Sportsbooks See Early Action on NFL Season Win Totals

Betting NFL win totals see action already
Apr 21, 2021 09:04Tim Ronaldson

The start of the NFL regular season may still be five months away, but that doesn't mean the betting action on America's most popular sport isn't hot already.

Last week, most sportsbooks around the country released their NFL season win totals for each team in the league. And while none of the consensus win totals have moved off their original numbers just yet, there has still be plenty of betting action on the totals already.

In fact, some sportsbooks have adjusted the odds on the NFL win totals on some teams less than week after they were originally posted. Here's how some of the early betting action has gone so far.

Movement on NFL Win Totals

Some early betting action on the football forced some sportsbooks to adjust the odds on their early season win totals.

Some of these adjustments include:

  1. Bettors have pumped the line on the Las Vegas Raiders under 8 wins. The original price for that bet was -135. In the first few days after it was posted, it was adjusted to -140.
  2. Bettors don't seem to have much confidence in the Detroit Lions. The odds on their under 5 wins opened at +110, but is now down to even money.
  3. Conversely, bettors seem to have trust in the New England Patriots. The price on the team's over 9 wins started at -125, but is now listed at -145.
  4. Similarly, bettors like the Washington Football Team. Their over 8 wins had opening odds of -105, but has moved to -125.
  5. Finally, bettors have indicated they may not like the Chicago Bears' chances this year. The original odds on under 7.5 wins for the Bears were -125, but quickly moved to -135 after it was posted.

It's not altogether surprising for odds to move so quickly after sportsbook post lines. It used to be that professional sports bettors would salivate at the posting of these lines, applying their offseason research to the totals that were posted.

Now, though, with sports betting legal in a large part of the U.S., even amateur bettors are getting in on the early win total action. It just shows how popular the NFL, and sports betting in general, is in the U.S.

A Different Year for NFL Win Totals

Sportsbooks typically would wait until after the NFL Draft to post team win totals for the next year. That's because the players who are selected by teams in the draft often play a large role in how the team performs.

In recent years, though, sportsbooks have taken a different approach and posted win totals before the NFL Draft takes place. It's been a great way for them to drum up betting interest on the NFL in the weeks leading up to the draft. Having sports betting accessible in more places than ever before also helps that, too.

The 2021 NFL season will be much different than others in the past, and not because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. It is the first that will feature 17 regular-season games for every team.

In March, the NFL officially approved a change in the schedule so that every team will play 17 games in the regular season. Before this year, NFL teams played 16 regular-season games. To compensate, each team will now play only three preseason games rather than four.

This additional game will not only have a dramatic effect on players and teams, but also specifically on these win totals. This is an extremely important thing to keep in mind if you are analyzing the NFL win totals.

Teams will now play an additional game, so it's not easy to draw an apples-to-apples comparison between win totals from this year and last year. The challenge is deciding whether a win total of 9.5 this year equates to 8.5 from last year.

A lot of the outcome of this additional game will depend on your views of the additional opponent for each team. Also keep in mind that some teams will get an additional home game with the 17-game schedule, while others will be forced to play an additional away game.

It should be yet another interesting season in the NFL … and in the sportsbooks.

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