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Top 100 List: Best & Most Memorable Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

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Jan 24, 2022 08:01Andrej Trajkovski

Modern people tend to avoid TV/streaming commercials as much as possible. The reason is simple – most of them are annoying and simply told – a waste of time. But, there is an exception, especially for American football fans. Of course, we are talking about the famous Super Bowl commercials.

Every February, millions of sports fans in America (and around the globe) watch the Super Bowl, the event that leads us to the champion of the NFL. The winner of the National Football Conference meets the winner of the American Football Conference at the end of the NFL playoffs.

Obviously, the famous (and promising) brands are using this madness to promote their products and services. They all try to create the best Super Bowl commercials of all time to attract new customers and keep their existing ones happy. So, you can expect well-thought-out ads that can make people laugh or simply impress them. Typically, dozens of commercials are displayed during a single Super Bowl event.

Over the years, they have become a cultural phenomenon. Many people are excited about these ads as they are thrilled about the match itself. To figure out why fans (and ordinary people) like these ads, we have prepared a list of the best Super Bowl ads of all time. Read our descriptions and watch the ads directly from this page.

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1. Alexa Loses Her Voice – Amazon (2018)

What happens when one of the world’s most famous virtual assistants loses its voice? This hypothetical question is answered in this funny ad designed for the needs of Amazon. What makes it really funny is that multiple celebrities act like live assistants/operators answering questions until Amazon’s Echo is fixed. We have Rebel Wilson, Gordon Ramsay, Anthony Hopkins, Cardi B, and even Jeff Bezos in it. Judging by the number of views and social media signals, this is one of the Super Bowl ads of all time.

2. Monks – Xerox (1977)

Let’s be clear, this is an old Super Bowl commercial, but this doesn’t make it less funny or attractive. It’s about a monk who writes a long text, and his supervisor requires 500 copies of the text. The clever monk decides to ask a Xerox guy to copy the pages on a brand new Xerox printer. To be honest, the printer looks funny for today’s standards, but the message is still relevant because we still use printers. Oh, and did we mention that Xerox remade the same commercial in 2017?

3. Terry Tate: Office Linebacker – Reebok (2003)

Lester Speight is a former wrestler, American football player, and actor. He’s best known for the series of Reebok commercials revealed during Super Bowl XXXVII. People loved how energetic Lester was in this ad, where he plays a motivator for a group of office employees. He uses football moves to increase their productivity, and it’s hilarious!

4. Dancing Bears – Pepsi (1997)

What starts as a serious documentary about bears turns into a comical YMCA spoof featuring dancing bears! It’s been over 20 years since this commercial was released, but many people still think that it’s one of the best Super Bowl ads of all time.

5. Instant replay – Budweiser (2003)

We all hate it when the match must be stopped for the referee to check the footage and decide. And even when this happens, some fans are still not convinced that the ref made the right decision. In this Budweiser ad, the referee is a zebra (not a jackass as one of the viewers suggested). The players come in the form of horses and play on a snowy field.

6. Apology – FedEx (1998)

Some say that this is the number one Super Bowl commercial of all time, but we encourage you to watch it and see it yourself. It looks like an old announcement with an apology. Apparently, the actual advertisement was lost because the sender didn’t use FedEx to deliver the tape. Of course, the joke may be a little bit outdated since we use online streaming and send files over the Internet now, but it’s still fun, at least for the older viewers.

7. The Man Your Man Could Smell Like – Old Spice (2010)

Old Spice was known for the humorous masculinity ads back in the old days. This commercial is an excellent example of that. The fit young man advises women to encourage their men to use Old Spice so they can “at least” smell like him. The special effects used in this commercial were quite advanced for that time, and they still look impressive.

8. Mean – Coca-Cola (1979)

Some of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time come from Coca-Cola. This is especially true for the period between the 1970s and 1990s. One of these ads features “Mean” Joe Greene, the famous defensive tackler of the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the ad, he plays an injured player approached by a kid offering him a sip of Coke. The kid is disappointed because Greene drinks all his Coke, but he puts a smile back on his face once he throws him his jersey.

9. Space Babies – Kia (2013)

We can all agree that ads featuring babies are usually cute and funny. But have you seen Kia’s Space Babies commercial yet? It was broadcasted during Super Bowl XLVII in 2013. Viewers can listen to a fantastic story about how babies come to the world told by a Kia Sorento driver. It’s a great video that makes you laugh and explore this SUV’s options.

10. Scream – Bridgestone (2008)

In 2008, Bridgestone was the official tire of the NFL. So, they’ve put extra effort into coming up with a unique commercial, and they’ve made it. This may not be the most famous Super Bowl ad, but it’s definitely in the top 100. It involves a driver and a bunch of screaming animals!

11. The Run – Heineken (2005)

What happens when a superstar like Brad Pitt runs out of beer in the middle of the night? Of course, he must trick the paparazzi, so he can go to the local store quietly. Keep in mind that this is not an official Super Bowl ad, but it was played at that time on various local TV stations. That’s why people still remember it as a Super Bowl commercial.

