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Ultimate List: 40 Best UFC Walkout Songs of All Time

40 Best UFC Walkout Songs of All Time
Feb 07, 2022 06:02Andrej Trajkovski

It’s not just the fighting that makes UFC duels so exciting. Many things surround these events that electrify the atmosphere, and one of them is the UFC walkout songs. Of course, we are talking about the pieces of music played for fighters when they show up in front of the audience before the match starts.

Don’t think that these UFC intro songs are selected at random. These singles mean a lot for most athletes, and they choose them because they feel better entering the ring. Needless to say, they usually pick tracks that make their fans happy and excited.

Some of the best UFC walkout songs are played for fighters who are connected with the lyrics on a personal level. It’s like selecting a wedding or a birthday song. We should also mention that most of them change the tracks from time to time to make things more interesting. The list of best UFC entrance songs we’ve compiled contains titles of different genres. Not all of them are associated with the best UFC fighters because we’ve picked the ones that left memorable moments to the fans. Now here’s the ultimate list of the best UFC walkout songs!

1. The Party Has Just Began – Freestyle (Tony Ferguson)

Even though Tony Ferguson is getting older, this doesn’t mean that the fans don’t remember his glorious days. El Cucuy, as the fans call him, had excellent results in the past, and his mixed martial arts record reveals 25 wins out of 31 matches. One of the things that he is known for is the UFC walkout song – The Party Has Just Begun by Freestyle. This electronic track from the 1990s fits Tony’s style perfectly, and the fans like it too!

2. Feiticeira – Deftones (Nick Diaz)

Nick Diaz has stated that he’s a great fan of metal music, and he is often seen wearing clothes that match this music. He fancies Deftones the most, which makes sense because he was born and raised in Stockton, California. His explosive character involved him in several controversies, including brawls and domestic violence. In any case, viewers can’t wait to see Diaz when he walks calmly while the insane riffs from Deftones are raging in the arenas.

3. A Country Boy Can Survive – Hank Williams Junior (Matt Hughes)

To be honest, Matt Hughes is retired now, but this doesn’t mean that we should not mention one of the best UFC walkout songs that this epic fighter has chosen back in the days. It may have helped him win those 45 matches (out of 54) in his career. As we said before, these tracks are not always aggressive, which is a great example of that. Matt Hughes decided to go with a country song by Hank Williams Junior – A Country Boy Can Survive.

4. Foggy Dew – Sinead O’Connor (Conor McGregor)

The Notorious made the UFC competition much more interesting from the moment he joined it. Know for his controversial behavior, fans either love or hate him. As an Irishman, he often chooses songs from Irish authors for UFC walkout songs when it comes to music. One of them is Foggy Dew by Sinead O’Connor, an epic song that will give you the chills even if you are not of Irish descent. Imagine being a fan in an arena packed with thousands of fans when this track is played!

5. Champion – Carrie Underwood (Amanda Nunes)

Undoubtedly, women can be excellent UFC fighters. We have Amanda Nunes as a perfect example of that. For many experts, she is the G.O.A.T., at least for female boxers. She has won several titles and numerous matches. Even though she comes from Brazil, Amanda loves country-pop music. That’s why she chooses these tracks as UFC intro songs like the Champion (how suitable, right?) by Carrie Underwood seen in this video clip.

6. Victory Lap – Nipsey Hussle (Israel Adesanya)

If you want to make the crowd go wild, you should focus on songs with a good beat. That’s exactly what Israel Adesanya did with Victory Lap by Nipsey Hussle. This tune will make you catch the rhythm even if you are not a fan of hip-hop music. We should also mention that the Nigerian-born fighter and current citizen of New Zealand has tremendous success in UFC. Or should we say he made a big “Victory Lap”? He definitely wanted to tell us that by choosing this title.

7. California Love – 2Pac (Urijah Faber)

Guess who loves rap music? Urijah Faber comes from California, so it’s no surprise that he chose the evergreen track by 2Pac for his UFC walkout. It’s a song with an uplifting beat that will make you dance as you walk in the ring, at least when you are a professional athlete with a good record behind you.

8. Real American – Rick Derringer (Tom Lawlor)

He may not be the greatest UFC fighter of all time, but he was definitely a showman. Of course, we should mention that he won a few titles in other MMA categories. Tom Lawlor had spectacular entrances spiced up with humorous moments. So, everything he did was for the fans. Since most UFC fans are Americans, he often used the Real American song by Rick Derringer as his UFC walkout song. Of course, his fans were pleased, especially when he was wearing clothes with the American flag. Can you find something more patriotic than this in UFC?

