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LuckyLand Slots Review 2020

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Founded by Virtual Gaming Worlds and available to players across the USA (except Washington) and Canada, LuckyLand Slots is a social casino platform that employs the sweepstakes model to give players a chance to come as close as possible to the actual real money gambling experience online.

LuckyLand Casino is a social gaming platform, however, designed primarily to allow players to enjoy slots and other casino games without any monetary risk. As such, the site provides plenty of opportunities for free play, with gold coins, the site’s virtual currency, offered to players for free on a daily basis.

In this LuckyLand Slots review, we take a close look at all elements of the site and rate them to give you a clear picture of what you can expect to get from signing up with this leader in the social gaming industry.

Is LuckyLand Slots Legal in the USA?

For a long time, American players have been in a situation where playing online casino games has been prohibited by law. While a few states have now lifted that ban, making it possible for real online casinos to operate there, most US citizens still can’t safely play at online casinos.

Social gaming sites such as LuckyLand provide a great alternative to this, as they are not subject to the ban on online gambling. Since no money is actually being wagered at LuckyLand Slots, the site is perfectly legal to play at for both gold and sweeps coins.

LuckyLand Slots Rating: A Complete Test

As we do with all the gaming sites in America, we subjected LuckyLand Slots to a detailed and thorough testing. This test included the games, the software and all other elements that make up this social gaming operator, so keep reading and find out just how this site stacks up with its closest competitors.

Games & Software

VGW is one of the leading companies in the social gaming arena and it comes as no surprise that LuckyLand Slots Casino, like all their other products, is rich with a versatile selection of casino games. The games mostly fall into the slots category and share some of their gameplay dynamics. Yet, the versatility of themes and even gameplay options makes every game very unique.

Players who join LuckyLand Slots will get a chance to take many different virtual journeys at the site. For instance, the Pirate$ Bounty slot will take the player out to high seas in search of plunder, while Vaults of Valhalla will set him on a mythical journey into the mysterious halls of Valhalla from the Norse mythology.

Whichever game one chooses to play, the one guaranteed thing is a high quality of graphics. All slots are made using modern technologies, making them on par with those offered at the best online casinos in the world. Add to this the fact that you can play LuckyLand Slots on any device you desire, and you will quickly realize what a great product you have your hands on.

Mobile Casino

For some years, the bond between social casinos and mobile technologies has been thriving. With mobile phones and tablets getting better and better by the day, players are truly getting to experience a high level playing experience without even having to turn on their computers.

Things are not different here either, as the LuckyLand Slots app is available for all types of mobile devices. In fact, players can access the app without any download on all phones, with internet browser being sufficient to access the HTML5 optimized casino platform.

That said, players who use Android powered devices can enjoy a LuckyLand Slots download version as well, while no LuckyLand Slots for iPhone app is available at this time. Regardless of which version of the mobile site one chooses to use, the experience will always be a stunning one, as all games at LuckyLand are well optimized for mobile performance. Both the graphics and gameplay are arguably better on mobile phones than computers and the great loading speed of all elements of the site is another redeeming quality.

Welcome Bonus & Promotions

As we already touched upon, LuckyLand is not a real money casino, which means players can’t exactly make a deposit with the site or expect any monetary bonuses. However, the site does use a sweeps coins system to allow players to gamble with a currency that has actual monetary value and it has a way to incentivize people to play with sweeps coins.

The moment one signs up with the operator, a LuckyLand Slots no deposit bonus worth 10 sweeps coins is issued into their account. Considering the fact that these coins are redeemable at a rate of USD 1 per 1 sweeps coins, the bonus is worth USD 10 in actual cash.

In addition to this welcome bonus, which can be claimed without any special LuckyLand Slots promo codes, players can get even more gold and sweeps coins through various promotions on the site. The operator offers time based bonuses in gold coins as well as special competitions that give away both gold and sweeps coins as their ultimate prizes.

Bonus & Condition details

Bonus Amount
100% up to $10
Bonus Type
No Deposit Bonus
Sign Up & Get 10 Sweep Coins
Once you’ve hit a $50 threshold, you are eligible to redeem your winnings.
Min. Payment
Bonus Time
Yes, this bonus is cashable
100% up to $10

Connectivity to Social Media

Besides being friendly with mobile devices, social sites like LuckyLand Slots are usually also designed to interact well with social media. In the case of LuckyLand, the one social network that connects straight into the casino is Facebook. With most players having Facebook accounts to begin with, the option allows for a quick LuckyLand Slots login without the need to create a separate account.

Players who choose to connect their casino account with their Facebook account can use their social network credentials to log in at any time. In fact, as long as you are logged into your Facebook, it will only take one click to log into LuckyLand as well.

The connection between the two goes further with the option for players to make instant posts about their wins and jackpots won in the casino on their Facebook profiles. However, keep in mind that using your Facebook login to play at LuckyLand Slots may make your casino account less secure, so we recommend using a separate username and password for casino just to improve your security.


