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April 3, 2021
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Open an Account: How to Play at Online Casinos

Not everybody has the wherewithal to go to a real casino. Casinos themselves, have morphed from being just buildings to being fully automated software as well which also feature live online games. The fun in online casinos software is you get to enjoy your gambling wherever you are, and you create your own environment. Though while you use them, there are some technicalities that you should pay attention to.

Important Facts to Know about Opening and Operating a Casino Account
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  • Security is key

  • Check online casino reviews for insight

  • Try playing some free or demo games

  • Pick a beginner-friendly online casino game to start with

Choosing an Online Casino

With so many casinos available online, knowing where to start can be a tough decision. Below are useful guides and what to check before signing up.

  • Security

Like all online registration platforms, you need to be sure that your details, money and data are safe at all times and that you’re not about to expose your personal and financial details on a phishing site. In this age where data is sold to companies, you want to be sure that your details are safe. The casino needs to operate legally with a license, and be a registered one with a secure website.

  • Responsive customer care

For online transactions and games, you need to be sure that you can interact with someone who is ready to listen and help when things go wrong while you open your casino account. You would want to register with a casino that offers live chats, FAQs, emergency telephone numbers and social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

  • Withdrawal and Deposit Options

Because you will be making transactions online, payment methods are very important and crucial. The joy of every online transaction is easy, simple, fast and hassle-free deposits and withdrawal. Your online casino should have various means of payment and deposit. It is up to you to check out the payment mode allowed.

  • Bonuses

Promotions and bonus offers take various forms from welcome package and deposit bonuses, which can be in form of free spins and loyalty schemes.

  • Free games

Online casinos offer free games for players and intending members, that you can play, and can make you decide to see if you will use the casino.

  • Games

You will want to join an online casino where there are variety of games like video poker card game, slots, roulette, or video games. Sites with more games are more appealing.

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How to Open an Online Casino Account?

The first step is opening a player account. These automated software casinos typically allow you to try them out by offering you free games, but to play and win real money, you will need to register your details with the casino. Your account will allow you deposit, withdraw your winning, and monitor your account.

  1. Signing up: Most online casinos are required to gather your details before joining. For new players, they require your basic info like name, address, date of birth. They also ask of username, password, together with some security questions and your preferred deposit method. An email for confirmation of the data provided also gets sent to you to complete the signing up process. Casinos have exceptional security measures, that encrypts your personal data.
  2. Verification: Like most online games, you will be allowed to play your first game, then, you have to verify your identity in order to continue play or make a withdrawal. Since casinos are legally scrutinized and are under a financial regulation law, it is expedient that they get this information from you.
  3. Deposit: After signing up, you have to transfer money into your casino wallet. You will have to go to the deposit page, select your preferred payment method, choose an amount, confirm and transfer funds to your wallet.

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How to Gamble Online

  • Register yourself in a free account

In order to test the casino you want to register with, try playing some free or demo games, such as demo card games like video poker while you interact with other players. You can find more on video poker here, Video poker strategy. The tip is that the use of free accounts helps you as a new player determine how the real account will be like.

  • Contact the support team

This helps you to gauge their reply speed and will be useful especially in days when you need help. Do not forget to check their professionalism in their response to your questions. Conclusively, do not ignore those that have toll-free numbers for users.

  • Check reviews and user opinion

Like you do for mobile apps, checking reviews for online automated software casinos are very important, as they give you an insight into the efficacy of the casino. Checking user opinions and reviews on these gambling sites also gives you insight into flaws and shortcomings of the casino. There are also professional reviews from gambling experts that use the sites. Read them, so you have an idea of your user experience.

  • Check the bonus

Every casino offers different bonuses. There are various bonuses that accrue as a result of your loyalty; these bonuses differ from the signup bonus you get when you register with them.

  • Sign up, and start playing

The rule is that players should not begin gambling with an amount bigger than they can afford. It is not necessary to begin gambling with a small amount, but it is important to start with what you can afford, since the chances of losing before winning are very high.

These simple steps above guide you on how to play at online casinos

Tips to Win Online Casino Games

Playing at online casinos can be very interesting and fun-filled. This is due to many reasons such as that you can play anywhere, and for as long as you want. If you do not want to meet people and want to avoid the noise and crowd at casinos, online casinos are for you.

Here are tips to winning at Online Casino games:

Pick your casino

This still remains one of the greatest choices you can make as it can determine your winning or loss. Make sure that the casino you choose are legitimate ones, that offer a wide range of games. The main reason for playing at casinos is to have a choice of games to play. Choosing casinos with few games might defeat that purpose. You should also make sure that the casino allows you to cash out your winning on time. Picking casinos that are well known and probably endorsed by celebrities will be a good idea, since they have their name to protect, and a brand to sell. The casino you choose should also be licensed by the relevant government authority.

Accept gifts

Do not be shy, these gifts offered to you by the casinos are meant to be claimed, in as much as it is not from a third party. They want to give you these gifts for free, and it comes in many forms. For example, the sign-in bonus is a gift you should take, promotions and casino bonuses are not tricks. You should take advantage of these offers as they are simply competing for your attention and patronage.

Select your bank

Every online casino is required to ask for some of your personal details, like name, address, bank details, deposit and withdrawal options You are expected to fill the most convenient for you especially in the section where you input your bank details. Choose a reliable payment method so that you will not always have issues when paying or withdrawing your winnings.

Pick your game

Remember that online casinos have a wide variety of games they offer you such as card games like poker. These games have their own rules, their own odds, and strategies. Choosing one for the meantime is advisable, as you will need to learn the game, so that your winning will be assured. Picking your games should not scare you, pick the one you can easily relate with such as a Blackjack card game, a video Poker game etc. and from there, you can start playing other games. It is particularly important to also learn the game, so as to gain mastery. Remember that you are paying to play those games, with the aim of winning. Familiarize yourself with the game you are playing, memorize the odds, ask people about it too.

Where to Find Trusted Online Casinos?

Now that you can open an account and you know how to play at online casinos, rather than go on a random internet search of the best online casinos to register on, we’ve got that sorted for you. On our online casino comparison page, we’ve provided the best online casinos which offer you the best online casino slots, classic and new games and live dealer games. You need not worry about any security issues as these casinos are highly rated and verified. You can also sharpen your gambling skills on these casinos through the demo versions made available to you.

With these online casinos software, players can also use free demo versions of casino games, which means you need not deposit any money before your first trial.

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Track your Deposits and Winnings
Before registering on any online casino, new or old, security is always the first thing to consider. You shouldn’t unknowingly give away your details to a scammer. Also, check reviews, play demo games and when gambling with money involved, learn to be conscious of how much you have spent so you don’t empty your wallet. Always track your spending, especially your bets, and your winnings. You should also be prepared to lose money. Make sure that money invested is not money that is needed. Gamble with your disposable income. Embrace your losses, and make sure you enjoy the game!
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