questions you may have.

Yes, the team is very supportive, and they will recommend some of the best places to play the poker on the website, if you need this. This way, you don’t have to worry about playing at a table you don’t feel comfortable with.

Yes, the team does help with these and other issues that come about from using their online casino and poker sections. Any questions you may have regarding the use or playing on the casino should be directed to them at this 888 poker customer service phone number – 1 (855) 218-6234.

You do not need to have an account in order to contact the support team. However, if you have one, it can reduce the time spent waiting by giving them the account information when you call them to ask your questions.

Your questions do have to be related to the casino, playing the games, and being able to have a good time but anything you need help with, they are there. If you are not yet a player and have questions, they can also guide you in the right direction and let you know anything you are curious about knowing. If you require help with the instant, downloadable, or mobile platforms of the site, they can also provide help with this.

Helpful, insightful and professional the 888 Poker customer service number provides quality help

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If you have taken the time to contact the customer service team with 888 Poker, you already know they’re easy to work with. Additionally, we feel the same way. The team listened to our needs and questions, and provided quality, helpful answers. The phone number was toll free, easy to use, and they connected us with someone that spoke our language and understood our questions. Highly rated, highly recommended by us!
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