12. Baby – E-Trade (2008)

It turns out that you should start investing from the moment you are born. 2008 brought us another famous Super Bowl ad, this time made for the needs of E-Trade, a financial services company. People usually don’t take investment advice from babies, but everything is possible in commercials, especially when the baby is cute.

13. Soul – Mercedes-Benz (2013)

Would you sell your sell to the devil for a great car? Of course, not, although the devil can be pretty persuasive when he’s played by Willem Dafoe. Add the famous Sympathy For The Devil song by The Rolling Stones to the mix, and you get one of the best Super Bowl ads you’ve seen. Also, this was one of the most successful Mercedes-Benz car models, and we are pretty sure that the commercial helped that.

14. Tough Under Fire – Master Lock (1974)

Master Lock nailed it when it displayed its Super Bowl ad in 1974. To be honest, the video was not funny, but it had a strong message. Namely, you can see a sharpshooter firing at their locks, and as you’ve probably guessed – the locks are still intact. Interestingly, Master Lock kept airing new ads during this event for years. Most of their marketing budget was spent on these commercials.

15. Mosquito – Tabasco (2005)

Those who have encountered these flying pests agree that a mosquito can ruin your evening. However, you can rest assured that you will stay safe if you use a Tabasco sauce, at least according to this humorous commercial. It’s a simple advertisement with a strong effect and even a special video effect typical for the 1990s.

16. The Force – Volkswagen (2011)

Here’s another hilarious video clip from a car manufacturer on our list of best Super Bowl ads of all time. So, the Germans have a great sense of humor too. This time, a caring dad is doing his best to keep his son’s imagination alive by helping him unveil all the features of his new Volkswagen vehicle. The Star Wars theme makes the video even more attractive.

17. The Showdown – McDonald’s (1993)

Needless to say, one of the best-known American brands has made it to the list of the best Super Bowl commercials too. McDonald’s has a few great ads, but we will focus on the one from 1993 featuring the two best basketball players at the time – Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. They’re competing to win the juicy burger.

18. When I Grow Up – (1999)

The irony and sarcasm are strong in this one! is now one of the leading employment websites with millions of users, but it wasn’t always like that. In 1999 The Monsters Board and Online Career Center merged to become The ad they’ve created for the Super Bowl features kids and their (sarcastic) career dreams.

19. Crossroads – Pepsi (2004)

We are not sure whether Pepsi inspired Jimi Hendrix to start playing the guitar, but that’s definitely an option. In this advertisement, Pepsi creates a dilemma – what would’ve happened if young Hendrix bought a bottle of Pepsi from a vending machine in front of an accordion store. Who knows, maybe accordion music would have become super popular?

20. Betty White – Snickers (2010)

Better? Better! We all remember these words from Snicker’s commercial featured at the Super Bowl XLIV event in 2010. Betty White, the American actress, and comedian, was 89 years old when the video was filmed. She is not in the mood for playing football, but once she gets a Snickers chocolate bar, she transforms into a young athletic man.

21. New Subaru Brat – Subaru (1982)

Subaru is not as powerful car manufacturer as it once was, and Ruth Gordon is long gone, but this was a pretty famous Super Bowl ad at the time. Ruth Gordon (Rosemary’s Baby, Where’s Poppa, Harold and Maude, etc.) plays a very old saleswoman with a sharp tongue. She is not into modern mumbo-jumbo marketing slang, and she gets straight to the point. All in all, it’s a friendly and funny commercial.

22. Frogs – Budweiser (1995)

Unlike many commercials aired during the Super Bowl events, this one doesn’t have any actors. It doesn’t even have text except for the mumbling of the frogs. We are talking about three frogs trying to read the Budweiser banner while chilling in the swamp. Each of them says a part of the word – Bud-Weis-Er. This is another simple ad that’s easy to remember.

23. Cream Your Face – Noxzema (1973)

What you will see in this video may look a little bit weird today, but you have to think of the 1970s standards. Back then, this commercial was a huge success. One of the main reasons for that was the presence of Farrah Fawcett and Joe Namath (New York Jets). It’s good to know that Farrah was not a star in 1973. She was still rising to stardom, and maybe this ad helped her skyrocket her career. We shouldn’t forget to mention that Joe played his part well, too – I’m gonna get creamed!

24. Puppy Love – Budweiser (2014)

First, there were frogs, then there were dogs. It seems that many ads from Budweiser feature animals, and that’s no surprise because people love them, especially puppies! The Puppy Love ad is about a cute little dog who keeps coming to the stables to play with the horses and even learns how to lead them. In the end, the adorable puppy helps the horse owner and the girl who adopted the dog to connect. So, there’s a romantic side to this story too.

25. How You Like Me Now – Kia (2010)

SUV owners are usually portrayed as family guys, and that’s why the commercials for these vehicles were targeting this audience, at least in the past. In 2010, Kia released an ad during the Super Bowl which matched the target audience. It’s a video clip that includes funny toys that act like playful humans and enjoy life.

