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June 6, 2021
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Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.
Our Associate Stephen is a former poker player from Las Vegas, Nevada, and online media editor. His in-depth view of the US online poker industry and his skills in playing the game are allowing him to write high-class and well-researched articles about regulation, legalization and poker events. He has an M.B.A in math and worked for several Universities.

Live Dealer Texas Hold’em 2021: Rules, Strategy & Bonus

The bet industry is a complex interaction of needs and choice. Various choice abounds in this industry and require the best value for each move. The multiplicity of players and gambling firms also imply the multiplicity of choice. Texas holdem is one of the options which the industry has made accessible in the casinos and off the casinos – online Texas holdem. Online Texas holdem can further be divided into the online and online live dealer Texas holdem. A major difference is that Live dealer provides online facilities with the presence of a real live dealer and a touch of realism.

Highlights of Live Dealer Texas Holdem
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  • Texas holdem is a type of poker card game

  • Well laid out payouts

  • Fair rules of engagement

  • Gives bettors variants and options

Variants of Texas Holdem

Here are some of the different variants of Texas Holdem which you can play for fun and also to win real money. They include:


The house sets limit on blinds and minimum bet in each round of Texas holdem. The bet limit is usually fixed at the flop stage and doubled in the fourth (turn) and fifth street (river). Blinds are set based on limit.

No limit

Has less strict rules like the limit. The players set the house minimum limit for each round. However, when a player’s turn to act reaches, the play may either bet up to the limit or bet the chips in front of them.

Pot limit

For a successful game the dealer has to be witty and cautious. He needs to have a vast understanding of the betting structure and system. The blinds and minimum wagers/bet on each round are set by the house. However, the highest chip value any player may bet at one time is the measure of cash in the pot.


There is a couple of differences between the live dealer Texas holdem and the online versions of this game.

  • Randomness - The online Texas holdem is totally based on randomly generated cards while the online live dealer Texas holdem is not.
  • Interaction - Players get to interact with the live dealer in the live dealer Texas holdem but the players in online Texas holdem rely on computer programmed event.
  • Realism - There is much more realism and real-time experience in online live dealer Texas holdem than in online Texas holdem
  • Multi-player actions - The winnings of other players in the game can be seen after each game in Live dealer Texas holdem but its opposite of it in the online Texas holdem because it’s a player against a computer.
  • Location - For live dealer Texas holdem to hold a location or studio is needed to perfect the live dealer participation in the game while the online game doesn’t need such.

What do I need to play at live casino?

You need the knowledge about the game is the first thing to acquire to play Texas holdem. As a player, you also need money to buy chips and stake bets. A right strategy will set you way ahead in the game as well. Lastly, a good internet connection will make the game really seamless.


  • Live dealer Texas Holdem sets a player against the croupier, rather than different bettors
  • The pace is fast
  • The decision making allows quick play of hands
  • Very interactive graphics interface
  • Convenience playing from one’s location


  • Absence of social interaction and fun
  • Players are forced to play at a fast pace which might not be favourable
  • Cards are virtual and
  • It can be boring see just the dealer throughout the game

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Games rules and processes

Texas holdem is played by 5 players. Every game requires a dealer who could be dedicated or selected among the players. When the dealer is selected, the dealership rights are rotated in a clockwise manner. The game has at least 1 betting round and ends at round 5th betting round.

Players bet with chips and dealer deals the cards to the players also called ‘under gun’. From the dealers left hand the small blind and big blind are called in succession.

The game is moves in clockwise direction, starting from the dealer’s left hand. Thus, the players can call, fold or raise in each betting round. The game ends after a showdown where the best card combinations win or before a showdown when all players but one folds.


The blinds are mandatory bets which the players must make to make the play worthwhile. The small blind is selected from the player on the left hand of the dealer and the Big blind is next player on the small blind left hand.

The deal

The dealer is identified by a dealer button. Two cards are dealt to each player with face turned down. These cards are known as hole cards. At this point it is called pre-flop. The dealership is rotated and identified with a button. The players bet with chips.

First betting round

In Texas holdem this the betting round is also called the pre-flop betting. The players must decide based on the card dealt to them whether to fold, call or raise.

The flop

A card is burned facing down while three community cards are dealt with facing up. These three cards are collectively called the board. A community card is a card that players can see.

Second betting round

After the flop the second-round betting takes place.

All players can decide to check that is no bets will be made. However, if a player raises a bet, others must either call or fold.

Winning possibilities

Texas holdem has the lowest house edges of 2.18%. The payouts are very attractive for players.

HandFinal Hand OddsBet/ante Payout
Royal Flush1 in 31,000500:1
Straight Flush1 in 3,20050:1
4 of a Kind1 in 60010:1
Full House1 in 393:1
Flush1 in 333:2
Straight1 in 221:1
3 of a Kind or Less9 out of 10Push

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Bluffing- a player can use this strategy to get his advantage. When the player has a strong hand, the player can appear like he has a weak hand in order not to scare away players with weak hands while on a weak hand he appears strong so as to push players into folding. Others include

  • Push/Fold Strategy
  • The Isolation Play
  • The Over-Bet
  • The Blocking Bet
  • Defending the Blinds
  • Floating the Flop
  • Set-Mining
  • The Reverse Tell
  • The Semi-Bluff
  • The Soul Read
  • The Stop and Go
  • The Triple-Barrel Bluff
  • The Squeeze Play
  • The Bluff Catcher
  • The Re-Steal
  • The Limp Re-Raise
  • The Cold 4-Bet

Legal Situation of Gambling in the US

The business of gambling is consistently ever-changing and growing. It ought to be noted that the alignment of this business with the mixing of technology is noteworthy. Its essence is to extend the membership base, player satisfaction and conjointly build profits. This pursuit of excellence cannot be achieved without the support of federal and state law. The setting necessary to realize this is often acceptable, if the law governing the country accepts and approves it. In previous times, gambling environments and sites were strictly prohibited. This may be attributed to the shortcomings and to regulate abuses that stretch to the welfare of players. This step is closely associated with the goal of maintaining human health. Health in terms of emotional and psychological wellbeing. Some states within the U.S. settle for some gambling sorts, particularly sports, and refuse others particularly card games.

This law isn't restricted to cases not connected to the net however extends to the net. this is often why some on-line gambling sites prohibit users to bound states within the U.S. wherever the law covers and protects their activities. In 2018, the U.S.A. Supreme Court granted gambling firms protection from federal laws. However, most states agree on sports betting, however, refuse card games like roulette, sic bo, slot, carp, poker et al.

Live Dealer Texas Holdem: Play Now

Texas holdem is kind of poker game. It involves the use of card. It has rules which are explicit enough. The game starts with a bet and ends with a showdown. Live dealer Texas holdem gives the player the convenience to play from home via his browser on pc or mobile phones. Texas holdem is a game that has high payouts.

Many casinos offer many games but it takes a far more organized one to offer live dealer Texas holdem. This more advanced and requires first class internet facilities. It is important to consider Casinos known for quality standards. Some casinos have very attractive play environment and promotional activities such as bonus. This is also true for other games such as Live craps and Live Blackjack.

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Get on and start winning
The game is made up of five players and every player has the opportunity to be a dealer. Live dealer Texas holdem gives an astounding video streaming opportunity at one’s convenience in any location one feels like playing. These games are easily accessible online either as a live dealer game or online one with randomly generated numbers. Check in at our Online casino comparison.
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