IMG Arena Partnership With National Hockey League

Feb 19, 2020 14:02Joe 'Stolio' Tarzaiski
Expansion of the gambling world takes over the NHL

IMG Arena is a company focused on its delivery of digital content as well as constant innovation. Its ability to develop deep relationships with its clients is aimed to grow excitement in the betting world, and enhance the emotion of clients toward their gaming experience.

They have finished their paperwork and secured rights providing NHL streaming to US sportsbooks. Legal sportsbooks will now be granted allowance to offer their customers to view live video of out of market hockey games.

Freddie Longe, the managing director of IMG Arena, spoke to the media of the recent breaking news. “The NHL is a highly-valued asset in our portfolio,” states Freddie. “We are proud to expand this successful partnership to offer one of the largest US sports to our growing customer base of sportsbooks.”

Foundation of IMG Arena

The London-based company was originally built around tennis as well as contracts with UFC and the PGA Tour. 9.6 million fans viewed Djokovic beat Federer on the platform on a monumental game. Their current goal is to expand their horizons and bring their viewing audience access to the NHL.

In 2019, their platform recorded over 175 million hours of viewed material watched by 56 million viewers throughout the world.

NHL Reaction for the Recent Partnership

The National Hockey League felt this partnership provided strong support to their modern approach toward sports betting as well as their organization.

Steve McArdle, the NHL executive vice president of digital media and strategic planning, stated, “We are excited about the expansion of our international relationship with IMG Arena into the US. The NHL has taken a progressive approach to sports betting, and this live game streaming opportunity with IMG Arena provides another innovative touchpoint for fan engagement.”

People active in the betting world have a strong interest involving themselves in fantasy sports, football, and March Madness. Although the NHL maintains their priority continuing the purity of the sport, they are actively making moves to enhancing their brand by joining the rapid growth of the sports betting world.

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