26. Walk-In Fridge – Heineken (2007)

We are pretty sure that some would say that this advertisement is sexist or not woke enough today, but in 2007 it was a pretty popular ad. For many, it’s still one of the best Super Bowl ads. In this video clip, you will see a group of men and women reacting in the same way about two different things – a walk-in closet and a walk-in fridge filled with tasty Heineken beer.

27. It’s Halftime in America – Chrysler (2012)

A commercial featuring Clint Eastwood? Let’s see it! In this ad, Clint Eastwood performs a pep talk targeting ordinary American people. It’s evident that Chrysler wanted to make more than a simple marketing effort. This video has a message for all Americans out there regardless of their race, gender, or status. It has a message of hope and support.

28. Hare Jordan – Nike (1993)

Another globally famous American brand has found its place on our top list of best Super Bowl ads. Yes, we are talking about Nike, the iconic footwear, apparel, and sports equipment manufacturer. This time, we see Bug Bunny trying to play basketball with a group of guys, but he is constantly tossed and pushed around. Once he puts on his Air Jordan shoes, he becomes Air Jordan, the world’s most successful basketball player. Of course, the guys didn’t have a chance against him even though he played alone.

29. Deliveries – (2000)

We all know that pets can’t drive, but did you know that they can become delivery guys? That’s true, at least when it comes to this funny commercial by aired in 2000 during the Super Bowl XXXIV. In it, you will see an overly enthusiastic delivery dog (a hand puppet) that works hard to deliver food to pets across town.

30. Security Camera – Pepsi (1996)

The” war” between Coca-Cola and Pepsi has always been fun to watch because it was waged with hilarious commercials. In 1996, Pepsi threw a “bombastic” ad during the most-watched annual NFL event. Security cameras were not rare back then, but they were not as common as today. Still, it’s fun to watch the Coca-Cola employee trying to get a Pepsi without getting caught.

31. Paper or Plastic – Budweiser (1999)

Modern people are avoiding plastic due to its adverse effects on the environment. Still, even in 1999, some people preferred paper over plastic for different reasons, though. This commercial by Budweiser features a Bud Light beer and a dilemma that two guys who don’t have money to buy everything they want in the local store. In the end, the question is whether they would rather purchase a toilet paper or a six-pack?

32. House Rules – Doritos (2010)

When this young gentleman decided to date a divorced mother, he didn’t expect this. It all starts sweet in this commercial, but soon it turns out that the little kid is the real boss in the house. He is not prepared for his mother to date another guy, and he’s definitely not ready to share his Doritos.

33. We Will Rock You – Pepsi (2004)

Who would’ve thought ancient Romans were chilling with Pepsi while watching gladiators fight? In this Pepsi commercial aired in 2004 during the Super Bowl XXXVIII (the one won by the Patriots, by the way), we see three top singers in the role of lady gladiators – Beyonce, Pink, and Britney Spears). On the other hand, Enrique Iglesias is the mean Roman emperor. He ends up in front of a lion after the gladiators team-up.

34. Alec in Huluwood – Hulu (2009)

One of the world’s most popular video streaming services had a tremendous alien invasion-style commercial prepared for the main NFL event in 2009. They hired Alec Baldwin to play the role of an alien who took a human body and used Hulu to distract the human race. This is probably Hulu’s way of joking with the people who believe that watching movies, TV series, and documentaries are a waste of time.

35. True Colors – Dove (2006)

Every girl deserves to feel good about herself – that’s the main point of one of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. This time, Dove made it and features little girls of all races and ethnicities worried about their appearance. It was part of their Campaign for real Beauty, which comes from inside, as you have probably guessed.

36. The Joy of Pepsi – Pepsi (2001)

Britney Spears appears in several Super Bowl ads, including this old Super Bowl commercial from 2001. This was the time when Britney was at the peak of her career. Truth be told, there’s nothing funny about this video, but you can rest assured that the song is catchy, and you may start singing it all day long once you play it.

37. MC Hammer & Ed McMahon – (2004)

If you are looking for funny ads played during Super Bowls, then you should give this one a try. is still one of the best sites where you can purchase and sell gold, and many people remember this company thanks to its commercial from 2004. The video clip includes Ed McMahon and MC Hammer bragging about their belongings made of gold. It’s up to the viewer to decide whether the famous American announcer or the world-renowned rapper has more exciting stuff made of gold.

38. Laundromat – Doritos (1998)

In 1996, Ali Landry became Miss USA, so it’s no surprise she appeared sexy in 1998. This model (and actress) is doing her laundry and enjoying Doritos chips in a public laundromat, throwing a show to the two guys waiting for their turn. Ay, chihuahua – the final words of one of the guys in this old Super Bowl commercial became a famous phrase worldwide thanks to him.

39. Extra Point – Budweiser (1996)

From Budweiser comes yet another number one Super Bowl commercial (at least in 1996). The funny thing here is that a group of horses play American football, and they are actually very good at it. They use utility poles and electric wires as goalposts. The horse owner brought a friend of his to witness the match, and he is obviously amazed, yet the owner says that he has seen them play better.