As we already mentioned, LuckyLand Slots is a social platform, which means that most of what happens on it has no monetary value. The same goes for rewards that players get, which are mostly paid out in gold coins, which are the LuckyLand Slots free money currency.

Every few hours, players can claim free gold coins from the site, with no strings attached, in a form of a bonus. These coins can be used to enjoy all the slots and play without any risks or cash rewards. However, players can also get rewards in the form of sweeps coins from various tournaments and events and these can be redeemed for real cash by all US residents.

Additional rewards at LuckyLand Slots can be obtained by playing with your friends. Players can gift each other free spins in various games, and these are all played in gold coins. If you have friends who enjoy playing as much as you, you will be able to boost each other’s bankrolls in meaningful ways, keeping things both fun and profitable.

Customer Support & Security

A characteristic of any successful online business is a good customer support department. With players unable to make direct contact with the casino personnel, it is important that the site’s support department is available and able to help, and fortunately this is the case with the LuckyLand Slots customer service agents.

The operator’s customer support is available via email only, which is the single downside of it, as live chat would be much more convenient. However, the email support is reasonable fast to help with any issues and the agents employed by the site are competent in helping with a wide range of problems.

In terms of security, players can be pretty confident, since LuckyLand Slots is a reasonably well secured site, with all the protocols and encryptions in place that are used by major international online casinos. In fact, VGW is a company that has its sites licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, which is one of the most strict gaming regulators in the world, making each site as safe as a bank.

Payment Options

While LuckyLand Slots is a modern gaming site, their banking department is somewhat lacking and old fashioned. Modern casino players are used to being able to use a number of payment methods to make their deposits and purchases online, but with LuckyLand they are restricted to debit and credit cards only.

The site does accept Visa, MasterCard and AmEx as payment methods for all purchases, with gold coins being the only thing actually for sale. By purchasing gold coins, players get sweeps coins as a bonus, to the monetary value equal to that of their gold coin purchase.

This is a convenient way for the site to give players a chance to gamble for something real, while keeping LuckyLand Slots legal in every way in all American states.


Additional Offers

LuckyLand Slots is an exclusively slots site, which means that no other games are offered on the site itself. This is somewhat of a shame, considering that the platform is pretty high end and could easily support other social games of chance.

That said, the site is operated by VGW, who do also own other sites, such as Global Poker which is a social online poker platform that uses the same sweeps coins model to give players an opportunity to play cards and cash out their winnings as real money in the end.

Keep in mind that while the monetary value of sweeps coins does exist, playing at LuckyLand and all other VGW sites is perfectly legal, with Washington being the only state that will not let players cash out the sweeps coins for real money.

Register an Account: How LuckyLand Slots Works

Becoming a player at LuckyLand Slots is very easy and possible for both American and players from other countries. Upon visiting the site, every player will be asked to sign up for an account. They may choose to create an account or simply login with their Facebook credentials, with the latter option taking only seconds to complete.

Once signed up, players will receive a free gold coins balance as well as 10 sweeps coins with no LuckyLand Slots bonus codes required. However, keep in mind that only American players can redeem the sweeps coins for real cash, while all other players can only use it as fun money, just like gold coins.

The registration process at LuckyLand Slots only requires some basic information such as your name and email, so don’t be too worried about having to provide too much information. Additional information may be required at a later point, if you try to cash out your sweeps coins.

LuckyLand Slots Rating: Often Asked & Answered

Being a social casino platform, LuckyLand Slots is perfectly legal for all American players and those from other countries to play at. Keep in mind that only Americans get to redeem their sweeps coins for cash, but all players can enjoy playing at the site and wagering both gold and sweeps coins in all games.

Yes! The site is operated by one of the leading online gaming companies in the world and offers games that are completely fair and based on random number generators with no bias. Regardless of which game you choose and how you choose to play it, the generator will always be fair and impartial, giving you a real chance to win.

Players from the USA and rest of the world can join for a free account with LuckyLand Slots. However, the site is designed with American players in mind, as they are the only ones who get to use all its functions. If you are 21 years old and live in any state other than WA, create an account and claim your free sweeps coins.

Technically speaking, you cannot win real money at the site, since it is a social platform and all coins there are play money. However, sweeps coins can be redeemed for cash at a rate of 1:1, which means that winning or getting gifted sweeps coins is equivalent to winning real cash at video slots.

With dozens of fun casino games, two different fun money currencies to play with and a great connectivity with Facebook, LuckyLand Slots makes for an amazing social gaming experience. The site is available across various platforms and devices and easily reached on all mobile phones and tablets. Joining today will give you a chance to get some free sweeps coins and try to win big, so connect with the platform in a few easy steps and find out if today is your lucky day.

LuckyLand Slots Review Summary

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With dozens of fun casino games, two different fun money currencies to play with and a great connectivity with Facebook, LuckyLand Slots makes for an amazing social gaming experience. The site is available across various platforms and devices and easily reached on all mobile phones and tablets. Joining today will give you a chance to get some free sweeps coins and try to win big, so connect with the platform in a few easy steps and find out if today is your lucky day.
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