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Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.
Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.

The Roulette Betting Progression 101: Strategy & Tips

If you had read our article on Roulette Strategy, you’re obviously familiar with the roulette betting progression strategy. This roulette system of gambling is also referred to as Progressive betting. Progressive betting entails increasing your wager with each new bet, this could be after a loss or after a win in order to increase your odds of winning. The increased bets could be steep or flat. In betting on roulette at the casino, progressive betting is arguably one of the best and the most patronized system due its logical simplicity and because it helps players win at roulette.

Important facts to know about Progressive Betting
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  • Progressive betting at roulette works best with outside bets

  • The most common Roulette betting progressions are Martingale, D’arlembart & Paroli

  • There are low to high levels of risk involved in Progressive betting

Progressive Betting

Thinking of betting progressively in your next roulette wheel game at the casino? Progressive strategies are the best in increasing your odds irrespective of whether you’re gambling in a blackjack game, poker games or roulette games at the casino. The Progressive strategies of making a bet in roulette involve you improving your bets each time you’re making a new bet, either after you win or you lose. The best and most popular way of progressive betting in roulette game includes the Martingale, the D’alembert and the Paroli strategies. These three and other methods are explained in detail below. If you’d love to play and win roulette today, these are for you.

The Martingale System

This system is easily more common for those who play roulette than others. When relying on the Martingale strategy at the casino or online casino, it’s more beneficial for you to place them on outside bets. Even though experienced roulette players hardly play roulette with this system, most experienced roulette and poker players are aware of this and so use them when playing bets on numbers between 1-18 or 19-36; or on colors black, red; odd or even. When you play with the martingale system for outside bets, the downside is you receive small payouts since you’ll need to cover your previous losses, however the odds improve as you’ll have nearly 50% odds of which improve chances of a win when using the strategy for outside bets.

Earlier, it was stated that experienced players at the casino seem not to use it when gambling, that’s due the high risk posed by this system, however although it’s avoided by experienced players, the Martingale way is commonly patronized by newbies because of its ease of understanding.

How to use this system?

It’s a way you’ve probably used before at the casino with hopes of improving your odds, you lay wagers on the outside bets and after every loss, you lay a wager even double the number you lost earlier, and you repeat the process till you record a win which will recoup your initial losses, and then return the original amount wagered as profit. This system is profitable when you’re able to repeat a win continually.

For instance, in a situation where you wager on red but the ball lands on black, this is a loss for you. With the first loss, you then make another bet, this is exactly the process of the Martingale progression, so you’ll lay a wager exactly double the numbers of your initial bet, so, next you make a double bet on red.  Whereby black is what comes up again, you can repeat the process and wager a twin of the previous ones until red shows up and you win. With a winning wager, you’ll then recover every previous loss together with a profit of red you wagered.

As a new player, it looks quite exciting, being able to play till you win, but in reality, there are different obstacles which may pose difficulties to your win when gambling at the casino.

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Obstacles posed by the Martingale

At the casino, when you play at roulette wheel with the Martingale system, the first issue facing you is your pocket. There’s a possibility that during some periods when you play this game with this system, you’ll exhaust the money you’d budgeted for that day after a losing streak.

Another problem you’ll most likely encounter at the casino even when you’ve brought the bank with you to play the roulette game is you might go on a losing streak when you bet and reach the table limit. In instances where you reach this limit, you’ve lost all your money and won’t be able to recover your lost money after you play, talk less of even making any profits.

Below is an illustration of a player who’s had an unfortunate losing streak in 7 trials while playing roulette.

Number of trialsBets placed ($)Bets lost or covered ($)1

Above, after a losing streak of seven rounds of roulette, the player made a win and has been able to cover his lost bets in the eighth round. However, whereby the player further has another losing eighth round, such player has lost total bets of $255 and will have to bet $256 (double $128) in all to recoup the expenses made before being able to make a $1 profit at roulette. With the losing streak going on, there’s a high possibility this player will leave the casino disappointed as sooner or later, such player will reach the table limit or leave the casino penniless.

As illustrated in the example above, after 8 rounds of gambling, the player was able to make a profit of just $1. So, to make reasonable profit when gambling with this strategy, you have to play quite some numbers of games in succession or wager higher amounts. This is basically how the Martingale system works, it’s up to you to decide if you’re prepared to play and risk it all.

The D’alembert Strategy

Compared to the strategy and tips discussed above, the D’Alembert strategy is reckoned as one with a way lower risk than the Martingale strategy since it’s not as steep as the latter. This is why this system is regarded as having less of a risk. From the name, it’s obvious it has a French origin, the nomenclature was derived from Jean le Rond d’Alembert, a popular French theorist.

