Slingo Online 2020: Rules, Winnings & Odds

A mixture of slots and bingo, slingo is a highly entertaining and fun casino game to play. The game combines parts of the two games to create an exciting fast-paced game, that players can garner awesome wins from, and is sometimes called “slingo bingo game”. Slingo is an awesome game for people that love playing bingo and love playing slots as well seeing that it is a mixture of both games. It is a very fun game to play, and what's more, you can also win money while playing this game.

Highlights on Slingo
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  • Slingo is a fun online game for anyone to play

  • You can also apply strategies to help you win at slingo

  • You can access slingo easily on your smart phones

  • Slingo games online are based on Random Number Generators

Game Process

Slingo has a layout very similar to bingo unsurprisingly since it is a hybrid of bingo and slots. Basically, this game is all about catching all the numbers and filling the entire card. Also, there is usually a slingo slot machine apart from the use of the bingo cards. On each spin, the machine reveals five numbers, which the player takes note of. If the player has any of the numbers displayed on his card, he then marks off the cards.

In slingo, you play against other players, just like in bingo in a leaderboard-type of game where you try to get the most points than other players and get prizes awarded based on your position.


In addition to the limited number of spins, there is usually also a time limit within which these spins must all be played.

In most slingo games, the number of spins is limited to 20, but only the first sixteen are free, while the rest cost extra coins.

Exact point calculations vary between different versions of the game. While exact point calculations may differ, in most sling games you’ll earn points for daubing a number, filling a horizontal and vertical lines, and, of course, daubing the entire grid. You’ll usually lose points when the Devil symbol appears and when you buy extra spins after you run out of the original free spins.

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Winning Possibilities

Like every other game offered at online casino sites, there is an inherent slingo advantage that favors the house. The exact percentage varies depending on the exact version of the game but it is in the region of 95 percent. So, overall, this isn’t a horrible return to player but it is definitely among the worse ones you can find online these days.

In terms of wins, you can win up to 200x your stake if you manage to get the Full House, i.e. complete the entire card. However, this can be a pricey proposition, especially in the games where the initial number of free spins is smaller, i.e. 16, as every new spin can cost multiple times the original stake.


Some terms you may need to get acquainted with to play slingo with better understanding include:

Cherub – like the opposite of the devil symbol, this one doubles the players point

Daub – the act of marking the number on your card

Devil – this symbol cuts the player's points in half

Free spins – the perk you can use to play spins for free

Strategy and Tips

Since slingo bingo is an online game, each game you can play is entirely based on Random Number Generator, hence adopting a strategy to beat the slingo game is not so easy. However, applying basic betting strategies that will help you gamble responsibly with your bankroll, and avoid losing to the house edge.

Playing for Free

Slingo originals is very available for players to access and enjoy online. And considering the fact that it started as a free game for players to enjoy, there is very little worry as to whether you can get to play it without having to spend any money. This is because there are various online casinos from which you can play this game for free, and some of them have been provided on our Online Casino comparison page such as Slingo quest. Simply check out the various casinos on our site for the various slingo games online provided.  You should also keep in mind that you can access and play slingo blast on your smartphone.

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Live Slingo In Online Casino

Like a lot of other casino games that you will find online, slingo has variations of the traditional game that you are going to find in some of these online casinos, these variations differ from the slingo originals in some features they may possess that is likely to increase the player's chances of winning and make the game more fun. Some of the most popular variations you will find online include:

  1. Slingo Extreme: Slingo Extreme is a variation of slingo slots machine that has a progressive jackpot attached in the game, and this variant presents slingo at a much faster pace.
  2. Slingo Reveal: Slingo Reveal has some extra wonderful features added into it apart from the original slingo game. An example of such feature is where you have the chance to win additional pay-out by revealing numbers on a scratch card as you land patterns on the reels.

Other variants worthy of mentioning include: Slingo quest, Slingo blast, Slingo Showdown and Rainbow Riches Sling.

Legal Situation of Slingo With Focus on Online Gambling

The situation of online gambling in the United States of America is a very delicate and complex one. To answer simply if you can play a slingo casino online game, the answer would be yes you can, but only at a licensed online casino and in a state where online gambling is not illegal. So, before signing up on any online casino, make sure that you have checked that they are truly licensed for online gambling, and that the state you are in does not prohibit forms of online gambling like Slingo. Otherwise, you can just enjoy playing slingo for the fun of it on an app that does not require that you wager.

Casinos with Slingo: Play Now

Generally, there are few online casinos featuring slingo games in their libraries so players can have their pick. With this in mind, you can also focus on other important aspects, including generous bonuses and availability of other games like slots and table games. You always want to get best for your money and if you were wondering what casinos have slingo slots and where to play, you can find the best recommendations from our information guide.

These online casinos make gambling much easier, and it's even much easier now that you can access that's online casinos just like the ones provided above, on your smart phone.

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How to get started with winning

It is very much safe to say that slingo is a very fun game to play, and even better, it is easier to play since it is result available online either as a simple game to play for experience sake, or as a gambling game to double the thrill by playing and possibly winning. So if whatever you are looking for in an online casino game, you can and should get it on slingo. Simply follow the guide provided for a swell time while playing the game.
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