Virtual Sports Online 2020: Rules, Winnings & Odds

Virtual Sports

Gone are the days where the sport available for people is at the coliseum, where everyone had to be present to see the brave acts and hear the blood curdling cries of the gladiators. We have moved past the age of been physically present at the racetracks to bet on our favorite horses. Even football fans now have the option of staying at home to bet, even while not watching the match. Our world has moved to the age of virtual sports and virtual sports betting. Simply put, we have gotten to the point where our physical presence is not needed at the venue of the sport, neither is it needed to bet; we have moved to another reality, the virtual reality.

Virtual Sports are electronic games that create a graphic feedback on a display device. These games can be fantasy games, drawn with pen and paper, and which are inspired by real life sports. These games can be played by multi-users.

Important facts about virtual sports
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  • These games do not involve real people

  • The games are played on electronic devices

  • The outcome of the games can be known in a short time

  • Virtual sports have better regulations than real life sports

Virtual Sports Explained

The development of 3D graphics and other ground-breaking technologies have led to the discovery and improvement of virtual sports and their expansion. Virtual sports have become a significant addition to gambling platforms because they provide new opportunities for betting.

Virtual sports were first introduced by John Burgeson in 1961 when he created a fantasy baseball program where the outcome was determined by RNG (Random Number Generator). The spread and acceptability became faster with developments in computer technology as well as graphics. The sports are still developing and improving significantly, and are fast becoming popular among gamblers.

In virtual sports, the participants are the virtual models of real sports teams and actual sports stats, and the existing rules from real sports disciplines are applied. In virtual sports, the participants are the virtual models of real sports teams and actual sports stats, and actual rules from real sports are applied. The game operates with artificial intelligence which analyses the individual characteristics of participants, including their injuries, stamina, physical parameters, etc. And as opposed to the outcome of real events, here, the result is determined by the random number generator (RNG). The simulations of sports are used for the purpose of betting, as betting is allowed at any time irrespective of the schedule of real tournaments. These virtual sports take the place of the real ones, making it possible for you to view your preferred sports teams, as well as enjoy the real events' atmosphere with the help of lifelike animation and high-quality audio.

Virtual Sports Rules

Like in real life games, virtual reality sports also have rules that the players have to stick by. But in the real sense, the generic rules of the games are applicable, while sometimes, the developers of the games also add one or more rules of their own to make the game more interesting and user-friendly.

However, below are the generic rules of the game.

  • Each game starts with an introduction that displays a list of all the players and their Number and Prices. The game in itself follows the introduction.
  • Because of the nature of streaming, the commentary information may not be in sync with the video stream. This is reported to be normal and it does not have any effect on the event outcome.
  • At the end of the game, there will be short reply of the winning moments followed by a display of the game statistics.
  • At this point, the company will settle the bets as soon as they can (period of settlement varies from company to company), which in essence means that more often than not, there will be a delay in the settlement. After the results have been displayed, the introduction of the next race will start. The result of each will be shown on the website for a short of period of time.
  • At the inception of a virtual game, betting markets will be refreshed to show the next event’s betting options.

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Strategy and Tips for betting and wining

Although, many websites claim to have fool proof and reliable tips as to winning or recommend you to read a book. However, more often than not, experience has proven that these tips are not 100% reliable. What we can offer here is advice and tips that can ensure that you bet and win. The tips are contained below:

  1. Select your sport thoughtfully and wisely- The general rule is that the more the competitors in the sport, the higher your risk of losing. The odds may not be as wide ranging or as high, but the chances of you winning are greater the fewer options to bet on you have.
  2. Virtual Sports are designed to give you a representation of a real life event but in actual sense, there is a degree of randomness which means that it is extraordinarily difficult to predict with any certainty who will win an event or what a successful bet will be. This makes it very important that your bets should be small, at least till you have a mastery of the game.
  3. Lose your losses- The trick in virtual sports betting is that you bet little amounts in various games, and you watch them go ass you lose games. Do not give in to chasing your losses by adding more money to your bet. You will lose more money that way. If you find winning difficult, the tip for you is to stop, or look for another game to play.
  4. Support the favorites- More often than not, the favorite or best players have the greater chances of making you win. The tip here is that you should support them, but not always. Even when they do not win, they come in as part of the winners, which will still make you get returns.

Playing Virtual sports for free

Virtual games can be played for free, and like all forms of online gambling, the player does not need to register or place a bet. In essence, such a player just plays the game to pass time or he plays the demo version of the game. Free games are usually a shorter version of the full game, which might demand some form of registration from the player as well as a requirement to place a bet in order to ensure winnings.

The winning possibilities for virtual sports games vary and they are in sharp contrast to the real life games. This is where the rules set by the developers of these games come in, and it is not always surprising to find out that the virtual sports games rule differ from the real game rules. To play any of your virtual sports for free, simply check any of the casino websites recommended on our Online Casino Comparison.

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Virtual sports Live Casino

Not all Virtual sports players want to be sat behind a PC screen or a smartphone screen while betting on virtual sports or virtual sports games. Some online casino players love to socialize and interact with a community of players as they do at Tukwila, and this is where virtual sports live casino is beneficial. Playing virtual sports in live casinos feels real and is quite enjoyable as you get to view whatever sports is going on live from the comfort of your home. It’s something between an online game and a session in the VIP hall of the actual casino.

Legal Situation of Virtual sports with focus on online gambling

In the United States, online gambling has been outlawed for a long time, with players having to register at offshore casinos to play games with their money. As it stands, online gambling in the United is legal in a number of states therein.  As a matter of fact, only gambling craps is very popular and legal in the US, although, its legality is relative to each states’ laws. Online craps real money betting is better accepted and more commonly heard of in the US than the online sports betting and online lottery, for reasons that may depend on which is more profitable and other risk factors.

Casinos with Virtual sports: Play now

Due to the legal issues surrounding online gambling, it may be difficult to find online gambling casinos in the U.S. which offer you virtual gaming services. However, if you wish to play virtual games in yyyy such as laser tag and you’re in a state which legally permits it, you’re good to go. Some of the top casinos you can visit are itemized carefully in our information guide.

You can play virtual sports and virtual games on these casinos with either your PCs or your smartphones through the apps which you can get on the apple app store or google play store.

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Have Fun and get paid

Virtual games are the deal when it comes to enjoyable and realistic casino gaming in a serene way, and without the troubles of being physically present to gauge odds. To enjoy your virtual sports betting and virtual sports games and win yourself some jackpots, simply head to any of the recommended online casinos provided above. If you’re on the go, ensure you can always catch up with your fun through the online casino app on your smart device.
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