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Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.
Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.

Roulette Strategy: How to Win At Roulette

Having a roulette strategy is your first step to winning. The same goes for most roulette winners at the casino, most winnings at roulette are usually the external show of a well-executed roulette strategy. However, as a new roulette player, choosing a roulette strategy for roulette games could seem confusing to you, firstly because different roulette strategies exist coupled with the fact that there are numerous sources which profess to have the right roulette strategy just for you.

Important Facts to know about Roulette Strategies
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  • Using a Roulette Strategy is the first step to winning at roulette

  • Roulette Strategies are divided into strategies

  • With Progressives, each bet increases while the static ones remain the same

  • The roulette strategies range from low risk to high-risk strategies

Roulette Strategy: How to Win at Roulette

Some roulette players at a land-based or online casino believe winning at roulette is solely based on a lucky bet or lucky streak of bets, whereas others claim there are roulette strategies that work. The truth is these two views are simply different sides of the same coin. It all depends on the side you look at it from. When you’re playing roulette while relying on a lucky bet, this already leaves you with little chance of winning at roulette. However, what differentiates players at the casino who rely on a strategy from those on luck is the former have already begun taking active steps (getting better odds) towards a win. Therefore, the first answer to the question “how to win at roulette?” is to play with a roulette strategy which increases your odds. This roulette game article guides you by the hand in knowing the best way to play roulette, bet and win at roulette game. For the sake of emphasis, relying on even the best roulette strategy doesn’t give you a 100% chance of a win when you play roulette, but it does increase your chances of a win at the least.

For ease of understanding, the popular roulette wheel betting strategies used in the casino can be broadly clustered into 2 different groups. These include those which make use of Progressive roulette game bet and those which rely on non-progressive roulette bet strategies.

Relying on Progression

As conveyed by the name, players that bet with this roulette strategy improve their bet after each round. In other words, after each round, these players begin to increase the size of each bet. This is why it’s referred to as “progression”. Within this group, the most highly regarded roulette methods of betting are both the Martingale system of making a bet and the Paroli system of making a bet. They are explained below

The Martingale System

When you’re using the Martingale system to bet in roulette at the casino, what you’re doing is a recovery process, this means that after you lose, you bet even double what you had previously bet. When you win with this betting strategy, this means you’ll get back what you’d already previously bet with extra profit, however on a day at the casino which isn’t your lucky day, you’re setting yourself up to greatly lose. Therefore, if you desire to use the Martingale betting system while playing a game of roulette at the casino, you should know two things: on your lucky day, after more trials, you may finally win, cover lost bet and earn profit from your winning. However, you should know that a situation could arise where you’ll lose all bet and all your money or while trying to recover what you lost, you’ll reach the table limit.

Below is an illustration of how the Martingale system goes:

Number of trialsBets placed ($)Bets lost and covered ($)111223347481551631632637641278128

Therefore, as is displayed above, every time you play, you double your previous bet (as shown under bets placed) in order to catch up with your losses before even making a win. Now that you’re aware about how the Martingale system operates, it’s up to you to choose whether or not you want to play with it at the casino.

The smartest way to make use of the Martingale betting strategy at the casino or on online casinos is to begin with a small bet as in the example above and get your winnings. Place another small bet to get extra winnings. Also, placing a higher bet also gives you higher winnings but where you are in a losing streak, covering your losses could be quite expensive.

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The Paroli System

Another progressive betting roulette system, the Paroli System is one in which players double their bets but in a different way. Instead, of doubling after a loss, in the Paroli a player doubles the bet after a win. The Paroli System is considered to be less risky as it does not lead to massive bets from one's own bankroll. Instead, you only bet big when you are winning and you keep your bets steady on all losses. Starting out with small bets and trying to catch a big winning streak is the basic idea of the Paroli. If you lose, you will reverse back to the initial bet and if you win, you will keep doubling the bet until you are happy with the result in which case you go back to the initial bet.

With this system, you will never be risking a massive portion of your bankroll as you do with the Martingale. However, it should also be noted that getting winning sessions in is less likely with the Paroli as it requires some pretty good run.

Here is an illustration of the Paroli system used in real game:

Number of trialsBets placed ($)ProbabilityResults of EachGains made ($)1148.6%Win22224.3Win63412.15Win14486.08Win305163.04Win626321.52Win1267640.76Win2548128Loss-1

In this scenario, the player has staked money, $1 and reached a winning streak of up to $64. However, due to the loss in the several games played, the player has lost this and can restart with the minimum amount. The advantage this time as can be seen clearly in this illustration is that the amount of money (bets) you might lose is the first amount of money staked and the remaining lost winnings are not from your own pocket. However, when you play with this roulette system, a loss damages your buildup of winnings, this is the obvious downside to the Paroli system. However, risk wise, the Paroli roulette strategy is a very convenient system for you.

