AGA Attempts to Stop Unregulated Offshore Sportsbooks

May 17, 2020 17:05Joe 'Stolio' Tarzaiski
Speaking out on Illegal Offshore Betting

Bill Miller, American Gaming Association (AGA) President and CEO, began leading the $261 billion U.S. casino industry as of January 14, 2019. He has been far from silent throughout his regime, as he is now proposing media outlets who cover the sports betting industry to stop including offshore sportsbooks.

Thoughts from the Bill Miller Regarding Offshore Sportsbooks

Miller stated it is time the gaming industry should realizes concerns of illegal online sportsbooks is not in the regulated market’s best interest.

PASPA never came close to doing what policymakers intended. Instead of protecting competition, the failed law perpetuated a massive, $150 billion-a-year illegal marketplace that left athletes and consumers vulnerable.

“This becomes especially difficult when mainstream publications continue to legitimize the dangerous illegal market, blurring the lines between legal, regulated sports betting and the predatory, unregulated offshore market.”

The AGA, the leading lobbying firm in DC for casino operators, says the US gaming industry is amongst the highest regulated sectors in the country. Miller was especially adamant when saying income from offshore books is often used for activities such as “money laundering, drug trade and human trafficking.”

Why do Unregulated Sportsbooks Continue Operations?

Miller believes media need to classify these unregulated sportsbooks as an “offshore” operation. He feels the difference between legal and offshore is that the offshore books are “illegal, unregulated and predatory.”

Why do so many media outlets continue to reference offshore activity? The answer is simple. Offshore operations have much more leniency in offering novelty and prop bets. Specific bettors hold specific interests, and do whatever they need to do to place their wagers. Offshore casinos and online platforms currently hold the largest amount of options for every type of player in the sports betting community.

When Miller initially took the role as Chief Executive Officer of the AGA in 2019, he stated:

“I am honored to join a team with a well-earned reputation for advancing the casino gaming industry’s legislative and communications priorities and addressing the issues that matter most to its members. Much to the AGA’s credit, this is a remarkable time for gaming in America. The industry is growing, acceptance of gaming as mainstream entertainment has never been higher and the opportunities to continue to advance gaming’s agenda are abundant.”

The recent spread of the suspension of the COVID-19 pandemic, also known as Coronavirus, has put Miller is a difficult position, but he continues to stand tall and continue his promise to regulate the industry of sports gaming. Regulation will be a necessary topic to uphold as professional and collegiate sports begin to reenter our daily lives.

Miller has a B.A. degree from the University of Maryland and a law degree from American University. He currently resides in Washington, D.C.

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