Craps Strategy: How to Win at Craps

Having a strategy always places you a step ahead of players who rely on luck, this was emphasized in Roulette Strategy. The need for strategy in craps cannot be overemphasized, every craps player in a land-based casino or online casino needs to have a plan before each game. Such plan needs to take into account the bankroll the player intends to budget, whether or not the player can afford the cost of the method being used, as well as whether such player prefers smaller bets which increase in the long run or wants to wager higher amounts to make huge profits at once, which could be quite risky. This article delves into beneficial craps strategies.

Important Facts to know about Craps Strategies
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  • The pass line betting system is one of the best strategies

  • Experienced punters avoid bets that come with a higher house edge

  • The Pass bet with odds, Plus Place 6 & 8 allow you use free odds with your pass bets

  • Alternative strategies exist however they come with higher house edges

Craps Strategy Explained

Craps refers to a casino table game of dice where players wager on the outcome of a roll or several rolls of a pair of dice. “How to win at craps” is a frequently searched phrase by most new casino craps players. As an answer to this, various craps strategies have been brought about. For craps newbies, the best craps strategies are firstly discussed with alternative strategies also examined. You can play with these craps strategies in a land-based casino or online casino before choosing your preferred one, though you should realize that avoiding the best bets leads to a higher cost in larger house edges. These Craps strategies include the Pass and Come Bets, The Don't Pass & Don't Come Bets, placing 6 & 8, Pass Combined with Odds, Plus Place 6 And(Or) 8, Put Bets, Hedge Bets, Iron Cross Strategy, Lay bet strategy, Don't Pass with Lay Odds, Plus Lay 4 Or 10.

Pass and Come Bets

For newbie craps players in a land-based casino or online casino, the pass line is one of the best craps strategies due to its house edge which is as low as 1.41 percent. With free odds, pass and come bets are even better as the house edge reduces as you wager. Also, thanks to the combination of pass with odds, the house edge even further declines, to 0.8% (1x odd), 0.6% (2x odd), 0.4% (3x, 4x and 5x odd), 0.3% (also 5x odd), 0.2% (10x odd) and 0.02% (where 100x odds are offered). Also, for the come bets, the house edges are also 1.41%, though the edge reduces when the odds bet increase.

The come bet is quite similar to the pass bet, though what differentiates them is the former occurs differently in the wagering order. Whereby a point on the pass line hasn’t been got by the shooter, the subsequent roll which becomes pass and come should be bet on. Though, where a pass line point already exists, you can go ahead and bet on come to activate an extra number. Those who play with this system usually add between 2 to 3 come bets to their pass bet in order to activate 3 or 4 numbers.

The amount to bet at the casino when you play craps is up to both you and your bankroll. When offered 100x odds by the casino, you need not bet it all. You should simply bet amounts you can afford. The aim is putting some percent of your wager which is as large as possible in the free odd, which comes without a house edge. Simply play with your least wager on pass or come and attain the entire wager you hope for by placing the rest in odds.

Placing 6 & 8

With this craps strategy, rather than wait for a point to get established by the shooter, you select numbers yourselves. Apart from 7, the other common numbers here are numbers 6 & 8. For placing 6 and 8, the house edge is 1.52%. Most experienced craps players in this game avoid other place bets as they come with a higher house edge – 4% on either 9 or 5 and 6.67% on either 10 or 4. So, when placing 6 or 8, it’s advisable you wager multiples of $6. The wagers which win get paid at odds of 7-6, however failing to wager in multiples of $6 means when you win, your pay will be shorter. For instance, a bet of $5 gets a pay of $5, whereas a bet of $6 gets a pay of $7.

The Don't Pass & Don't Come Bets

As seen through the name, this is exactly the opposite of the first betting strategy discussed above. Here, you're betting against a point being made by the shooter. Compared to pass and come bets, don’t pass and don’t come bets come with a house edge of 1.36%. Also, with a combo of odds, the edges reduce to 0.7% (1x), 0.5% (2x), 0.3% (3x, 4x, 5x), 0.2% (5x), 0.1% (10x) as well as 0.01%(100x). As the pass and come above, your aim is placing some percent of your wager which is as large as possible into the odds --the don’t pass and don’t come bets have edges whereas the odds do not come with one. Therefore, it’s advisable for you to wager minimums when using this strategy, before attaining the total wager you want through the laid odds.

Pass Combined with Odds, Plus Place 6 And (Or) 8

In craps game, when you wish to play with free odds but can’t use them on pass plus come bets, you can play with this mixed strategy. In this strategy, you begin by using a pass line wager on table minimum. After establishing a point, add your free odds to the pass bet. Where the point is either 6 or 8, you should include to the other number a place bet. Where another number is the point, you should include place bets on 6 as well 8.

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Other Strategies

The systems discussed above are the best and most commonly used ones to play and win at craps at the casino, whether a live casino or an online casino, because they provide a higher possibility of a win at Craps table game. Though, other beneficial strategies exist. You should be aware that the craps strategies to be discussed below come with house edges which are higher than the previously discussed strategies and so are less frequently used when playing craps table game at casinos.

