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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Casinos In Rhode Island

Casinos In Rhode Island: Quick Overview 2022

Rhode Island casino action is available in a number of different ways, despite the fact that the state is much smaller than the rest in terms of surface area. The current legal situation of online casino play is a concern for bettors, to be sure, but there are some physical betting options to be had that make up for it while Rhode Island residents wait for the opportunity to wager on casino games online. In this guide to casino gaming in Rhode Island, found out what there is to know about casino gambling in the state, including what is legal, what is not legal and what kinds of gaming can be done.

Land-based casinos in Rhode Island 2022

As it stands, the Rhode Island casino list doesn’t look all that impressive. But people should remember that the amount of Rhode Island gambling facilities is bound to be less than what is available in many states. That is because Rhode Island is so much smaller than the rest of the states in America, that there is really only room for a couple of casinos to begin with. There are only two casinos being operated in the entire state, with both of those facilities being run by one operator.

The two casinos in Rhode Island are the Twin River Casino and the Tiverton Casino Hotel. And those facilities were permitted to introduce slots and table games thanks to legislation that was passed in 2012. These casinos only require bettors to be 18 years of age in order to participate in their offerings, which is younger than bettors need to be in most states in order to participate in casino gaming. It is also worth noting that sports betting is a part of the equation in this state, but its legal status is currently being contested.

A lawsuit has been filed in Rhode Island to revoke the legal status of sports betting in the state, stating that the legality of sports wagering should be put to the voters via referendum. If that lawsuit were to succeed, it would certainly harm what is currently a healthy casino gambling environment in the state. With sports betting being legal, as well as legal slots, table games, and poker, Rhode Island has a big betting menu for a small state.

Casinos in Rhode Island

Are there legal online casinos in Rhode Island? We have the answer!

Online casinos in Rhode Island 2022

When it comes to online gambling Rhode Island has essentially made it so that bettors technically have the opportunity to do the betting that they want to do, without getting involved in the industry themselves. There is no state-supported Rhode Island online casino, and there isn’t even a law that makes casino gambling online legal. However, there is no law that makes online casino action illegal either, and that is what creates the awkward situation bettors currently find themselves in.

Instead of betting online at a state-sanctioned casino, bettors are instead forced to go offshore to an offshore market that is prohibited across the United States. Without a law to make online gambling illegal, this is not punishable, although some bettors might prefer to wager at a location that is supported by the state of Rhode Island itself. Without the ability to bet with secure payments and the assurance of data security, this is not an ideal situation for bettors across this state.

In theory, the presence of online casino gaming should be a preferable one, as having more choices than just the lone land-based casino operator in the state would be a good thing. Rather than being forced to bet through Twin Rivers, who runs all of the casinos in the state, bettors would likely have more options to pick from online. But there are no options that are legal in the online betting market to this point, as Rhode Islanders are relegated to waiting for that to take place.

Mobile online casinos in Rhode Island 2022

Just like the case surrounding using an online casino Rhode Island has made it so that bettors are left without a legal casino option on their mobile devices. Given that mobile betting falls into the same category as online gambling Rhode Island residents and those located in the state are left only with prohibited offshore gambling options on their mobile devices. Given the increase in sites that are designed to be used with mobile devices, there is no shortage of these to pick from even if there aren’t any casino apps for download and that these options are not legal.

There is legal mobile betting that can be done from a sports betting perspective in this state. Both casinos in the state offer sports wagering, and both offer mobile sports betting options as well. Unlike most states, Rhode Island’s casinos will not be issuing licenses to outside entities to run their online and mobile sports betting operations. Instead, the casinos will be handling those operations themselves.

Rhode Island online casino list: Legal casinos in 2022

Gambling in Rhode Island: A journey into the past

The history of Rhode Island gambling dates back all the way to the 1930s, when horse racing was made legal in 1934. While this was a great start for gambling in Rhode Island, it did not last, as the racetracks that existed in the state shuttered in 1970. Gambling was reborn in Rhode Island in 1973, as the state lottery was formed. But it took all the way until the 1990s for casino gambling to make it in Rhode Island and for the Rhode Island casino map that exists today to be formed.

After a popular resort casino was opened in nearby Connecticut in 1992, Rhode Island decided to attempt to generate revenue by allowing for the use of video lottery machines at off track betting locations. With there clearly being an appetite for more betting options, this eventually turned into the legalization of full on casinos in 2012. There were two casino operators at this time, with Twin River being joined by Newport Grand. Twin River then bought out Newport Grand to become the only operator in the state.

Given the current situation surrounding sports betting in Rhode Island, it is safe to say that the history of gambling there is still evolving. With sports betting being legalized, only for that legalization to be challenged in court, it will be interesting to see if the decision to make sports betting legal remains a part of Rhode Island gambling history or if it is erased from the books for now.

Rhode Island gambling guide

Rhode Island has done a great job of packing a number of gambling options into the smallest state in the USA. With casino, poker, and sports betting options at their two casinos, bettors should be content with what they have to offer. Here is a look at the major forms of wagering and the legal status of each in Rhode Island.

Gambling typeLegal status
Land-based CasinoLegal
Land-based BettingLegal
Land-based Horse RacingLegal
Land-based PokerLegal
Land-based LotteryLegal
Online CasinoGray (neither illegal nor legal)
Online BettingLegal & Regulated
Online Horse RacingLegal
Online PokerGray (neither illegal nor legal)
Online LotteryIllegal
Daily Fantasy SportsGray (neither illegal nor legal)
Social GamblingLegal
Minimum Gambling Age18


Often asked and answered here

Gambling is indeed legal in Rhode Island. Since 2012, bettors have been able to take part in casino gaming at two different physical casino locations, with the Twin Rivers and Tiverton casinos offering slots, table games and poker play. Since then, legal sports betting has been added as an option at these locations.

The Rhode Island online casino gaming situation is an interesting one, as gambling is technically neither legal or illegal online. Offshore casino action is prohibited on a nationwide basis, which means that Rhode Island falls into the same situation. There is online sports betting that can be done in Rhode Island, though.

Just like with an online casino, Rhode Island has not banned or allowed mobile gambling to take place. This activity could only be done through prohibited offshore betting sites, which are not legal throughout Rhode Island. It should be noted that mobile sports betting is legal through the two casinos that offer it in the state.

Different players prefer different components of casinos, whether it be the number of games or the design of the sites themselves. Unfortunately, there are no online casinos that are legal to be used in Rhode Island, which means that picking the best online casino in the state is not something that can be done.

There has never been an online casino that has opened in the history of Rhode Island. With there being no regulation on online casino play in the state, there has never been a time where playing online has been illegal, but no legal options have been created either.

As of now, there is no destination where players can play casino games using their mobile devices legally. There is the option to use mobile versions of offshore betting sites, but that action is prohibited across the United States and is not recommended as a result. This is different than sports betting, which can be done through the local casinos on mobile devices.

As of right now, there is nobody that is responsible for regulating online wagering in Rhode Island. Online gambling in the state is not regulated, and there are no plans to regulate that market from a casino gambling point of view. Online sports betting is regulated by the Rhode Island department of revenue and the lottery commission.


Bigger than they look
Despite Rhode Island’s standing as the smallest state in the United States, the gambling menu that is up for grabs there is anything but diminutive. With the ability to wager on sports, casino games, and poker, there is no shortage of fun that can be had from start to finish. Despite the lack of legal online casino gaming up for grabs, bettors have plenty of options to keep the fun going at home or elsewhere on the go. Don’t miss out on your chance to enjoy the fun. Get your casino bonus today and enjoy Rhode Island gambling in style.
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