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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Casinos In Oregon

Casinos In Oregon: Quick Overview 2022

Casinos in Oregon are plentiful, with all of the physical gaming locations that are up for grabs throughout the state. These come in the form of poker rooms and other forms of casino wagering, but not everything is perfect from a wagering perspective in Oregon. There are concerns related to the online wagering component to the state’s casino portfolio. The fact that online gambling is illegal by law in the state is unfortunate, as bettors have to rely on the physical betting options to get their bets in. In this guide to gambling in Oregon, find out everything there is to know about the current situation in the state.

Land-based casinos in Oregon 2022

As of now, gambling in Oregon is in a good place from a casino perspective. Due to legislation that has been put into place in the state, the only entities that are allowed to operate casinos in Oregon are Native American groups. While that sounds like a restriction that been imposed upon the gambling industry in Oregon, the Oregon casino list is actually quite healthy under the current system where Native American groups are exclusive holders of the rights to land-based casinos.

In total, there are 10 active casinos in Oregon, all of which are controlled by Native American groups. Among the casinos that are currently active are the Three Rivers casinos in Florence and Coos Bay, as well as multiple casinos in Warm Springs. Oregon is a rather large state in terms of surface area, so 10 casinos in the state will feel less accommodating than having 10 casinos in smaller states like Iowa, which boast more than that. Here is a list of those casinos.

  • Chinook Winds Casino, Lincoln City
  • Indian Head Casino, Warm Springs
  • Kla-Mo-Ya Casino, Chiloquin
  • The Mill Casino & Hotel, North Bend
  • Seven Feathers Hotel & Casino Resort, Canyonville
  • Spirit Mountain Casino, Grand Ronde
  • Three Rivers Casino, Florence
  • Three Rivers Casino Coos Bay, Coos Bay
  • Wildhorse Resort & Casino, Pendleton

However, the wagering options at Oregon casinos are relatively healthy, as bettors are able to take on slots, table games and poker rooms at these locations. And given the circumstances surrounding online gambling throughout the state, the fact that there is a robust menu of betting options to choose from at casinos is a saving grace for gamblers in Oregon. While the lack of more widespread casino locations would be something to aspire to in the future, things are solid as currently constructed in the land-based casino scene in Oregon.

Casinos in Oregon

Are there legal online casinos in Oregon? We have the answer!

Online casinos in Oregon 2022

When it comes to online gambling in Oregon, the situation is much less enjoyable than it is in the physical casino world. That is because there is no legal online casino Oregon recognizes, due to the fact that online casino gambling is illegal by law. That is certainly disappointing for bettors, especially given how many online casino sites are out there for bettors to take advantage of. While some states like Indiana don’t officially have legal online casinos, they let bettors wager offshore in an unregulated market. Oregon does not even allow that to take place, banning any sort of online wagering activities.

One of the more disappointing components to the complete lack of online casino action available in Oregon is the fact that bettors who live far away from the physical casino locations throughout the state have virtually no gambling options at their disposal. In states that allow online betting, everyone has access to betting options no matter where in the state they are located. Oregon seems to be selling some of its people short in that regard, as the costs to travel to a casino could make going to the 10 current facilities not worth a bettor’s time.

At this point in time, there do not appear to be any plans to change the gambling laws in Oregon, meaning that online betting does not appear to be coming to the state anytime soon. This is unfortunate for those who wish to take advantage of the different online options that are out there, but that is how the law stacks up in Oregon.

Mobile online casinos in Oregon 2022

Just like online gambling sites in Oregon is specifically illegal, mobile casino gaming is also not currently an option for those who wish to take part in it. There is currently no online casino Oregon residents or people located in the state can visit without violating state law. Given the increasing popularity in online gambling, especially using mobile devices, the fact that bettors have nothing to choose from when it comes to mobile casino play is a heartbreaker for those located there.

Mobile sports betting is an option for bettors in Oregon, as there is a single-entity approach to sports betting that allows one centrally controlled operator to offer mobile sports action. There are no plans to issue additional licenses for more mobile sports betting, which means that the mobile gaming market is slim in Oregon as well, despite the fact that nearby states like Nevada have such a rich tapestry of mobile gaming options.