9. I’m Shipping Up To Boston – Dropkick Murphys (Forrest Griffin)

Creating a list of the best UFC walkout songs without mentioning I’m Shipping Up To Boston by Dropkick Murphys and Forrest Griffin would be unfair. To be honest, Forrest comes from Ohio while the band is based in Massachusetts, but what they have in common is Irish descent. Almost any track from this American-based Celtic punk band promises a spectacular entrance. UFC entrance songs like this will boost the adrenaline in the athlete and make the fans excited.

10. Rusty Cage – Johnny Cash (Jon Fitch)

“I’m gonna break my rusty cage and run,” as the old hit by Johnny Cash goes…The lyrics may suggest that the fighter had enough of this sport, but that’s not the case with Jon Fitch. He had a total of 43 MMA matches and won 32. As for the song, it’s another release with powerful guitar music and the distinctive voice of Johnny Cash.

11. Time To Say Goodbye – Andrea Bocelli/Sarah Brightman (Yoshiro Akiyama)

Once again, we should mention that not all UFC intro songs are aggressive or even fast-paced. For instance, Yoshiro Akiyama had a spectacular entrance when he decided to use the Time To Say Goodbye song by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman. This calm yet assertive track will fill you with emotions. At the same time, the title suggests what Akiyama wants to say to his opponent once he enters the ring. All in all, it’s an excellent choice because it’s effective and not something that we see/hear a lot on UFC matches.

12. England Belongs To Me – Cock Sparrer (Dan Hardy)

It seems that you can’t go wrong when you choose a popular punk rock song as a UFC walkout tune. This is especially true when the song is about your country, and you are fighting in front of home fans. That’s what Dan Hardy did several times and won most of the matches. His powerful left hooks are still remembered even though he’s retired now.

13. Survival of The Fittest – Mobb Deep (Rashad Evans)

That’s exactly what UFC fights are, right? If you are not fit, you can’t survive in the arena. Rashad Evans decided to use one of the hits of the iconic New York-based hip-hop duo – Mobb Deep. Interestingly Rashad comes from New York City as well. This video shows him walking inside the arena following the catchy beat and facing one of his greatest rivals – Nogueira.

14. Stranglehold – Ted Nugent (Joseph Benavidez)

Fans of hard rock know that Stranglehold is one of the best tracks by Ted Nugent. The guitar dominates the song of defiance. Another thing worth mentioning is that this was an entrance theme to the Chicago Blackhawks (NHL) and Kevin Von Erich (professional wrestler). As for Benavidez, he used it several times in his career with an MMA record of 28 wins and 8 losses.

15. Ain’t No Sunshine – DMX (Anderson Silva)

You are wrong if you think that Silva has entered a romantic phase when he included Ain’t No Sunshine as one of his UFC entrance walkout songs. The original tune by Bill Withers was a love song, but this one from DMX is entirely different. The rap version is focused on warning enemies that DMX (or whoever sings it) is here to stay and that his enemies should be careful because they never know when he’ll strike. That’s the perfect choice for an entrance song played at a UFC match!

16. Sail – Armin Van Buuren (Mauricio Rua)

We can all agree that electronic music is a good option for UFC entrance songs. Mauricio Rua, or Shogun as many people call him, obviously agrees with this claim. The Brazilian fighter used one of the uplifting trance tracks by the famous Dutch DJ to enter the Belle Centre in Montreal, Canada, at UFC 113. This made people feel like they were in a nightclub before the match started. How cool is that?

17. Ratamahatta – Sepultura (Thiago Silva)

Talking about badass entrance songs, here comes another one chosen by Thiago Silva. The challenging Brazilian mixed martial artist and kickboxer that grew in the favelas selected this melody to please his fans. Of course, he also needed something aggressive to boost his morale. The band he chose comes from Brazil, too, and it’s known worldwide for death metal, thrash metal, and groove metal.

18. Kick In The Door – Notorious B.I.G. (Frankie Edgar)

The Notorious B.I.G. was known as a fearless rapper who often provoked his competition. That’s how the beef between the East Coast and the West Coast started in the 1990s. His Kick In The Door song reveals one of these beef with Nas. In any case, Frankie Edgar did a good job selecting this track mocking his opponents because that’s part of the UFC culture.