The two progressive systems discussed are steep progressions and they go well with outside bets such as red or black as well as even or odd. Whereby it’s a more outside bet, then using a flat progression such as the D’Alembert is a better option.

The D’Alembert Strategy

This system is a bit similar to the Martingale system, when you’re playing with the D’alembert roulette strategy, you’re also making a bet after each game loss. However, compared to the Martingale system, although you’re increasing your next wagers, you’re not necessarily doubling them, so the risk is not as high as the Martingale system. This keeps the bets you lose from rising astronomically as occurs in the Martingale system. However, since it progresses at a slower rate, it takes a longer while for all you win to cover all you lose

The Romanosky Strategy

The Romanosky strategy is yet another popular roulette strategy and it works around the dozens and corners betting. With this strategy, you cover a total of 32 numbers and have only 5 losers. The initial bet will require 8 chips to cover the necessary fields and will keep going up if you are highly unlucky to keep losing. However, in most cases, you will not need more than a few bets to win back your money and go back to your original bet.

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Other Non-Progressive Strategies

All the roulette strategies discussed above have been the best progressive roulette strategies, they are profitable for games on outside bets. However, there are also other roulette strategies which do not require you improving your bets. When using such strategies, they are better used on roulette games with inside bets and one need not make higher bets each time you retry, you can keep on wagering the same amount you started with continuously. So, with this strategy, you’re playing the same amount however you’re wishing to get a better result than you previously had. An example of such a strategy is the Masse egale system.

Another strategy made use of in casinos (land-based casinos or online casinos) is the James Bond Strategy, when using this, you can’t just wager any amount. You’ll need to wager $200 at least. So, unlike the other methods which begin cheap and scale higher, the James Bond strategy already begins quite high. With this strategy, you’ll have to wager $140 on numbers 19 to 36, whereby you’re able to spin a number between them, you’ll earn $80 in profit. When you wager $50 on numbers 13 to 18, where the ball spins on a number between them, you’ll earn a $100 profit and as insurance, $10 on 0, when this is a right bet, you’ll earn $160 as profit.

The Ideal Strategy

As already mentioned above, the Roulette strategies do not give you a 100% chance of winning, rather the right strategy increases your chances. So, when you’re about to lay wagers on outside bets, you’re well aware that the progressing strategies are more profitable whereas the other non-progressive money betting strategy is useful for inside bets. With these bits of knowledge, you’re already on the right path to winning at roulette.

Which Roulette should You Play?

If you’re pondering on which roulette wheel game to play between the European and American roulette, play the European roulette. What differentiates both games are how the numbers are ordered on the roulette wheel. The American wheel has an extra green slot with two zeros (00). So, what really differs between both is that in the American wheel, you have one chance in 38 when you bet on single number, whereas in the European wheel, which has 37 slots, you have a chance in 37 when a bet is placed on a single number. Though both offer the same payout of 35:1.

Where can You Use these Strategies?

You are now ready and know how to get started and you have all the knowledge you need to win at the game of roulette. New players should make sure to sign up with highly reputable and well rated online casinos, and we are here to help you with that. Our online casino comparison  provides a list of every reputable online casino in the USA and you can use it to find just the right place to sign up and try our time tested roulette strategies. Using these strategies at licensed online casinos will not get you banned or in trouble as players are allowed to use any strategy they want in a casino that operates fairly.

Check these casinos out, put our strategies to use and start finally winning at casino games. Don't forget to make the best use of bonuses that are offered to make these strategies even more legitimate.

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Strategize, Recover and Win
Various methods exist; however, no method is a 100% certainty, you’ll need a little bit of luck to make profitable earnings but with the right strategy, you can avoid betting wrongly and use systems which give you better odds. However, as consistently stated, relying on a strategy is the best and first step in making those earnings. When you play roulette games at the casino with the right strategy, the odds are improved, and house edge reduced bringing you a step closer to win. The roulette strategies provided range from low levels of risk to high levels of risk, however they all have their benefits. What’s really great is that with some of the online casinos we’ve made available in our shared link, you can even try them out for free! So, hurry now, use your preferred strategy to recover your staked money and make extra profits.
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