Online Bingo 2020: Rules, Winnings & Odds

Online Bingo

Bingo! We’re all familiar with this yell in this exciting game. It’s amusing to know that the name of the game was originally “beano”, however with its entry into North America, the name “bingo” has since stuck. One fun fact about bingo in the U.S. is it knows no bounds as it’s played in various social gatherings whether it’s at an elderly peoples’ home, a charity funfair or a salon. Nowadays, with the coming of the internet, bingo games have become more accessible online. With this development, you can now play online bingo games free each time you desire as online bingo games can be accessed 24/7 irrespective of when you choose to play.  Similar to the conventional bingo games, online bingo seems to unite players even better, as the virtual bingo experience features a live chat room with your fellow players. However, for players of online bingo in USA, there are concerns as to whether online bingo can be legally played.

Important facts to know about Online Bingo
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  • Your cards are generated randomly

  • Online Bingo makes use of an auto daub feature

  • There are certain tricks which boost your chances of winning

  • You can legally play Online

Game process

Quite similarly to the offline version which requires a set of players, when playing online, the game is played with multiple players and starts according to a schedule. Though with the different online casino real money around, you hardly have to wait before entering an online bingo room. When playing online, the gaming software helps you randomly generate total bingo cards. Majority of online games allow you change cards or new cards through a button if you’re not satisfied with the initial set of numbers generated. Each online bingo game comes with a caller as well as a board which displays the bingo numbers. Also, your game pattern is displayed on the screen.

To help you in automatically marking off the numbers on your card, you’re provided with an auto daub feature, though you can manually daub yourself if you don’t need help. There are various forms of Bingo, the major ones include the 90 Ball Bingo, the 80-ball bingo, the 75 Ball Bingo as well as the 30 Ball Bingo. Though such numbers may be determined by whether the site you’re playing on is based on Us or Eu rules. The numbers are also represented in the random number generator (R.N.G) by a ball. As the caller announces them to the room, the players check all their cards to see if the number on any is the announced number.

Whereby a player’s number is mentioned, the player marks it by selecting the square it’s located in or it gets marked automatically when you use the auto daub feature. After a “bingo” pattern is displayed on the page, you can then click “BINGO” on your screen. Though if you rely on the auto mode, you can use a card manager on your online bingo software. It’s advisable for you to rely on auto features until you understand how to operate the game manually.


When playing this game, there are basic rules you should note, as well as some specific rules depending on the bingo game you choose to play. The basic rules are easy.  There are mainly 3 ways a game of bingo is won:

-One Line: Here, a full horizontal line of numbers has to get marked to win.

-Two Lines: Here, two full horizontal lines of numbers have to get marked to win.

- Full house: To win, all the numbers must get marked off.

Let’s look at a Bingo game with numbers 1 to 75. Each player needs to purchase bingo cards. When you’re given virtual cards, the cards are placed before you in a grid form with several numbers in designated lines and rows.

Once the game begins, the software which carries out the random selection of numbers, also known as the caller, begins to draw several numbers. After the game starts, you’re not permitted to buy cards any longer.

During the duration of the game, random numbers get drawn and are announced by the caller, while players check their cards for the announced numbers till a player claims Bingo after marking off a full house. The game then ends, the players’ numbers are verified, and the player wins his prize.

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Winning possibilities

Since its online, you may wonder what chances you have of winning at online bingo. Online bingo gambling is regarded as a game of luck just like offline bingo. However, there are certain ways through which you can increase your possibilities of winning. The commonly relied upon method is by purchasing more cards. Generally, where everyone holds the same number of cards, all players have an equal chance. However, you can increase your chance of winning by buying multiple cards, since the more the number of cards you purchase, the higher the odds of winning move in your favor. This works best when the players are fewer as you’ll have an edge over other players compared to when more players are involved, and the cards will have to be shared evenly.


This contains the important terms you need to take note of when playing this game. There’s a possibility you’ll come across some of these terms when interacting with other bingo players online.