19. Song 2 – Blur (Michael Bisping)

Woo-hoo! If you don’t know the lyrics of this song, you were living under the rock in the 1990s and early 2000s. This is a fantastic party song that we all loved, and people still jump around when they hear it. Michael Bisping used it for his UFC walkout too. It’s worth mentioning that he was a UFC Middleweight Champion. He comes from England, just like Blur, the alternative rock band behind this uber-popular song.

20. Dream On – Aerosmith (Joanna Jedrzejczyk)

Truth be told, her surname is difficult to pronounce, but this doesn’t mean that we should leave Joanna out of our list of the best UFC walkout songs. On the contrary, the Polish female fighter has some of the most spectacular entrances like this one, for example. Dream On is a fantastic song. Joanna makes it even more memorable with her unusual movements as she walks the path to the ring. Oh, and did we mention that she is an ex-UFC Women’s Strawweight Champion? That was a dream come true for her (pun intended).

21. Bad Reputation – Joan Jett (Ronda Rousey)

The Woman. The Legend, Ronda Rousey! To be honest, she is not the greatest UFC fighter of all time, but she is known for her powerful submissions, and that’s what made her a legend. The rock song with a provocative name was a good choice because Ronda always seemed like someone who didn’t care what other people thought about her.

22. The Champ Is Here – Jadakiss (Jon Jones)

The title of the song says it all! Did you know that Jones is the youngest UFC champion? He won his first title at age 23. Jon has an excellent MMA record with 26 wins and just 2 lost matches. Some say that he would have accomplished more if it wasn’t for his controversial behavior. Jones allegedly poked his opponents’ eyes and was involved in an altercation with Daniel Cormier. He was also arrested for domestic violence. In any case, back to the song, this was undoubtedly a grand (and meaningful) entrance.

23. For Those About To Rock – AC/DC (Rich Franklin)

The epic Australian hard rock band AC/DC had many hits and For Those About To Rock was one of them. It’s worth noting that the lyrics were inspired by the ancient salute used by Roman prisoners before entering the Colosseums. We are unsure whether Rich Franklin felt this way before his UFC matches. Still, we are confident that his entrance was memorable.

24. Lunatic Fringe – Red Rider (Dan Henderson)

Some of the best UFC walkout songs are not loud or fast-paced, but they have potent lyrics. For instance, the track was chosen by Dan Henderson (Lunatic Fringe by Red Rider) is very calm. Still, the text has a strong message for the haters – “We can hear you coming, no, you’re not going to win this time”. Career-wise, Dan has won seven UFC awards in his long career.

25. Amazing – Kanye West (Frank Mir)

Sometimes it may be better to chill and relax before the match starts. At least that’s what Frank Mir thought when he used Amazing by Kanye West as his UFC walkout track. But, if you check the lyrics, you will notice that they are pretty creepy, talking about how powerful the performer feels. In addition to Frank Mir, this song was part of the 2009 NBA playoffs promotion.

26. Bleed It Out – Linkin Park (Lyoto Machida)

It’s hard to find more songs that carry so much symbolism than this one. That’s what makes it one of the best UFC intro songs. The Brazilian former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion is obviously a fan of the famous American rock band. In addition to the fantastic rhythm, the lyrics are deep and talk about going back to the past to become stronger in the presence.

27. Genesis – Justice (Nick Denis)

Nick who? You are right. Nick Denis is not a famous UFC fighter or even a popular MMA athlete. The French duo Justice with their Genesis (electro house) song is probably more famous. Yet, no one can deny that his entrance on one of the two UFC matches Denis had in his career was remarkable. Electronic music takes the fans on another level and prepares them well for the spectacle.

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28. Step Into A World – KRS-One (Rashed Evans)

It all starts slowly and then erupts into a mix of hard beats and fierce rhymes. That’s how we can describe this song by KRS-One, and that’s what a UFC match should look like when talking about its pace. Rashed Evans sure knows how to keep his fans on edge and definitely knows the hip-hop classics from the 1990s.

29. Ain’t Stoppin’ Me – Al Kapone (Quinton Rampage Jackson)

This is another entrance that’s hard to forget. One of the best light heavyweight UFC and MMA fighters, Rampage Jackson, obviously spent some time practicing choreography. He selected a mighty song by the famous rapper to enter the arena. That’s an effective way to promote your personal brand, that’s for sure.