How this system works

The D’Alembert system is quite similar to the Martingale already discussed, since you play with a progressive bet after making a loss. However, while you’ll have to play a bet double your initial number to cover your losses in the Martingale system, the D’Alembert system doesn’t require you to multiply your next bets by 2 to cover your losses (which are not as enormous as in a Martingale system). When you play with this system at the casino, the wagers you’re making are not excessive and so you don’t lose so much. However, if you’re trying to look further into the D’Alembert system, this way may not be as profitable as you think, because unlike the Martingale where a single winning covers all lost wagers, this doesn’t work the same way for the D’Alembert  since the new wagers are not doubling what you had previously bet. When you win, it takes more than one winning to cover lost wagers (which are moderate) but when unlucky, it still has a similar outcome to the Martingale as a losing streak means you’ll run out of money sooner or later or reach the stated limit.

For instance, when you wager on an outside bet, whereby you make a win, you’re to repeat this, when you make a loss, the next step is to increase the next bet. You begin to benefit from this roulette strategy when your play enters a steady winning streak which covers any losses made and gains you extra profits. Observe the illustration below for a better understanding.

Number of trialsBets placed ($)Profits made ($)Losses made ($)Total profit ($)

Though the D’alembert roulette system is less risky, it requires quite a winning run which may not be quite realistic, therefore the Contre D’Alembert system was introduced. When you use this system at the casino, you improve each bet after a win and reduce it after you lose. The beauty about this modified strategy is you require less money, so in a situation where you have continual losses, you won’t need to lay more and more wagers.

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The Paroli system

The system is also similar as it also involves a progression. With the Paroli system, you also double the numbers bet, though not due to losses as in the previous scenario. Instead here, you double the numbers wagered after each win you’ve made. Compared to the Martingale system, the Paroli is considered less risky and even referred to as the Reverse Martingale strategy. When using this system, it’s advisable to begin with a small amount, then when you make a win, double the numbers wagered. With each win you keep on doing this till you choose to take your earnings or till you reach a loss. In the instance where you make a loss, you’ll simply carry out the process over again.

The reason this Paroli system is rated as a low risk type is that the amount staked is the first bet placed, therefore when a loss occurs after consecutive wins, the money you lose is the initial amount you staked compared to the Martingale whereby you are trying to recover your own money.

Below is an illustration of the how the Paroli system works

Number of trialsBets placed ($)ProbabilityResults of EachGains made ($)

Using this Strategy

If you intend using this strategy when you play roulette wheel game on online casino, simply lay your new wager after each bet. You can keep up with your previous games through the box shown on your screen. Before using this strategy in your roulette game in an actual casino, inform the croupier in the casino on the number of progressions you intend making. You’ll have to do this, so the croupier is aware that you own the bets when you win, and aware of your intended number of rounds.

The Romanosky Strategy

Another strategy is the Romanosky strategy, the Romanosky strategy involves laying wagers on 2 dozen and 2 corners. So, using the Romanosky strategy, the player is able to go over 32 numbers, losing just 5. The advantage of this strategy is the fact that it covers many numbers. When using the Romanosky, each of the wagers you lay require 8 chips. As you progress, it increases and your bankroll should be at a minimum of 100.

With a proper application of these roulette strategies to play, you can easily win this at this game, when you play at a live or online casino, they make roulette even easier than poker.

Bet with any Progressive Betting Method

The different ways discussed above are easily the best and the most reliable roulette betting progressive strategies out there and make roulette as easy as and profitable as poker, though others exist such as the Fibonacci strategy, but it’s not advisable to be made use of as it takes a really long period to cover losses when using it. You can try out either of the progressive strategies you prefer on any of the online casinos (which offer other games such as poker, blackjack etc.) we give you our casino comparison for a full listing of the top online casinos.

Majority of all online casino offer special deposit bonuses and free spins, so you can get into using our roulette strategies even cheaper. You can also play other casino games at most of these sites and this includes poker, baccarat or blackjack as well as video slots and video poker, all for real cash. Make sure to load up your account with some funds and keep things casual as you play for stakes that you can surely afford. Also remember the live dealer casino option, which will allow you to try our roulette betting strategies in a super tense live casino atmosphere.

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Select your Progressive Strategy
Of the many roulette strategies, progressive betting gives you the best chance of winning and making profits when you play roulette wheel game, even easier than poker. However, you should note that based on the sort of progressive roulette strategy you choose, the risks involved could be low or high, therefore you need to understand the method you’re about to rely on. Is it the Martingale (quite risky and requires many games to make reasonable profit), the D’alembart (like the martingale but requires less money), the Paroli (less risky and requires you to double bets after each win- of which the new bets technically rest on the bank), the Contre D’alembert or the Romanosky. These ways of betting give you the best chance of making profitable bets. Simply check the listed casinos and try out your preferred progressive strategy to play and win at roulette.
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