  1. Card: This refers to the bingo cards which come with numbers and are purchased by players.
  2. Manual Daub: A manual daub means you count the cards yourself. It is best operated when you’re acquainted with how online bingo works.
  3. Automatic (Auto) Daub: This is a feature provided by the automatic software which marks off the drawn balls for you automatically once they’re drawn. This feature assists you while you’re still new.
  4. Random Number Generator (RNG): The RNG helps to randomly draw balls for you, however, if you’re not okay with these, you can change cards through a button on your screen.
  5. Diagonal: It’s among popular bingo lines, to win, you have to mark off all the numbers on any diagonal.
  6. Diamond: Quite similar to the above, the player is required to mark off the numbers in a diamond shape to end up as the winner.
  7. Automatic (Auto) buy: This assists you in buying cards for set games based on your preference.
  8. Advanced buy: Through the advanced buy, you can purchase tickets for future games which you’re unable to acquire at the appropriate time.
  9. Pattern: This refers to the number combinations a player has to mark off to become the winner

Strategy & Tricks

For winning at bingo, it was established above under the winning possibilities that buying multiple cards is a way of increasing your odds. However, another exciting trick you should complement with the above is by playing when most players are not. As stated under the gaming process, Online bingo games run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, therefore, a trick is to begin your own game when most players will be resting or asleep. This way, the number of players is sure to be less than usual and you can easily buy more cards than the other players.

This way, you will also have a greater odd than a period of the day when many players will be actively in the game. You should therefore carefully study the period of the day when most players are inactive and play your online bingo games free of a higher number of players.

Playing for Free

To play online bingo for money USA, you can play online bingo games for free on any of the casino websites recommended on our online casino comparison page. Simply check them out, select your preferred casino and follow the rules. Most of the online casinos provided give you bonuses for registering and depositing! You can also access other features like slots and poker games. In accordance with the privacy policy and Cookie policy, you may have to accept cookie requests to fully enjoy these casinos. If you ever face any issues, simply contact the customer support services.

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Online Bingo in Live Casino

Most online casinos also provide live games for their customers, live bingo is not an exception. With live bingo, you have the exact bingo gaming experience. Rather than have a random number generator, it involves real persons calling the number. With live casino variation of this online bingo games, players can now enjoy the actual bingo experience from the comfort of their rooms. With the live presenters, players are sure to enjoy the online bingo sessions even better as it adds comfort to the real experience. If you prefer this version of bingo games, you need not go searching, you can access these live variations through any of the casinos we shared above in the online casino comparison page.

Legal situation of online bingo with focus on online gambling

In the U.S., most players question whether or not online gambling bingo is legal. The fact is it’s a complex situation, as State and Federal legislations differ. So, it all boils down to where you’re located. As it stands, in most US states, the legal way of playing is if the bingo game is being played for charitable purposes, and this applies to Land-based casinos. However, you can be certain that all the casinos reviewed in this site are all legal, but you need to check and be sure which of the casino site in available in your state so you won’t going any state laws.

Casinos with Online Bingo: Play now

Due to the legal issues surrounding online gambling, it may be difficult to find online gambling casinos in the U.S. which offer you online gambling bingo services. However, if you wish to play online bingo games and you’re in New Jersey, you’re good to go. Some of the top casinos you can visit are:

You can play online bingo on these casinos with either your PCs or your smartphones through the apps which you can get on the apple app store or google play store.

Our information contains more than enough resources for you to check and see which works for your state.

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Play Online and Win!

Online bingo is arguably the most exciting and uniting of various online casino gambling games. It’s always a win-win for you as even if you lose the game, you’ll have made up for it with new friends. To enjoy your online bingo games, simply head to any of the recommended online bingo casinos provided above. If you’re on the go, ensure you can always catch up with your fun through the online bingo app on your smart device. You can check in at our Online Casino Comparison.
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