40. Little Blue Friend – Pepsi (1995)

It may be a little bit inappropriate and weird for today’s standards, but it was received well back in 1995. Bob Dole, the Republican politician who ran for president in 1996, decided to participate in an ad that suggests that Pepsi acts in a similar fashion like Viagra. They even got a pharmacist for the advertisement. It was a cocky (pun intended) ad that made people laugh.

41. Say My Name – Esurance (2015)

Breaking Bad is one of the most famous TV series of all time. Esurance, the San Francisco-based insurance company, has used the main character to create one of the best Super Bowl ads ever. Things get really weird for a lady entering a pharmacy because the pharmacist is no other than the infamous Walter White. She knows what she’s looking for, but Mr. White gives her another drug (or should we say pharmaceutical), promising it will work better for her.

42. Chance the Rapper & Backstreet Boys – Doritos (2019)

If you follow the NFL, there’s a great chance that you’ve seen this advertisement because it’s still relatively fresh. Doritos has teamed up the legends of the 1990s music – the Backstreet Boys – and Chance the Rapper, a prominent rapper among generation Z. You will get an opportunity to listen to “I Want It That Way” by Backstreet Boys and check how they look after all these years spiced up with rapping performed by Chance. It’s not a very humorous ad, but it’s definitely worth watching.

43. 1984 – Apple (1984)

Apple has always been ahead of time, and this number one Super Bowl commercial (according to many fans) proves that. It’s based on George Orwell’s novel with the same title about a dystopian totalitarian society where people are monitored by Big Brother, even in their homes. Apple promises that their new Macintosh computer won’t allow that. Still, given all the privacy issues with modern computers and mobile devices, this advertisement can be a little bit ironic today.

44. Wise Guy – Pepsi (1990)

Here’s another example of a great commercial created by Pepsi mocking Coca-Cola. This time, we have Ray Charles, the legendary singer and pianist, as the main star of the ad. He’s playing the piano while talking about the best diet drink he had – Diet Pepsi. Then someone passes a Diet Coke to him, but he instantly notices that something is “wrong” after tasting it. So, despite his blindness, he can still recognize Diet Pepsi.

45. Super Bowl Babies Choir – NFL (2016)

Just because it’s organized by the NFL, this doesn’t mean that Super Bowl doesn’t play ads created by this league. A group of kids (and teens and adults) will guide you on a walk down memory lane. So, we have a few generations singing about Super Bowl. The music is based on Seal’s Kiss from a Rose, and the famous singer also appears briefly in the video.

46. Respect – Budweiser (2002)

In 2002, America was still healing its wounds from the September 11 attacks. The nation was grieving, and the public was looking for an answer. Budweiser thought it would be a good idea to pay respect to all who lost their lives in the attacks by filming an ad in the place where the Twin Towers once stood. They used the famous Clydesdale horses and a chariot to go through NYC and in the new park. This commercial is definitely not funny, but it’s full of emotions, and that’s what makes it memorable.

47. Where’s the Beef – Wendy’s (1984)

What do you want from a hamburger? The short answer is BEEF! One of the best Super Bowl commercials was created for the needs of Wendy’s. In the ad, the famous fast food restaurant promises juicy burgers unlike the ones made by their fictional competitors – Home of the Big Bun. Actress Clara Peller did her job well, and “Where’s the beef” became a catchphrase used in many movies, TV shows, newspapers, and magazines.

48. Thugs – Denny’s (2009)

Do you want to hear what a trio of Italian American Mafiosi discusses at the fast-food restaurant? Well, you can’t because there’s an overly enthusiastic employee decorating the plates. This commercial by Denny’s will put a smile on your face once the waitress appears. Before that, you’ll be dead serious like the Mafiosi. In the end, the ad points out that Denny’s offers serious breakfast options and great deals.

49. Neighbor – Pepsi (1987)

If you like the 1980s, you will love this video ad! Michael J. Fox was one of the best actors of that time, and in this advertisement, for Diet Pepsi, he meets his new sexy neighbor who likes a can of Diet Pepsi. Unfortunately, Michael doesn’t have one, but he’s not giving up. He uses the fire escape stairs, avoids the incoming cars, and uses the vending machine across the street to get one. All of this is happening while under heavy rainfall. When he gets back, his neighbor’s roommate asks for another can.

50. Big Mac Song – McDonald’s (1975)

Looking for an old Super Bowl commercial that looks good even today? This is what you can expect from McDonald’s Big Mac Song ad. The all-time favorite burger of many Americans has had great commercials for decades, and one of them was aired in 1975 during the Super Bowl. It includes a catchy jingle – Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame bun!

51. Wassup – Budweiser (2000)

Those who were young in the 2000s remember this conversation. To be honest, it looks a little bit mindless, but it’s fun. So, we have a group of friends “chilling, watching the game, having a Bud” and shouting WASSUP to each other. It’s difficult to describe, so better watch it and see whether it will make you laugh.