30. Sandstorm – Darude (Wanderlei Silva)

Some athletes prefer rock songs, while others use rap tracks as UFC walkout songs. But, Wanderlei Silva, the successful Brazilian-American mixed martial artist, is a fan of electronic music. Sandstorm by the Finnish DJ became an instant hit when it was released in 1999. This video shows the fans dancing and screaming to this song even 14 years later. Of course, they were also standing to pay respect to one of the best PRIDE and UFC athletes.

31. The Wild Boys – Duran Duran (Mirko Filipovic)

Also known as Cro Cop, the Croatian fighter was known for many things while he was active, including one of his most-used entrance songs. Of course, we’re talking about The Wild Boys tracks by Duran Duran. As the song goes – Wild boys never lose it, wild boys never chose this way, wild boys never close your eyes, wild boys always shine. The symbolism is there, and you just have to find it!

32. Fat – Weird Al Yankovic (Roy Nelson)

Who says that UFC fighters don’t have a good sense of humor? Roy Nelson, the American athlete who defeated Cheick Kongo, Mirko Cro Cop, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, and other famous UFC names, decided to use a parody song when he entered the arena. We are not sure whether he thought he was overweight at the time or he was just bragging about his weight and strength, though.

33. Raining Blood – Slayer (Chuck Liddell)

Can a track have a more intimidating title than this one? When you see him, Chuck Liddell looks tough and rough, but imagine his appearance with a song from Slayer in the background? There are some badass guitar riffs and thrilling lyrics in this song about the battle between the forces of evil and good. You can tell by Chuck’s face that he loves it!

34. Scarface (theme song) – Paul Engemann (Jorge Masvidal)

Not all best UFC walkout tracks have lyrics. They can be instrumental pieces of music and still sound excellent. For example, we have Jorge Masvidal, who used the Scarface theme song to get into the ring. Some say that this was the coldest walkout they have seen. Others claim that with a piece like this, you can expect to strike fear in the hearts of your opponents. These claims may be a little bit exaggerated, but we applaud the choice of the famous American athlete.

35. Hold On, I’m Comin’ – Sam & Dave (Robbie Lawler)

Can you believe that this single is over 55 years old? It was covered by many popular artists, and Robbie Lawler used it as a walkout song. Interestingly, Lawler didn’t have a long UFC career. Still, he became a UFC Welterweight Champion and defended the title twice. He was also selected for the Fight of the Year award for two consecutive years. Back to the walkout track, we really like how chilled he was while walking down the ring.

36. Shook Ones Part II – Mobb Deep (Jason Mayhem Miller)

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it! Every walkout performed by Jason Miller is unique. It seems that this fighter had to put up a show even before the match started. In this particular video, he used the Shook Ones song by Mobb Deep to enter the venue with a mask on. He then started throwing money in the air while clinging from one side to the other. Yes, that’s what you can expect from “Mayhem” Miller.

37. Run This Town – Jay-Z (Jose Aldo)

It looks like the city is not big enough for two champions. This is what Jose Aldo had in mind when he picked Run This Town by Jay-Z when fighting against Fabre. So, basically, he selected this track to make a statement and made it in the end. The powerful text and hip-hop beats will make you feel sorry that you were not present at the match. We know we are!

38. Crazy – Gnarls Barkley (B.J. Penn)

You have to be a little bit crazy to be a successful UFC fighter, and B.J. Penn knows that. His UFC walkout song was Crazy by Gnarls Barkley more than once for a good reason. Even though there are no guitars or noise on this track, it’s fast enough to hype you up. You can tell by Penn’s appearance that he is wholly focused on the match as he punches the air with his calming stare.

39. Won’t Back Down – Tom Petty (Chris Weidman)

In most cases, the UFC entrance songs are about making statements. So, when you choose a hit like Won’t Back Down by Tom Petty, the opponent knows what you are up to. Chris Weidman had his ups and downs in his UFC career, but he managed to become a UFC Middleweight Champion, for instance. We like how he has chosen a song for any struggle and a title that will make your rivals respect you before the kicks and punches start flying around.

40. Sweet Caroline – Neil Diamond (Darren Till)

It’s easy to tell that Darren Till is happy whenever he listens to one of Neil Diamond’s best songs. He has a big smile on his face, and he’s jumping on his way to the scene. On top of that, we have the crowd singing the song in one voice. That’s an incredible atmosphere that every athlete wants to experience. In many cases, this is what it takes to make a difference and end the match victorious. Also, did you know that there is another sport using entry music heavily? It’s called face slapping and was invented in Russia. You may want to check that out. Just click on the face slapping link.

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