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March 1, 2021
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Online Slot Strategy: How to Win at Online Slots

How do I win at online slots?”  is arguably the most frequently asked question by slot machine players. Most players decide to slot in their coins and turn on the slot machines at casinos due to their possibly big jackpots, the payout percent, as well as the attractive bonuses given. However, players often find themselves using more money than they earn from these machines because they rely on luck. To curb such occurrences, the article reveals useful slot machine strategies for online casino which heighten your possibility of winning big. So, for those searching for an effective strategy to slot machines and how you can win with online casino, this is for you.

Important Fact to Know about Winning at Online Slots
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  • You should always watch out for promotional offers

  • Check the review of the online casino before registering

  • Find out the volatility of the slots

  • Do not only play slots with a high payout

  • Avoid selecting slots based on brand names

How to Win at Online Slots?

Various approaches, tricks and strategies exist on teaching players how to win at online casino games, particularly on how to win at online slots; however, the process of winning at online slots begins at finding the best online slots available at online casinos. Generally, several methods of playing online slots exist as some players simply play for fun, while other players play to win. This article focuses on players who play online slots in the casino for the purpose of winning. Those who play slots online for fun usually do not play based on any rules, most times such players restrict themselves to demo modes which do not require depositing of money. This is a good way to prepare for the real game, however, playing the demo mode for fun will not improve your skills for the real time games, therefore serious players who play the demo mode should approach it like a real money game and play with a slot strategy.

Taking a good look on how to win at online slots, the online slot strategy can broadly be grouped into recommendations on steps to take when playing online slots, this entails the tips you need to know to win as well as the best machines that pay. The other informs you on what to avoid while playing online slots. In other words, you’ll get to know the slot machine strategy which heightens your chances of winning and things to avoid which may reduce your chances of winning.

Steps to Take when Playing Online Slots

Watch out for promotional and bonus offers

Many online casinos readily welcome new players, so various bonus offers and bonuses exist when playing on them. Some casinos offer you a free no deposit bonus upon registering, some others even give an extra bonus for making your first deposit, some in form of free spins. However, ensure you check the requirements and the terms and conditions which follow the bonus offers and free spins before making use of them. Most of these offers come with certain wagering requirements which you have to meet before collecting your bonus and associated winnings. Therefore, you should always check the review, promotional offers and their requirements as various online casinos have different wagering requirements.

Select a Casino wisely

Before you register and start playing any casino slot games, make sure you have a detailed check of the online casino you’re about to sign up with. Check the reviews and check out their bonus offers, features and the efficiency of their customer service. Also, you should find out the accepted methods of payment, whether the casino provides you with demo games (this allows you test the casino before registering or using real money) and whether it also provides an online mobile casino app. Also, you need to know if it provides you with a good user experience, you can find this through Internet articles and through the public ratings of the casino.

Know the volatility of the slots

The Volatility (unpredictability) is very important before betting on online slots. The volatility signifies the risk levels of slot machines, so it’s essential in determining the most profitable online slot machines. When online slots have low volatility (that is when they’re more predictable), you stand a better chance of frequent winnings but lower earnings. However, the online slots which have high volatility (that is which are more unpredictable) give you rare winnings. It depends on what you want, if you need a few bucks once in a while, you can bet on the slots with low volatility, whereas if you prefer bigger winnings, then you can bet on slots with high volatility. Some online slots with high volatility include King of Atlantis. However, generally, you need maximum bets in order to win in progressive jackpots like King of Atlantis, however for slots like Space Wars which have lower volatility, you can bet a lot. This increases your chances of winning but makes the game riskier.

Better paying slots

Before selecting online slots to play at casinos, you should also check the Return to a player (RTP) percent. You can get this through an internet search or confirm it yourself. Usually, the percent of Return to player is stated in the help part of the slot, for instance, the Devil’s Delight is regarded as among the machines with a high Return to player (RTP) percent.

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Steps to avoid when Playing Slots

Do not play only slots with a high pay-out

It’s true that dollar slots produce higher returns than the quarter slots. But this does not necessarily mean you should play the slots in dollars, since the fact that it has a greater pay-out percent doesn’t mean you’ll end up winning.

Avoid selecting slots based on brand

The aim of such slots is to draw your attention to the brand name. For instance, if you’re a big follower of Captain America and you see a slot branded with this name, such a slot appeals to you already, and you’ll love to try out some bets on it. However, the brands only draw you in, but such slots are usually very difficult to win.

Avoid overspending

You should always consider your financial ability before selecting online slots. Do not forget yourself in pursuit of any jackpot, it’s very easy to lose your money when you don’t plan. So, before betting with any online slots, ensure you have the finances for this. You do not want to lose all your money while trying to gain what isn’t yours yet.

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Top Slots to Play

Devil's Delight

As already established by the name, this slot game includes certain features of hell: such as fire, demons, 666, soul, skeletons, etc. As a bonus game, you’re also given a special Soul Reaper. This slot machine comes with twenty pay lines and five reels. It also has a high Return to player percent of 97.6%. An excuse not to like this slot game though may be due to its name which may put some players off.

King of Atlantis

The King of Atlantis slot game comes with five reels and forty pay lines. It comprises of underwater features such as dolphins, gold rings, sea snails, mermaids as well as the god of the sea, Poseidon. The atmosphere and design of the slot game are pleasant and cool. It’s also important to know that this slot game comes with high volatility and subsequently has few bonuses.

Space Wars

This slot game has a coin value ranging from 0.01 to 0.5. Like the above mentioned, Space wars also comes with five reels and forty pay lines. It also has a high Return to player percent. You need not bet on the maximum since the slot machine doesn’t come with a progressive jackpot., but you can still make very high bets.

Though, you should note that a high bet is risky. When you make a high bet, you have a chance of earning more, but your funds can also empty faster. Therefore, it all depends on you to choose this method of play or not. In all, you should realize that winning online slots is easy as long as you approach each slot with the proper strategies.

Where to Find the Best Slot Machines?

As stated above, you need to check the review of players on the online casinos which offer these slot games. You also need to check out the available slots and carry out a further check for those which offer high payment, high volatility and give attractive bonuses. All of these help in answering your question on how to find the best online slot machines and win at online slots. The best way to begin is by playing the free demo versions of the slot game you’re interested in, so you’re acquainted with it before making a deposit and playing with real money.

We’ve got all of these covered for you and provided the best online casinos which allow you to access the best online slot games. Simply visit our online casino comparison page where we already provided the best free spins online casinos which give free bonuses for registering and extra bonuses for making first deposits while some give bonuses in form of free spins and even allow you play free demo games before you deposit any money.

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Earn Larger with the Right Strategy
Variety of online casinos provide you with lots of online slots. However, it is important for you to always check the review of the online casinos and the slots provided. Also, always pay attention to the levels of volatility of any online slots you’re about to play. The higher the volatility, the higher your possible earnings and always test the demo versions before using real money. With a proper application of the right strategy for slot machines explained above, you’re taking proper multiple steps to hitting jackpot and acquiring larger earnings more frequently.
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