52. Cindy Crawford – Pepsi (1992)

Cindy Crawford is still considered one of the most beautiful women of all time. She was 26 in 1992 when this Pepsi advertisement was aired during the Super Bowl XXVI. So, we have two kids watching Cindy in tight shorts as she walks out of a sports car and heads to the vending machine. They look amused and absolutely stunned when she gets a Pepsi can. The funny part is that they were commenting on the new Pepsi can.

53. Hilltop – Coca-Cola (1971)

Talking about iconic and best Super Bowl ads and not mentioning the Hilltop ad by Coca-Cola is a sin. People simply loved the choir that included young men and women of all races and ethnicities singing on a tophill somewhere in Italy. This commercial was a global success. We should also mention that it was a very expensive commercial (over 200.000 dollars).

54. Errands – MasterCard (2004)

Homer Simpson, the anti-hero of The Simpsons TV show, is the main star of this ad. So, you actually have a chance to watch a short animated clip where Homer uses his MasterCard to buy different services and goods. This gives him extra time to be with his family. Of course, Homer uses that time to go to Moe’s bar and grab a beer (or two). Even the final scene of this ad was well-thought-out. Namely, the circles of MasterCard’s logo are made to look like donuts, Homer’s favorite food.

55. Bud Bowl – Budweiser (1989)

Who would win the Super Bowl if a team of Budweiser beers plays against Bud Light? So, Budweiser has created a special version of our world in which humans are replaced by beer cans and bottles. You can expect beers doing errands and beers in the role of fans at the stadium. Viewers also get the chance to watch the match in which Budweiser makes a comeback and wins the final game.

56. The Chase – Audi (2009)

It’s sort of a tradition to tease the competition when making car or food commercials. You get this from The Chase – the Audi ad played in 2009 during the Super Bowl XLIII. Jason Statham, the movie badass, is in a tense situation again. He is looking for an escape vehicle and enters a Mercedes car, and he realizes that this car won’t do the job. After that, he finds a BMW car, but this model is not really good either. Finally, the new Audio car makes him get away without any problems.

57. Imported from Detroit – Chrysler (2011)

Local patriotism at its best. This is how we can describe the 2009 marketing effort made by Chrysler and their “Imported from Detroit” video. It starts with the intense beat from the 8 Miles song by Eminem. Of course, you can see Eminem cruising around Detroit in his Chrysler too. We also have a choir in the end that adds up to the atmosphere.

58. Ordering Dog Food – Amazon (2019)

Harrison Ford has trouble with his dog, which is simply in love with Amazon Alexa, and keeps ordering his favorite dog food. So, Amazon has made one of the best Super Bowl ads using humor at their own expense. The Alexa device is on the cute dog’s collar, and it orders dog food whenever it barks. Harrison is trying to catch the dog, and once they get to the door, they see tons of pet food.

59. Desert Island – FedEx (2003)

Talking about genuine commitment! FedEx made a hilarious advertisement video. One of their employees is stuck with a package on a desert island. He’s been there for years, trying to survive as hard as he can. Once he gets back to the United States, he delivers the package to the recipient as promised. The best part is that the package contains a satellite phone and many things that could have made his life easier on the desert island.

60. – Squarespace (2017)

Do you want to create a personal brand? John Malkovich tried to do the same when he found that the domain name was already taken. This ad by Squarespace, one of the world’s leading website building and hosting company, advises people to get the domains they want right away because tomorrow may be too late. Of course, you can still get that name, but you will have to pay significantly more.

61. PS9 – Sony PlayStation (1999)

How would PlayStation look in 2078? One can only imagine or watch one of the best Super Bowl commercials created by Sony PlayStation exploring the options. According to the ad, PlayStation 9 will be out in 20178, providing the ultimate immersive gaming experience. The console will consist of electronic spores that will enter the brain and make you feel like you are in the real world while playing amazing games. Although it was released in 1999, it’s still a great-looking game. Don’t forget that we are just four PlayStation consoles away from this one!

62. Skydiving – Budweiser (2005)

This is another video on our list of best Super Bowl commercials of all time that was developed for Budweiser. It will bring good memories to many people because those were the days when ads were an inevitable part of our culture. As the title suggests, it’s about skydiving and motivating first-time skydivers. The reluctant skydiver is thinking about the six-pack thrown by his instructor. Still, while he’s thinking about what to do, the pilot jumps, leaving the viewers with an unanswered question – what happens next?

63. Doritos Blaze vs. Mountain Dew Ice – PepsiCo (2018)

It looks like people turn into rapping machines once they drink a sip of Mountain Dew Ice or take some Doritos Blaze. It’s a rap freestyle battle between Peter Dinklage and Morgan Freeman in this video ad by PepsiCo promoting some of their best products. The famous actors use songs created by Busta Rhymes and Missy Elliot to show their skills.

