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April 15, 2021
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Social Casinos: How to Play & What are They for?

Do you wish to place bets for free? And for cheap entertainment? Look, no further, there are Social Casinos on the rise to fulfill your desires. If you don’t like spending your hard-earned money on casino games, Social Casino games would be perfect for you. Mind you, you don’t gain any profit from Social casinos. Social Casino games are becoming more advanced and realistic, even an experienced Casino player would feel at home playing it, plus it is the best way to harness your betting skills.

Facts on Social Casinos
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  • They are free to play

  • They are found online

  • In some instances, you could play against other players online

  • It does not deprive you of your money

Social Casinos

These are apps or websites where you play online versions of Casino games like roulette, poker, slot, blackjack and others.  These games can be played by playing directly online or downloading the app into your mobile device or PC. Social media giants like Facebook, Google+, My Space and others, even offer a number of Social Casino games like Slots and poker. A number of new Social Casinos are managed by independent companies. Some others are managed by Casinos who want to retain customers. Some people just prefer Casino games because non-affiliated social casinos offer to online players knock-off games. Social casinos generate profit for Casinos and independent companies by the ads being advertised on the site.

How to Play

Identify the Online Casino you desire

There are many new Social Casinos out there, many of them have their own software, games and social sides to make the Casino special. All are free, but you must pick out one that has a perfect imitation to the game you desire to play. The graphics and game strategies should be the exact replica of the physical Casino game. Social Casino games provide an avenue for online players to play against one another just like in reality.

Download the Application

These new Social Casinos are free to download and play from the internet. They often come with in-game purchases and bonuses.

Accept the free coins

If you are a regular online game player, you should know that online games offer some free coins to play. Slots often do. You can get daily bonuses, bi-hourly bonuses, some level up coin bonuses and much more. Some even require the player to watch online ads to get free coins. When you exhaust the coins, play would be halted until they are renewed.

Select the games

Pick the games you prefer to play. Most online games have become so realistic that they make the player feel like they are really at a Casino. They have their own rules and odds and their own strategies. There are numerous games to choose from like the roulette, blackjack, slots and Video Poker Strategy.

Learn the game

The player could play the game on ‘easy’ mode which is an avenue for the player to learn the game. It is a way for novices who want to learn about the game to delve right in and learn all the basics. You could also learn the game by interacting with other players online.

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How a Social Casino Game Works

Let’s look at the game of slots for an example. It’s very similar to the land casino game.

  • Open the game on your device. Functional buttons like ‘spin’ and ‘max bet’ and other buttons would be found on the screen.
  • Understand the paytable, this would show you what each symbol is worth and enable you to know the ones to look out for.
  • Select whatever you wish to bet and the number of paylines you like to use.
  • Select the button ‘spin’ to spin the reels
  • Spin the reels for as much as you want, but pay close watch to your virtual bankroll.

Are Social Casinos and Online Casinos the Same?

These two are very similar, the only distinct feature between both is that Online Casino involves actual gambling. Money can be gained and lost. Social Casino gaming could be legal in states where online Casinos are considered illegal.

Social Casinos have numerous options provided to them in terms of games and other events that they offer since they don’t bother about players spotting loopholes and scamming them of their money. They have more users because they are gaming spots for players where they can have fun.

It is quite easy to get a Social Casino on your device via google store and others because online Casinos would not be hosted on these sites. It gives you the opportunity to play at any time you feel like. Social Casinos are the perfect places to take all chances and learn strategies of Casino games since there’s no money involved.

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What are Social Casinos for?

The thrill of gambling for fun

Online casino gaming had started years back, however, it was not so popular because there was the fear of losing money, but the social media age help provided a perfect alternative for people who want to have pure fun, make friends and build friendships while playing cards. Facebook has lots of these games on its platform and millions of users play them every day. According to statistics, as at the year 2019, there are 11 million users play per day, it has also tripled over the years and it is worth $4 billion. Popular games like Zynga Poker and Slotomania have a huge following. These players play for the same reason someone takes a trip to the cinema to relax and have fun. There is no financial obligation involved.


Social Casino gaming is well patronized because it’s stress-relieving and it is a good avenue for people to unwind. According to statistics in 2019, 14% of Social gamblers spend close to an hour gambling at work. 46% of the players are women.

Casino Prohibition

For people in some countries in the Middle East and sharia law countries, gambling with real money is considered illegal, thus, popular Social Casino games like slots, poker and others are the only alternatives. This occurrence shows that gambling is not just about money, but a hunt for luck and success.

Profit Making

Casinos create their own social casino games to earn more money apart from the earnings of real Casinos. They are so different from actual gambling because it does not involve any money. However, these companies make money from these games by selling ads and in-game purchases, coins and others. So many players use real money to buy coins which makes the game look more real and fun. There is a possibility that a social casino player could leave the virtual world and start playing at the real Casino. Gambling is so addictive that social casino players are motivated by the thrill of social casino games online and start playing with real money.

The Upside of Social Casinos

  • This is not actual gambling since it does not involve money.
  • Social Casinos could be considered legal in jurisdictions where physical gambling or online gambling are illegal.
  • It’s appropriate for people who don’t gamble for various reasons, whether religious, moral or any other personal reasons.
  • No risk is involved
  • It has other variations of Casino games
  • The apps make it to easier for players to play at any time or anywhere they want.
  • It is a good avenue to practice your skills.

Where can You Play Social Casino Games?

After reading this piece, you’re probably eager to check out some social casinos since the thrill of social casinos and what they offer is quite exciting to the thought. On our online Casino comparison page, we’ll link you up with the best social casinos and your favorite app where you could hone your skills. We give proper guidance and help on the perfect social casinos, the best way to bet and where you could place your virtual bets. We update you on latest news on betting and 2021 tips.

Our page gives a detailed and step-by-step guide on betting, whether social casinos or real. Hurry up and sign up to seize the opportunity clinch bonuses offered by Social Casinos. You can always contact our customer service agents in case you need help. However, remember to read the Terms and Conditions before engaging in social casinos.

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Play Today and Win Tomorrow
Remember that one of the main reasons for playing social casino games is to relax and have fun. Make sure you enjoy yourself, well, that’s one of the main goals for exploring social casinos. However, Social Casinos are a good training ground to gain experience and learn strategies in various social casino games. There is every possibility that if you gain enough experience, you might be attracted to play on the big stage. When it comes to gambling, the experience is very necessary and when you start gambling for real, you might just hit it big time one of these days. Social Casinos are like coins, on one side (head), it provides relaxation and fun, on the other side (tail), it prepares you for real gambling if you are interested.
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