DraftKings Sportsbook To Operate In Colorado

Jan 28, 2020 13:01Jay Sanin
Colorado sports betting finds partner

Legal sports betting has been approved in Colorado and can begin as early as May 1, 2020. There were questions about whether or not operators would be approved in time for that start date. However, those questions have been answered. With DraftKings sportsbook being approved to operate in Colorado, people in that state will have a sportsbook operator that they can utilize with the intention of launching on that May 1 date.

DraftKings working with Colorado casino

As is the case with most states, the DraftKings was required to form a partnership with a casino in the state in order to be permitted to operate there. In Colorado, that meant partnering with Twin River. Twin River plans on operating a land-based sports betting location at their Mardi Gras casino in Black Hawk. They will do so under the DraftKings sportsbook name, which will add a big brand name to the opening of Colorado’s first land-based sportsbook.

Perhaps more important than the introduction of the land-based sportsbook in Colorado is the ability to bet on mobile devices in the state. The ability to use betting apps is a must for sports bettors from a convenience standpoint. And a part of the DraftKings partnership will include the ability to bet on mobile throughout Colorado. That will benefit bettors who do not live within immediate proximity of the Black Hawk retail betting location.

Impact of Colorado sports betting

The moving forward of sports betting in Colorado is something that has an impact that stretches well beyond the borders of that state. While the nearby Nevada gambling scene will always be the gold standard in the industry, the addition of another state to the list of legalized betting states could influence other state legislatures to add legalized sports betting to the list of betting options that are available.

Also important in this case is the impact of mobile sports betting in Colorado. With states like New York only allowing for land-based sports betting, mobile sports betting could make things more convenient for bettors there. If Colorado has success with their brand new mobile sports betting product, it could influence more states to add mobile sports betting to their wagering arsenals. That could be a net positive for bettors around the country, as time will tell if mobile sports betting in Colorado is successful and convenient.

Source: CBS Denver

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