64. Parisian Love – Google (2010)

Powerful is the right word to summarize this ad by Google. That’s right, even tech giants like Google can benefit when they air their commercials on important events like the Super Bowl. In 2010, Google used a short commercial to show how helpful their search engine is. You can find literally everything on the Internet today, and most of us are taking this for granted. Back in the day, people spent hours and days searching for information, while today, you can find the things you need in a matter of seconds.

65. It’s a Tide ad – Tide (2018)

What if all the best Super Bowl commercials were actually made for Tide? You’ve probably heard the term “subliminal messages”, right? Well, this is it, and the ad by Tide proves that. Of course, this is a joke, but this commercial made in 2018 has a point. David Harbour (the actor known for Stranger Things) is the one that will lead you through this video.

66. Innertube – Pepsi (1995)

For many people, Pepsi has a taste that they don’t want to stop. The kid from this 1995 Super Bowl ad knows that. The kid is having fun at the beach drinking a cold Pepsi, but as he drinks the last drop of Pepsi, his continuous slurping gets him inside the bottle. You’ll be surprised to hear his sister saying that this was not his first time. Of course, you’ll be left wondering how he got out the first time?

67. Newfangled Idea – BMW (2015)

The symbol @ was confusing for the general public in the early 1990s. Katie Couric and Bryant Gumble, the broadcast journalists, were confused too. Yet, it took some time before we all got used to @. In 2015, we saw Gumble again, and this time, he’s driving an electric BMW i3. It appears that he doesn’t understand the concept again, but just because something is new doesn’t mean that it won’t prosper. As we can see, electric cars are no longer something new, and they are getting more and more popular.

68. Horse Head – Audi (2008)

“I’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse,” as Marlon Brando said in The Godfather. 36 years after the release of this mega-popular movie, Audi used one of its iconic scenes to promote its powerful R8 model. The creators of this ad did a good job recreating the atmosphere from the movie. We see a similar mansion and bedroom, and on top of that, we have Moe Greene (Alex Rocco) from the original film. Interestingly, the Audi R8 looks impressive more than a decade later.

69. Clydesdale Foal – Budweiser (2013)

Another year, another great commercial by Budweiser was created for the Super Bowl. This one is packed with emotions and features a horse trainer taking care of a Clydesdale foal. Once it becomes a grown horse, it’s taken to Chicago, participating in street parades. The trainer attends one of these parades, and to his surprise, the horse recognizes and approaches him. It’s an emotional reunion that will probably make you take a sip of beer.

70. MacGyver – Mastercard (2006)

Fans of action/adventure TV series still remember the exciting moments on the screen provided by secret agent MacGyver. In one of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time, we see Richard Dean Anderson (MacGyver) escaping his kidnappers by using everyday items like air fresheners and tube socks. The ad displays the prices of all these items, and in the end, we see the agent purchasing these things in a grocery store with his Mastercard.

71. It’s Mine – Coca-Cola (2008)

Have you ever heard the old saying – when two are fighting, the third wins? It’s Mine is a great video advertisement developed by Coca-Cola aired during the break of the Super Bowl XLII (2008). It’s the year when the Giants won the trophy. In any case, we are taken to the streets of New York City, where two giant balloons in the form of Underdog and Stewie Griffin are fighting for a bottle of Coke. They are bouncing back and forth, up and down, trying to grab that bottle when all of a sudden, Charlie Brown appears and picks up the bottle.

72. Can I write a Check – Visa (2003)

We’ve already seen that Mastercard has some of the best Super Bowl ads of all time, but Visa deserves a spot on this list too. In 2003 they hired Yao Ming (who played for the Houston Rockets at that time) to play in the funny advertisement that became a hit. The confusion caused by the player’s name (Yao) and the commonly used expression (Yo) highlight this video. In the end, Yao concludes that it’s better to use a (Visa) credit card than an old-fashioned cheque.

73. The Brady Bunch – Snickers (2015)

The misadventures of the big TV family just got weirder. It looks like Snickers figured out that using different actors in specific roles can be an effective way to market their product. So, what happens when Marcia (originally played by Maureen McCormick) turns into Danny Trejo, and Jen transforms into Steve Buscemi? It sure looks fun to see these characters played by these actors, but everything comes into place once they have a Snickers bar.

74. Pimp My Pepsi Truck – Pepsi (2005)

In 2005, Pimp My Ride was one of MTV’s most-watched shows. It was hosted by rapper Xzibit and featured makeovers of cars in bad condition. What’s funny in this Pepsi ad featured during the Super Bowl is that Xzibit “pimps” a Pepsi truck instead. P. Diddy appears in an ordinary truck at an event but realizes he could come there in style if Xzibit took care of his ride. We should also mention the catchy rap music of this commercial.

75. The Truth – Kia (2014)

Super Bowl XLVIII had some of the Super Bowl ads we’ve seen, and the one developed for Kia is on top. So, will you take the red key or the blue key? The decision is entirely yours. This is obviously a reference from The Matrix movie. Once Lawrence Fishburne shows up on the screen, you know that this advertisement is based on the film. You can see Neo trying to convince the couple to purchase a new Kia because that’s the real deal. Additionally, you can listen to his singing and the destruction of the matrix.

