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September 3, 2021
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Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.
Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.

Live Sic Bo 2021: Rules, Strategy & Bonus

Live dealer Sic Bo is an exciting, rewarding casino game that uses a board and dice. As suggested by its name, the game originated from Asia where it is still extremely popular among online casino fans. Sic Bo, when translated to English, stands for two bricks. Standard games of Sic Bo are usually played with a board and three dice while the game across online casinos comes in many different forms and variations.

Each Sic Bo variation has its rules which generally apply to other games of this kind as well. The game can be played across land-based casinos and across online casinos in live dealer versions. When it comes to the standard online Sic Bo game, it is a computer-simulated game powered by Random Number Generators. Games are accessible via internet website browsers and smartphones. Players can use strategies as their skill and knowledge permits.

Highlights of Live Sic Bo
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  • It’s a game of dice
  • Strategies abound for players
  • It can be played in casino or online
  • Its legal in the US
  • Players do not require much skill to play

Live Sic Bo Variants

Sic bo has advanced with the changing system of online play and demand. Online live dealer sic bo and online sic bo are two responses to the demand. With the availability of smartphones and the demand for convenience and the same experience of service, live dealer sic bo comes into the scene. It involves both an online experience with a touch of realism and brick and mortar casino experience.

Grand hazard

The game is of British origin and is more simplified in the table outlook. The triple combinations are called raffles. The payouts are done in a x for y rather than x to y in sic bo. The player forfeits his bet money to the house.


This name comes from the shape and design of the dice cup. The cup is in form of wired frames, a kind of hourglass shape. It has very low odds when compared to sic bo.


Birdcage and chuck luck are variants with origin in grand hazard. The dice is not numbered. The wagers are done basically to predict a number occurrence.

Dai siu

Dai siu means ‘big small’. This another name for sic bo and played in macau with tighter odds.

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Differences between live dealer sic bo and online sic bo

There are a couple of differences between the online sic boc and the online live dealer sic bo. One is the physical area. Online live dealer sic bo requires a physical area for an effective sic bo game. This for the most part done at the land-based casino while online sic bo doesn't require such.

Secondly, Random number generators. online sic bo is computer generated and is played dependent on arbitrary computer created numbers. This is different in live dealer sic bo as the dealer is seen rolling the dice.

Thirdly, better involvement. Players who play online sic bo don't get the opportunity to encounter the reality only just a virtual display of diagrams on a board made by means of programmed calculations. Online live vendor sic bo gives player a feeling of reality with a croupier and noticeable member.

Fourtly, live streaming. Online sic bo does not require live video streaming like the online live dealer sic bo.

Lastly, interaction. There are live interactions in sic bo live games between players and the dealer at certain circumstances in time in online live dealer sic bo. This aspect is missing in online sic bo as the player interacts with the computer.

What do I need to play sic bo at live Casino?

  • Skill to play – the basic knowledge to play would be very important
  • Funds to play – need enough money to play
  • Quality internet connection

Advantages of live dealer sic bo

  • Convenience of play – players can play sic bo live from the comfort of their homes or office.
  • Players do not have to be at the casino to effect play.
  • It has no time or day restrictions.
  • Players get to enjoy the brick and mortar casino sic bo experience.
  • Players can get the privacy they need during play.

Disadvantages of live dealer sic bo

  • Players must adjust to the dealer's pace and tempo.
  • The thrill and fun related to the game played at brick and mortar venues is taken away to some degree.
  • players don't get the chance to communicate physically with different players.
  • it is exorbitant to set up, for example, getting a decent web connection.

Game processes & Rules

Sic bo is a game played with three dice of numbers 1 to 6 each. It is based on predicting the outcome of one or more of the three dice in a game. The game involves many players who have to make bets on a pattern or combination of numbers or outcomes. The types of bet determine their winning chances and profit earnings.

Players determine what bets they want to place and position them on the table accordingly. When bets are fully placed, they wait for the dealer to roll the dice. The dealer signals or announces ‘no more bets’ then rolls the dice in a cage and reveals the dice results. Winnings depend on the outcome of the dice and the bet type.

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Winning possibilities

The winning chances are higher with bets that have less specificity. More specific bets would mean trading the chances of winning for higher odds and subsequently more earnings. The winning possibilities depend on the players aim in playing. Different house edges and odds exist for various Sic bo bet options which have significant effects on the pay outs.

Bet optionsPay outsHouse edges
Big bet1:12.78%
Small bet1:12.78%
Specific doubles10:111.1% to 33.33%
Specific triples or ‘Alls’180:111.57% to 30.09%
Any triple or all ‘Alls’30:18.33% to 30.56%
Dice combinations6:116.67%
Single dice bet1:1 or 3:1 (based on no of appearance)
Four number combination7:111.1%
Three single number combination30:113.89%
Specific double and single number combination50:129.17%
Three Dice total4 or 1760:129.17%
5 or 1630:18.33% to 47.22%
6 or 1518:17.41% and 30.56%
7 or 1412:19.7% and 23.61%
8 or 138:112.50% and 22.22%
9 or 127:17.41% and 18.98%
10 or 116:112.50%

Strategy & Tricks

The game has been classified by many as a game of chance hinged on once luck. Unlike sic bo it has no statistical affiliation or mathematical hypothesis. It requires less skill. However, some factors can be considered when making some wagering decisions.

  • Numbers that appear repeatedly in previous outcomes
  • Betting on games with higher probabilities such as Big bet/ small bet
  • Play games with lower house edges
  • Keep separate account for bankroll and winnings. When the bankroll finishes, quit game.

Legal Situation of Gambling in the USA

In this section, we take a look at the current legal situation of online gambling and betting activities across the US states. The fact is that the iGaming industry has been thriving for some time now due to technological advancements which allowed the industry to expand on the Internet globally. The alignment of the online gambling and betting industry with the technology integration also led to rapidly rising numbers of online casino players and consequently rapidly rising revenues.

However, the industry’s expansion is not possible without state and federal agencies and bodies allowing online gambling and betting industry to operate in the first place. While not so long ago, online gambling facilities were prohibited across the US states, the situation is very much different today as a great number of states have legalized at least some types of gambling over the internet.

In other words, some states have legalized card games, online sports betting and similar, while others have only legalized online sports betting. All in all, the state and federal laws that oversee the industry determine the pace of the industry’s expansion which as of 2018 has been on the rise.

Casinos with sic bo: Play now

Sic bo is a multi-player game in the casino. It involves a dice and a roulette like board. The origin can be traced back to China. Players can play this game in casinos that offer these services. However, the quality of service needs to be considered. Players need to be properly guided in their thoughts for a reliable casino. This is why players need to look out for casinos known for high delivery standards. Great casino offers quality time for your sic bo games, promotional bonus, great privacy policy and good customer services. For live dealer type, they also make it top notch. Check at Online casino comparison to register and start winning.

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Why Sic bo is game for you?
Sic bo is one of the more attractive and interesting games with dice you could find in any online casino. The game's live version offers all the thrills of playing in a live casino, while the virtual version also provides some of the excitement and offers plenty of gambling chances to those who enjoy playing for high stakes or even smaller amounts of cash. As a bettor sic bo is a game you should play. It has enormous benefits such as high payouts and higher winning possibilities.  Check in at our guide for more information on other live games such as Caribbean stud poker, live craps, live blackjack.
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