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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Casinos In Michigan

Casinos in Michigan: Quick Overview 2021

When it comes to Michigan online gambling, the state has always been one of the most progressive American states. With over two dozen live casinos across the state, most of which are Native American owned, Michigan is one of the strongholds of the casino industry in the USA. In late December 2019, a bill was finally passed in the state to legalize online casinos as well, allowing for the first online casino Michigan to open its doors in 2020. This page details all you need to know about legal online casinos in Michigan, ways to sign up and play, and the options that are currently available.

Land-based Casinos in Michigan 2021

Michigan is a state in which land-based casinos are certainly nothing new, as 26 different casino venues exist across the state. Of those, 23 are owned by Native American tribes and situated on reservations, while three of them are located in Detroit and are commercial casinos similar to those one would find in Las Vegas.

Regardless of the casino one chooses to play in, it is important to note that all these establishments are 100% legal as casino gambling is not illegal in Michigan. The one big difference between different casinos in Michigan is the Michigan gambling age that players have to be to enter. Commercial and most Indian casinos only allow entry to persons over the age of 21, while a handful of Indian casinos also cater to younger players, as young as 18 years old.

All of these establishments offer a fairly extensive portfolio of casino games, starting with the usual suspects such as video slots, blackjack, and roulette but also offering games like Spanish 21, craps or baccarat. The Michigan Gaming Control Board is responsible for the regulation of all casino games in the state. Current laws compel casinos to offer slot machines with returns that match those of Nevada and New Jersey, which means a minimum of 75% RTP is guaranteed on every slot.

Casinos in Michigan

There are some land-based Casinos in Michigan. But what about legal online casinos?

Online Casinos in Michigan 2021

Online gambling in Michigan was illegal for many years, with Senate Bill 562 restricting it back in 1999 and making it impossible for local operators to offer services to Michigan based players. This was the case all the way up to December 20th, 2019, when Senate Bill 186 finally legalized online casinos in Michigan and made way for first online casinos to open as early as 2020.

Now that online gambling in Michigan is finally legal, operators left and right are looking for ways to apply and get granted a license and finally make their impact in the state. However, this is more complex than it may seem as operators will have to be licensed by both MGCB and Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Gaming Authority, which will be the land-based license provider for online casinos.

Each operator that is granted a license to operate an online casino in Michigan will have to do so in cooperation with a land-based casino, which means that at this time a maximum of 26 online casinos could potentially exist. What’s even more, each of those is only allowed to run a single skin and offer services only to the residents of Michigan.

Like we have seen in other states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, powerful international casino operators will likely join forces with local land-based casinos and apply for licenses jointly, with PokerStars Casino being the first to do just that.

Mobile Online Casinos in Michigan 2021

The legislation of online casinos in the USA has been an ongoing process and for the most part, online operators who are granted a license may offer both retail and mobile games under the same license. The case is the same with Michigan gambling laws, which will allow operators to offer games for mobile devices, with the same restrictions and provisions in place.

What this means is that players who open an account with a licensed online casino in the state of Michigan will have the option of playing their chosen games on either the desktop or mobile version of the same casino and will not need to register separately for a mobile account.

It is important to note that this new Michigan gambling bill may change the way players look at offshore online casinos, which in many cases were the only option for players to access mobile casino gaming. Now, finally, Michigan residents will have a legal and legitimate way to play games of choice on their phones and tablets.

Michigan Online Casino List: Legal Casinos in Michigan

Gambling in Michigan: A journey into the past

Michigan as a state has a long history of gambling. Gambling in Michigan can be traced back to before 1900, as horseraces and casino bets were often a part of everyday life, but outside of the confines of the law. The first pari-mutuel wagers were legalized back in 1933 and this was followed by the legalization of the state lottery in 1972.

The real change for gamblers in Michigan came in 1988 when the first tribal casino was opened. It took another eight years for the first three legal commercial casinos to open up in Detroit, with the Michigan Gaming Control Board founded in 1997 to oversee their operation.

Despite all that and the fact that the state is famous for being fairly open to games of chance, Michigan online gambling was a taboo topic for the longest time. It was not before other states such as New Jersey legalized online casinos that Michigan finally did the same in late 2019, with governess Gretchen Whitmer signing the bill to make online casinos possible within the state.

This historical bill has changed a lot in terms Michigan residents will be able to gamble in the future and it comes as one of a series of bills to legalize online gambling across the board, with Michigan online poker and online sports betting also in the mix and fantasy sports already being legal in the past.

Guide to Michigan Online Casino

Online gambling has never been as available in the state of Michigan as it is now, thanks to some recent legislation. Here is a brief overview of all the gambling activities possible in Michigan and their current legal status.

Gambling typeLegal status
Land-based CasinoLegal
Land-based BettingLegal
Land-based Horse RacingLegal
Land-based PokerLegal
Land-based LotteryLegal
Online CasinoLegal & Regulated
Online BettingLegal & Regulated
Online Horse RacingLegal
Online PokerLegal & Regulated
Online LotteryLegal
Daily Fantasy SportsLegal & Regulated
Social GamblingLegal
Minimum Gambling Age21


Often asked and answered here

Starting in late 2019, Michigan gambling online has become a reality. Bills were passed to legalize online gambling, sports betting, and poker, and operators are applying for licenses at this time. Starting through 2020 and 2021, players will be able to join online gambling operators from Michigan.

Land-based casinos in Michigan are mostly owned by Native American tribes, with 23 different venues located on tribal reservations. Apart from those, there are three casinos based in downtown Detroit which are commercially owned by private companies.

Before 2020, sports betting was not legal in Michigan so no land-based casinos offered sports betting services. However, sports betting has become legal and has been offered in Michigan since March 2020, with a developing number of casinos now offering sports betting as well.

Of course! Just like any other income, gambling winnings are taxed both on a federal and state level. If you are playing in live casinos, taxes may be exempt on the spot, but online casino winnings will also be taxed, so remember to pay your Michigan gambling tax to avoid getting into any trouble.

Online gambling regulation is done by the Michigan Gambling Control Board, while local gaming licenses are issued by the Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians Gaming Authority. All online casinos must also work in cooperation with Michigan land-based casinos to apply for a license.

While live casinos in Michigan sometimes allow persons, who are 18 or 19 years of age to gamble, this does not apply to online gambling. Only residents over 21 years of age are allowed to gamble in any Michigan licensed online casinos or sportsbooks.

Online casinos in Michigan are offered by the same operators that operate live casino venues. This means that a similar set of games is also offered, ranging from slots to card games like blackjack or baccarat and specialized games such as roulette and video poker.


Michigan Online Gambling Is Coming
The online casino industry is spreading across the USA like wildfire and Michigan is one of the States leading the charge. If you are interested in gambling and casino games, we invite you to check out the best casinos in Michigan online and sign up for your free account to get the ball rolling. Check out what brands are available, claim your welcome bonus and start playing the best casino games from your home or on your mobile phone today, all 100% legal and safe.
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