76. Willie Nelson Advice Doll – H&R Block (2004)

Even tax preparation companies want to use the popularity of the most important annual NFL event. In 2004, H&R Block made a commercial with musician and actor Willie Nelson. He’s offering a small doll in his shape to make people’s lives easier. Basically, whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation where you have to decide, you just pull the cord, and the doll tells you what to do. If only life were as simple as that…

77. Darth Vader – Pepsi (1997)

Darth Vader’s heavy breathing still makes our skin crawl, but the kid drinking/slurping his Pepsi drink doesn’t care. He’s at the movie theater watching the latest Star Wars movie and enjoying Pepsi. Suddenly, Darth Vader crushes his can from the big screen. When confronted by the movie theater employee, a lightsaber fight ensues.

78. Hot Item – Bridgestone (2009)

Here’s a commercial that will make you jump around! A couple of astronauts have fun collecting rocks on the moon and dancing to House of Pain’s Jump Around song. They are so immersed in their actions that they don’t see the aliens. As a result, they are left without their Bridgestone tires from their vehicle. So, Bridgestone wanted to say that the tires they make are so good that even aliens want to have them. Clever!

79. Late Show with David Letterman (2010)

Do you remember the time when three top TV hosts showed up together in one of the best Super Bowl ads? It was 2010 during the Super Bowl XLIV. Viewers have a chance to see David Letterman, Oprah Winfrey, and Jay Leno sitting on a couch. David is a little bit Grumpy, Jay takes his behavior personally, and Oprah is here to mediate things. In the end, they calmly keep eating potato chips and watch the main event.

80. Jessica Simpson – Pizza Hut (2006)

These boots are made for walking, or were these bites made for poppin’? It depends on the commercial you’re watching. Jessica Simpson appears as a Pizza Hut waitress in this fun ad for the American restaurant chain. The young fella waiting for his pizza was so stunned that Jessica served him (and put a slice of pizza in his mouth) that he lost consciousness. It’s good to know that These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ (the song was created to promote the Dukes of Hazard movie remake) was a huge hit the year before.

81. Touchdown Celebrations to Come – NFL (2018)

As we’ve already mentioned, even the NFL uses prime time at their events to promote itself. This advertisement revealed in 2018 features Odell Beckham Jr. (New York Giants, Cleveland Browns, LA Rams) and Eli Manning (New York Giants, retired since 2019). In 2006, the NFL introduced rules that practically meant a touchdown celebration ban. In 2017, these rules were eased, and that inspired the NFL to make an ad focused on these unique celebrations. Eli and Odell and their moves looked great in this ad.

82. Green Tea – Snapple (2007)

Snapple’s Green Tea product is quite popular even today. It’s an iced tea that’s very refreshing. In 2007, the company popularized its tea by revealing one of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time. There’s a curious guy who wanted to find out more about the “secret ingredient” included in the iced tea by traveling to Asia. He climbs the mountain and enters a monastery looking for answers, not knowing that the answer is present on the back of the bottle. So, this is not just an ad about tea. It’s also an advertisement about the importance of reading product labels.

83. Now and Then – Pepsi (2002)

This is the one for those who want to explore different music styles and genres and love Britney Spears. Now and Then is a commercial by Pepsi launched in 2002 during the Super Bowl XXXVI in which Britney goes through time starting from 1958 all the way to 2002. We also take a glimpse of the world in 1963, 1966, 1970, and 1989.

84. Fabio – Nationwide (2006)

Life comes at you fast – this is Nationwide’s idea behind one of the most famous Super Bowl commercial videos. The insurance company uses an ad to make you think of shampoos and Italy. Still, it ends in a slightly morbid way, reminding you that we shouldn’t take life for granted. All in all, it’s another humorous video clip on our list, this time advising us to take care of our investments, retirement, and insurance as fast as we can.

85. Lost – Budweiser (2010)

Some people hated the ending of this TV show, but we can all agree that Lost was a revolutionary TV series at the time. Budweiser used its popularity to develop a Lost parody that Lost fans will love. It starts with one of the first scenes from the movie where Evangeline Lilly (Kate Austen) informs those who survived the airplane crash that she has found radio equipment to help them leave the island. There were no reactions from the crowd, but once the other guy says he found packages of Bud Light, everyone starts partying. Now that’s funny!

86. Designated Driver – Budweiser (2005)

What if your mimicking creates a special dance at the nightclub? This happened with the big fellow who was asked whether he wanted beer by his friend at the club. With all the noise, he started using his hands to explain that he was the designated driver, which meant he couldn’t drink. The movements looked fun, and the crowd and the club started following them. In the end, a new, fun dance is born!

87. Wasted Money – E-Trade (2000)

Talking about the best Super Bowl ads of all time without mentioning this one should be considered a crime. The guys from E-Trade know that any video clip with a cute dancing chimp is fun to watch. They’ve added traditional Mexican music and two guys clapping their hands too. While we are waiting for something else to happen, E-Trade informs us that they’ve wasted a ton of money (two million dollars, to be more precise) for that ad and encourage viewers to do something with their own money.