Put bets

With this strategy, you can play with free odds even when a point hasn’t been established by the shooter. These sorts of wagers are pass line bets which are made when a point has been established by the shooter. If the shooter gets to roll the dice and it’s a 6 on the comeout, a bet can still be made on the pass line. When your point’s a 6, a win gets you even amounts. It comes with high house edges: 9.1% (when you’ve got 6 or 8 points), 20% (when you’ve got 5 or 9 points), or 33.3% (when you’ve got 4 or 10 points). This is due to the fact that you’re avoiding the comeout, with about eight methods of winning (six methods in which 7 can be rolled and two methods in which 11 can be rolled) and just four methods of losing (two methods of rolling 3, one method of rolling 2 and also one method of rolling 12).

What’s attractive about this craps strategy is you’re able to add free odds (these don’t have edges) to your put bets. If you prefer lower numbers, you may not need to make put bets. So, if you prefer 6 or 8, it’s better to make place bets.

Though there are certain points in which put bets are equally as good and even regarded as better than making use of place bets. With 6 or 8 points put bets also have 1.52% house edge like place bet where 5x odds are taken, with a lower house edge where more odds are wagered. Where 4x odds are taken, the rest of the put bets have an equal house edge with place bets that is 4% on either 9 or 5 and 6.67% on either 10 or 4. You should realize that the more the odds, the lower the edge on the put-odds combo.

Therefore, if you’ve got enough bankroll and can wager 5x odds, your put bets on either 6 or 8 are similar to when you place 6 and 8. So, with odds of 6x or more, the put-plus-odds is even superior to place bets of 6-8.

Don't Pass with Lay Odds, Plus Lay 4 Or 10

When using this craps system at the casino, simply begin with the least table wager on don't pass. When a point has been established by the shooter, odds are laid on the point. For instance, If it’s 4, then 10 should be laid. Whereas when it’s 10, then 4 should be laid. If another number is the point, then both should be laid.

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The various craps strategies have their downsides. For the pass and come betting system, once there’s an established point, the number usually rolled, which is 7, ends up as a loser. Also, with place bets, 7 is rolled quite often and loses. So, due to these, some craps players at a casino or online casino play craps hedge bets to cover them. One of the methods of hedging is by wagering on any 7 while also making a place bet.

For instance, where $6 is placed on 8, but you hedge any 7 with $2, then where the shooter gets to roll an 8, $7 is won on the place bet and $2 is lost on the hedge, giving you a profit of $5. If instead, 7 shows up, then $6 is lost on the place bet however, as 7 gets paid at odds of 4-1, $8 is won on the hedge, giving you a profit of $2. Dice rolls are however not restricted to 8 & 7, so a 7 is a single-roll bet. Whereby another number comes up, $2 is lost on a 7 while the place bet is active till an 8 or 7 gets rolled by the shooter. If you’ll keep on hedging, a new $2 wager must be added, and this may go on and on. Several hedge bets can be lost together with the place bet. At 16.67%, a 7 has a house edge which is higher than edge of 1.52% when placing 6 or 8.  A proper place bet hedged with a 7 ends up in a greater total house edge and with greater losses. With this betting system, place bets of $6 on 8 and hedging $2 on a 7 on each dice roll, mean with the hedge, per 36 dice rolls, your loss is around $13 and without it, about $1.


Similar to how place bets allow you to make number selections rather than passing through a come-out roll when making wagers with the shooter, the craps lay betting system allows don't pass bettors to make number selections they want to wager against.

Iron Cross Strategy

The Iron Cross is basically a hit-and-run craps betting system. It aims to cover multiple numbers, search out a win on the first roll, and take down the rest of the bets, acquire your profit and go on.

Where can You Use these Strategies?

The firstly discussed craps strategies are the most popular systems of betting craps in casinos (land-based casino or online casino), while the others are the alternate craps strategies. Generally, it’s more advisable for you to rely on bets which come with lower house edges. Now that you know how to win at craps, you can try out your preferred method on any casino among the online casinos we have provided on our online casino comparison. Simply check it out and play on your preferred casino.

Most of the casinos provided give you the best bonuses for registering and depositing, which means you can play with these best and alternate craps strategies on the casinos without using your money! Some of them also allow you to play demo games before playing with real money. Simply log on to our page, check out the various online casinos, select “roll the dice” and play and win with the available options till you have a preference.

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Choose your Craps Strategy

Various craps strategies exist; however, none provides total certainty, you’ll need a little bit of luck to make profitable earnings from this game. However, as consistently stated, playing with a craps strategy is the first step in making those earnings. The craps betting strategies provided range from low house edges to higher house edges. For practical testing of these craps' strategies, simply use them with games from some of the online casinos we’ve made available in our shared link, you can even try them out for free! So, hurry now, use your preferred craps system to recover your staked money and make extra profits, however always remember, it’s advisable to avoid higher house edges.
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