Oregon online casino list: Legal casinos in 2022

Gambling in Oregon: A journey into the past

The history of Oregon casino games and other forms of gambling date back to the 1940s, when betting on horse racing was made a part of the gambling equation throughout the state. Portland Meadows was opened in 1946 to allow racing wagers, which has since grown to include nearly a dozen off-track betting facilities to take horse bets.

Charitable gaming facilities were permitted to offer table games in the early 1970s, while the Oregon state lottery was approved to begin in 1984. The state lottery introduced the first form of sports betting in the state, as parlay cards were introduced before eventually being removed from the Oregon gambling menu. While sports betting has been grandfathered in for Oregon and was never subject to PASPA, there hasn’t been much sports betting activity at all in the state as outside operators have not been brought in for online wagering.

It was 1988 that saw laws passed to create the current casino climate in Oregon, which only allows Native American groups to offer casino betting. Since then, there have been proposals by those groups to build casinos outside of reservations, along with proposals for commercial casino properties. However, those ideas have not been successful, keeping the current gaming system in place throughout Oregon.

With the gambling industry evolving to the point that it has, specifically with mobile and online casino gambling, it will be interesting to see if the history of gambling in Oregon will include additions to the current list of available options.

Oregon gambling guide

Oregon casino poker and casino gaming are in a decent place for those who are able to travel to the state’s physical casino locations. Here is a look at what forms of gambling are legal and illegal throughout Oregon, which includes the current state of illegal online gambling throughout all of Oregon.

Gambling typeLegal status
Land-based CasinoLegal
Land-based BettingLegal
Land-based Horse RacingLegal
Land-based PokerLegal
Land-based LotteryLegal
Online CasinoIllegal
Online BettingLegal
Online Horse RacingLegal
Online PokerIllegal
Online LotteryLegal & Regulated
Daily Fantasy SportsGray (neither illegal nor legal)
Social GamblingLegal
Minimum Gambling Age21


Often asked and answered here

Oregon casino gambling is indeed legal at physical locations throughout the state. Casino gaming can be done at Native American casinos, while there are also poker rooms that are specific to the game of poker. There are 10 full on casinos that are active in the state at this time, with all of those casinos being under Native American control.

At this time, there is no online gambling Oregon recognizes as legal. In fact, online gambling is completely illegal throughout Oregon, which is a huge disappointment for those who want to take part in betting without having to drive out to a casino. There do not appear to be plans to change that anytime soon.

Just like they do with online gambling Oregon has also made illegal the presence of mobile casino gambling throughout their state. It should be noted that there is a sports betting option that bettors can utilize, but there is nothing out there for casino game enthusiasts who want to be able to take their casino gaming with them.

Unfortunately, there is no best online casino in Oregon, due to the fact that there is no legal avenue for people in Oregon to play online casino games. Players cannot even use an offshore casino operator and determine which online casino they like the best, as even doing that is in violation of the current state laws.

As of right now, it does not look like online casino gaming will be legal for the foreseeable future. Instead, bettors are going to have to simply hope that the laws are changed in the future. However, there do not appear to be plans to make any changes to the current laws, leaving bettors hanging for the moment.

Unfortunately, due to the legal status of online gambling in Oregon, the answer to the question of where a bettor can play casino games on their mobile device would be a location outside of Oregon. Because all forms of online and mobile casino gambling are illegal in Oregon, bettors would have to go a nearby state where it is legal.

As of right now, there is no regulatory body that is responsible for the regulation of online gambling in Oregon. Instead, the state has opted to make online gambling completely illegal, which means that there is no online betting industry to regulate. For bettors who want to bet online, they may be better off going to a neighboring state.


Could be better
Oregon casino gaming is off to a strong start with the presence of as many Native American casinos as there are throughout the state. But the lack of additional casino properties and the lack of legal online gambling has made casino action less accessible for bettors than it should be. Bettors in Oregon will have to wait and see if there will be online gambling added to their list of options in the near future. Until then, they will have to settle for going to land-based locations instead. With big cities like Portland being in this state, the lack of progression in gambling is somewhat disappointing.
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