88. Pug Attack – Doritos (2011)

2011, when the Packers won the Super Bowl XLV, was also a year when we had a few great ads. One of them promoted Dorito’s Spicy Nachos, which features a cute little pug and the couple that owns it. The guy tries to trick the dog into slamming into the glass door and offering some nachos. It turns out that the small dog has incredible power, which allows it to crush doors (and smash its owner).

89. Pigeons – Nissan (1997)

One of the things that drivers hate the most is pigeon poop on their cars. We always thought that these droppings were there by accident, but it looks like the pigeons are doing this on purpose. There’s an army of pigeons out there looking for clean vehicles to poop on. Luckily for all Nissan drivers, their cars are fast and flexible enough to avoid the “bombing”.

90. Nanerpus – Denny’s (2009)

Octopus are weird creatures, but wait until you see this hybrid. Denny’s made one of the best Super Bowl commercials of all time featuring a banana octopus. This weird banana is dancing on top of pancakes and singing a goofy (yet catchy) song. In the end, the meal is smashed, and we hear the famous Denny’s catchphrase – Isn’t it time for a serious breakfast?

91. Crime Deterrent – Sprint (2006)

In 2020, Sprint Corporation merged with T-Mobile US. Still, in 2006, a telecommunications company created a funny Super Bowl ad. In it, we see two guys bragging about their newest Sprint smartphones. They say they can watch live TV, check email, and do other stuff that we can all do with our modern smartphones. But, one of the guys tries to outsmart the other by saying that his phone prevents crime too. Of course, this is not a feature on the phone itself because he simply (and funnily) throws the device in his friend’s face.

92. Welcome Home – Anheuser-Busch (2005)

In addition to funny videos, we have some serious video clips used as commercials during the most critical NFL event of the year. The St. Louis-based brewing company used its paid commercial during the Super Bowl in 2005 to honor the American troops serving outside the country. It’s a simple “Thank you” message to all those who are risking their lives to make America (and the world) a safer and better place.

93. Carrier Pigeons – FedEx (2006)

Carrier pigeons are a thing of the past, or are they? Not according to this enthusiast employee at a transportation company who used modern technology to make pigeons a valuable asset. While it’s true that this approach may work for transporting small goods, the big goods require big mutant pigeons, and that’s when the problems start. Of course, his boss is not impressed and suggests trying FedEx instead. We think that the part when a car crashes inside the office (after being thrown by a colossal pigeon) was the moment when he made the decision.

94. Roommate – Budweiser (2003)

Is it possible to like two girls a lot at the same time? Yes. But, is it possible to date both of them simultaneously on their request? Not really. However, in this advertisement by Budweiser, anything is possible. So, as the guy wants to inform his date that he really likes her roommate and prepares for the worst, she provides an unexpected suggestion.

95. Carma – Bridgestone (2011)

One of the best Super Bowl ads of all time included a screaming beaver (and a few other animals). That’s why Bridgestone decided to create a sequel. In the sequel, the grateful beaver prevents the driver from entering a dangerous situation by chopping down a tree. Who knew that beavers have such a good memory and personalities?

96. Streaker – Budweiser (2006)

Streakers are slowly becoming a thing of the past at sports stadiums these days (and rightfully so). However, this doesn’t mean that watching ads with streakers is not fun. In this Budweiser ad from 2006, you will see a skillful streaker in the shape of a shaved sheep. She’s interrupting the horses (players), and the crowd (animals) goes wild. The only two humans watching this unusual match are not amused, though.

97. Cat Herders – EDS (2000)

So, do you think that cat herding is easy? Wait – What? Didn’t you know that cat herding is even a thing? Of course, it’s not a thing, but EDS’ Super Bowl ad makes this activity super realistic. We have cowboys talking about this tradition and how strenuous this activity is. Electronic Data Systems (EDS) is now merged with HP, but people still remember this funny commercial.

98. Casual Friday – (2010)

Casual Fridays can be fun, but they can also be weird. What if all your colleagues decide to show up at work only with underwear? That will be super odd, right? This guy agrees with you, but his boss made this outfit mandatory all week long despite his disbelief. The advertisement by ends with a nice punchline suggesting that you should “expose yourself to something better,” meaning you should look for another job if you are not satisfied with the current.

99. Breaking News – Hyundai (2010)

Hyundai, the world-renowned Korean car manufacturer, has made it on the list of best Super Bowl commercials of all time too. During the Super Bowl XLIV event in 2010, they’ve shared an ad about their new Hyundai Sonata. The point is that this car manufacturer creates high-quality, luxurious, yet inexpensive cars.

100. Talking Stain – Tide (2008)

Truth be told, stains can’t talk, but they can say a lot about those who wear them. One thing you should never do is go on an interview with stained clothes. They can be very distracting, especially for the interviewers. Tide has once again created a simple, funny, and effective ad that shines on our top list of best Super Bowl ads.

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