Video Poker Online 2020: Rules, Winnings & Odds

Video Poker

Video poker is among the casino games that keeps players glued to casino screens thanks to favorable video poker odds. Though it’s a widely enjoyed game, most video poker players seem to know little about how it all started. Here’s a short story for you, In the 1970s, when PCs got introduced, the very first poker machines known as “Poker-Matic” accompanied them, though such machines were pretty different from what we refer to as video poker machines today.

The machines were developed by Bally, they were rather big and came in colorless screens (black and white). Within a year of their creation, there was competition from a rival company which produced the game in a colored version. By the year 1979, Video Poker casino games gained popularity in Vegas Casinos when Si Redds Coin Machines (also known as SIRCOMA) established a variant known as Draw Poker which came with low odds and higher winning hands. This gave casino players confidence to venture into these games over slots. However, in our modern day, various forms of video poker exist, with several payouts, several rules, designs and games. With the coming of the internet, online video poker has made the variations of this game largely available, giving you the opportunity to play it where and when you want.

Important facts to know about Video Poker
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  • There are numerous variations of video poker

  • Variations come with additional rules of play

  • On online video poker, your cards are generated randomly

  • You can legally play online video poker in some states

Video Poker Game process

Just as live video games, online video poker games also deal player’s cards from computer-generated cards that comprise of the usual 52 cards or added cards like jokers. Irrespective of the size of the deck, the automated software generates cards for you through the Random Number Generator (R.N.G.) which gives you five cards which you get to pay for to start the game. When you’ve been given these cards, you have the option of replacing these cards once with another set of randomly generated cards if you’re not okay with the cards given to you. After the dealing, a comparison is made between your hand and the stipulated pay table and payouts are given based on this. Quite differently from other forms of poker, when playing video poker, there’s no need for a comparison between your hand with hands of other players or with that of the dealer. Winning or losing all depends on your hand value. This is the basic gameplay of video poker games. However, there are variations of video poker and these variations may come with some extra rules concerning gameplay.

  1. Deuces Wild: The game makes use of the usual 52 card deck; however, the jokers are made up of all deuces. The pay in Deuces Wild goes to the stronger poker hands.
  2. Jacks or Better: This variation was discussed in Video poker strategy as the best form of video poker to profit with. It also makes use of a 52-card deck and a reasonably simple pay table.
  3. Tens or Better: These sound like Jacks and Better, they’re also played like Jacks and Better. When playing tens or better, when you win, in addition to your payout, you also get paid for a pair of tens.
  4. Aces and Faces: They’re also the same as Jacks or Better though they come with additional payouts for four of a kind hand.

These are just few of the diverse variations of Video Poker, though irrespective of the version you choose, the odds are usually favorable to you.


As explained above, there are basic rules of Video Poker. These rules are quite similar to draw poker but, here, you’re not playing against others. So, your aim will be getting the 5 card poker card which is ranked the highest, however there are also variations of video poker which come with their own separate rules and payouts. The diversity of video poker could appear a bit much for even experienced players. Therefore, it’s really important for you to understand the various rules of the variant you find yourself playing. Most casino sites provide you with the various rules on gameplay. You can also find more on our online casino comparison page.

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Winning possibilities

One thing that separates video poker as one of the best among different online casino games is the fact that your skill actually counts when you play. Therefore, when you have an effective strategy, your chances of winning are increased. There are certain strategies that can be regarded as umbrella strategies as they seem to apply to all variation of video poker. Here’s some of our basic advice for video poker, make sure you always have with you a royal flush, a straight flush, 4 of a kind, as well as a full house with 3 of a kind, abandon the remaining 2 cards (to get a chance at 4 of a kind). When you’ve got 2 pair, do away with your fifth card to get a chance of a full house. Having a low pair is better for you compared to a single high card. Also, if J, K, Q or your ace is what you’ve got, then hold onto it. You can find more details on winning possibility on our Video poker strategy article.


This contains the important terms you need to take note of while you play this game. There’s a possibility you’ll come across some of these terms when playing video poker.

  1. A full house: This term refers to a poker hand in which 3 similar cards are held, together with a pair of similar cards.
  2. A straight: This refers to five successive cards that form a poker combination.
  3. Flush: The flush is a term which refers to five similar cards, such as five aces.
  4. Four of a kind: This refers to where four of the five cards have the same value, such as four hearts.
  5. Jackpot: This is the prize of video poker machines, which normally requires a straight flush to get paid out. To win video poker jackpots, you might have to bet the highest coins.
  6. Pay table: This table reveals the amount paid out for each poker hand.
  7. Random Number Generator: The RNG helps to randomly generate cards in your video poker game, however, if you’re not okay with these, you can change cards through a button on your screen.
  8. Wild cards: The function of wild cards is to serve as replacement for other cards. They can come in form of deuces or joker cards, depending on the variant being played.

Strategy & Tricks

Although video poker appears easy, to fully profit from this game, you have to play it with the right strategy.  To help you in video poker, strategy charts exist, therefore you should refer to the standard strategy charts, you can access them through a google search. Knowing some of the charts off hand is also a helpful trick for you. In addition to this, you should study the variation you’re playing and know what cards should be done away with and cards to be retained.

Also, whatever variation you choose, ensure you bet maximum coins where there’s an offered jackpot and make sure the Return to Player (RTP) percent is high. Also, ensure you manage your bankroll wisely as you do not want to lose all the money you have while trying to acquire what isn’t yours yet. You can learn this through bankroll and money management.

Playing for Free

You can play video poker for free on any of the casino websites recommended on our online casino comparison page. Simply check them out, select your preferred casino and follow the rules. Most of the online casinos provided give you free bonuses for registering and depositing! You can also access other features like slots and other poker games. In accordance with the privacy policy and Cookie policy, you may have to accept cookie requests to fully enjoy these casinos. If you ever face any issues, simply contact the customer support services.

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Video Poker in Live Casino

Not all video poker players want to be sat behind a PC screen or a smartphone screen while playing this game. Some players love to socialize and interact with other players at the casino, and this is where live video poker is beneficial. At live video poker games, there are also a vast number of video poker variations, some of them have already been mentioned earlier in this article.  The live video poker variations include Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Pick em’ Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double Bonus Poker, Multi Strike Poker, Spin Poker, Multi-Hand Video Poker amongst other exciting variations.

Legal situation of video poker with focus on online gambling

In the U.S., most players question whether or not online gambling is legal. The fact is it’s a complex situation, as State and Federal legislations differ. So, it all boils down to where you’re located. As it stands, online gambling in the United is legal in a number of states therein.  As a matter of fact, only gambling craps is very popular and legal in the US, although, its legality is relative to each states’ laws. Online craps real money betting is better accepted and more commonly heard of in the US than the online sports betting and online lottery, for reasons that may depend on which is more profitable and other risk factors.

Casinos with Video Poker: Play now

Due to the legal issues surrounding online gambling, it may be difficult to find online gambling casinos in the U.S. which offer you online video poker services. However, if you wish to play online video poker games and you’re in a state which legally permits it, you’re good to go. Some of the top casinos and the games you can play therein can be found in our information guide.

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Cool strategies to video Poker

Video poker is arguably a game with the odds heavily in your favor. However, you must be aware of the basic rules and the specific rules of whatever variation you choose to play (whether it’s the Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Pick em’ Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double Double or others). To enjoy your video poker games and win yourself some jackpots, simply head to any of the recommended online casinos provided above. If you’re on the go, ensure you can always catch up with your fun through the online casino app on your smart device.
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