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Full Playlist: 20 of The Best Songs About Gambling You Should Know

Casino Spotify Playlist for Gambling Songs
Oct 22, 2021 14:10Andrej Trajkovski

So, you are a fan of poker or slots, and you want to listen to some great songs about gambling. Or maybe you want to check gambling songs just out of curiosity? Don’t worry. We have you covered. We are not talking about tracks with titles that will make you think of casinos or gambling or songs that actually have a different meaning. Β The playlist we have prepared for you is filled with tracks inspired and dedicated to this activity. Now without further ado, let’s check the list!

20. Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas – Brandon Flowers

Did you know that the lead singer of The Killers has released two solo albums? One of them contains the track Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas, which is not a surprise because The Killers are based in the capital city of gambling. In this soft rock track, Brandon sings about the “house that always wins” and emphasizes the fun moments players can expect there.

19. The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

You can’t expect a complete playlist of the best casino songs without a country track. The Gambler was actually performed by several artists, but Kenny Rogers made this a Number 1 country hit. To be more precise, it’s one of the best songs about poker focused on a dialogue between the singer and “the gambler,” who advises him to “learn what to throw away and what to keep.”

18. Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

If you prefer more energetic songs about gambling, then you should definitely check this one. Of course, most of you have probably heard it, and we should mention that ZZ Top had a great cover of this track. The lyrics and the performance will probably make you want to visit Sin City. We should mention that Viva Las Vegas was made for Elvis’s film that bears the same name back in 1964.

17. The Stranger Song – Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen was known for his folk and soft rock music. The Stranger Song is an excellent example of his work and one of the most interesting gambling songs. What’s interesting is that this is a romantic title that talks about commitment. It does that by giving examples from a card game. In other words, you’re looking at a very deep song that’s worth listening to.

16. Casino Queen – Wilco

Casino Queen was one of the most popular songs on Wilco’s debut album back in 1995. This was quite refreshing for all the alternative country and country-rock fans. Although it’s a relatively short track (2:45), it’s quite powerful. You can almost feel the atmosphere of the riverboat casinos “filled with smoke.” Unfortunately, the main hero is not a very good gambler, and he keeps losing his money.

15. Ace of Spades – Motorhead

Let’s be clear, you can’t call yourself a heavy metal/hard rock fan without listening to Motorhead. The English band has some really great tracks, but if you are interested strictly in songs about gambling, you should check the Ace of Spades. It represents an ode to gambling and describes the excitement surrounding (online) casino games. On top of that, the insane guitar riffs and the rough vocals will make you bang your head.

14. Vegas Lights – Panic! At The Disco

Many casino songs pay tribute to Las Vegas, and this is among the best ones. Panic! At The Disco has written and performed a song that doesn’t praise or condemn what’s happening in this city known for the flashy casinos. It simply states the good and bad sides of gambling and the ups and downs that gamblers can expect there. Fans of alternative rock will find it attractive, that’s for sure.

13. Take A Chance On Me – ABBA

The Swedish pop band had great success with “Take A Chance On Me”. That’s why it deserves to be on our playlist of the best songs about gambling. After all, this was a big hit that reached No. 3 in the USA. Although it’s also a love song, we can’t ignore the constant calls for taking a risk in the lyrics. This is what gambling is all about, right?

12. Luck Be A Lady – Frank Sinatra

The unforgettable Sinatra has covered many different themes in his songs, and one of them was gambling. With his incredible voice, he calls Lady Luck, the personification of good luck, to join him. You can’t tell that he’s at a casino table. Still, by asking Lady Luck for a favor, you can probably guess that he’s playing poker, blackjack, roulette, or another casino game.

11. House Of The Rising Sun – The Animals

We can’t say that the House of the Rising Sun is one of the casino songs that will cheer you up, but it will make you emotional without any doubt. The iconic voice of the lead singer and the lyrics make this popular song decades after it was released for the first time. Simply put, this is a track about a troubled young man who has decided to follow the steps of his father, an unsuccessful gambler.

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10. Blackjack (2005 Remaster) – Ray Charles

There are many songs about poker out there, but it turns out that there are a few good ones dedicated to blackjack too. The original title by Ray Charles was released in 1958. Still, it was remastered a few times and covered by many artists numerous times. What’s interesting is that Ray sings about the game and the possible outcomes in detail. So, if you are a fan of the good old “21,” you should play this song.

9. The Winner Takes It All – ABBA

We have another ABBA song on this list of best songs about gambling. Unlike “Take A Chance On Me,” this one is more positive and enthusiastic. It’s almost like the long-running vocal supports the player in his intent to win in a casino game. Of course, just like many other tracks, you will find a note of romance in it.

8. Easy Money – Billy Joel

They say that there’s no such thing as “Easy money.” But Billy Joel didn’t think so, at least when he sang the Easy Money song. Once again, we have a title in which you can feel the thrill of casino games. The main protagonist is hard-working, but he knows that he can’t become rich unless he risks. He has decided that visiting casinos is the best way to achieve his goal. He’s mentioning the betting, numbers, dice, tables, and other things that will remind you of these establishments.

7. Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones

Stones can roll, dice can tumble! Tumbling Dice features lyrics related to dice games which is rare. The song was written from the perspective of a hardcore gambler who sometimes finds a connection between women’s behavior and the outcome of games of chance. This is a laid-back track popular for its groove. It’s worth mentioning that it was part of the Exile on Main St. album. In fact, it was the lead single on this album.

6. Tumbling Dice – The Gaslight Anthem

If you think you’ve read this title before, you’re right. This is not a mistake because this Tumbling Dice song was made by The Gaslight Anthem. The lyrics are the same as before, but the music is a little bit different. We have the distinctive voice of Brian Fallon telling the same story.

5. That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker – O.A.R.

It makes sense that most of the gambling songs on the playlist belong to the rock genre. People who like rock music tend to take risks or at least want to listen to stories about exciting things. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker is one of the top songs about poker we’ve heard. The way the game of poker is described is quite fun. You can imagine the players at the table and the atmosphere. Obviously, there was a lot of alcohol involved on that crazy night.

4. The Jack – AC/DC

As we said before, not all songs about gambling are optimistic. Sometimes they have a double meaning. This is the case with AC/DC’s The Jack. By reading the lyrics, you will probably think that a guy is playing a poker game with an attractive tattooed girl. However, The Jack also means gonorrhea, so this is the lead singer’s story about how he got gonorrhea told differently.

3. Gamblin’ Man – Lonnie Donegan

Lonnie Donegan and his band did experiments with a few different genres. This song by the British singer belongs to the country music genre. This is one of the songs about gambling where the gamblers are portrayed as cool guys admired by free-spirited girls. To be honest, it does sound fun to read about a man who travels around the states and wins at casino games.

2. Gamblin’ Man – Eddie Money

Here’s another great track for those who are looking for casino songs. This time Eddie Money, an American singer, talks about the Gamblin’ Man. It’s worth mentioning that this is not one of the songs about poker or some specific game. He mentions the cards, dice, and other things that make a man excited. It’s obvious that the player enjoys this activity. All in all, it’s a nice rock song from the 1970s.

1.Β  No Cheap Thrill – Suzanne Vega

We will finish this playlist with another title that belongs to the category of songs about poker. No Cheap Thrill is a folk-sounding track by Suzanne Vega. She takes different parts of this popular card game and compares them to emotions. There’s a dealer, and there’s some raising and folding too. Basically, it’s a song about the cost of love (and gambling) and the risk and luck involved in these things.

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