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October 3, 2021
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Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.
Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Now he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.

Live Roulette 2021: Rules, Strategy & Bonus

Many games are played by bettors to get fun and win rewards for their play time. The game of Roulette is one of those games that offers lucrative winnings alongside super fun gaming sessions at all times. Some players who enjoy the game believe in using roulette winning strategies which are based on statistics and mathematical calculations which may secure winnings. While these can work sometimes, they cannot work for everybody at all times. All in all, the game of Roulette is equally popular at land-based and online casinos.

When it comes to the online game of Roulette, there are two versions, standard online games, and live dealer Roulette games. The former is based on RNGs or random number generators while the rules that apply remain the same for each version.

Highlights of Live Roulette
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  • It is very engaging and convenient

  • Live roulette has variants and options

  • High payment ratio

  • Rules are well spelt out

  • Absence of computer simulation or random number generators

Live Roulette Casino Variants

Live roulette has different variants and these variations has slight changes on the table numbers formation and also winnings. There are three popular variations of live roulette. This include American roulette, European roulette and French roulettes. They have unique House edges and Return to players (RTP). House edge are percentages which goes to the casino while RTP goes to the players.

  • American roulette – This roulette wheel has 38 pockets in total. 36 pockets are numbered 1 to 36. The remaining two pockets consist of a zero pocket and a double zero pocket. The House edge is around 5.3% while its Return to player rates is 94.7%
  • European roulette – This roulette wheel has 36 pockets and a single slot with one zero. Its more attractive to players in terms of its high RTP and low House edge. The RTP here is 97.3% while its house edge is 2.8%.
  • French Roulette – this roulette wheel is similar to the European roulette wheel and has a much Higher RTP and a lower house edge. On the average, the house edge is 2.8% but is made lower by the rule called “la partage” which enables player to get a cash back for half their bet stake when the ball lands on zero. Other rules favorable to players include Voisins du zéro, Le tiers du cylinder, and Jeu zero.


In recent times, live roulette has become accessible online. One form is the online Live roulette and the other is the in the form of online roulette. They both require internet access to play. However, this does not undermine the differences that exists between them. Physical location is  major difference between the live and other forms of Online roulette. Online live dealer roulette requires a physical location for a successful roulette game. This usually at the land-based casino while online roulette doesn’t require such.

Random number generators (RNG) is another point of difference. Online roulette is computer simulated and is played based on random computer-generated numbers. Real time experience is another point to consider. Players who play online roulette do not get to experience the reality but only a virtual representation made via programmed algorithms. Online live dealer roulette gives player a sense of reality with a croupier and visible participant. Video streaming on online roulette does not require video streaming like the online live dealer roulette. There are live interactions between players and the croupier at given points in time in online live dealer roulette. This is absent in online roulette. Lastly, cases of fraud and hacker invasion is common in online roulette while this is uncommon in live dealer roulette.

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What do I need to play Live Casino Roulette?

You need to understand the basics and technical know-how of the game to make a breakthrough. Apart from this, you also need a reasonable amount of bankroll to get ahead. Fast and quality internet connection is also very important.


  • Convenience – online live dealer roulette enables players to play from home or work or any location they deem fit unlike the land-based
  • Players can play anytime and day
  • Players get to enjoy the same real-time experience as land-based
  • Players do not need to be at the land-based casino before they can play
  • It guarantees players privacy during play


  • Players have to play the game at the pace set by the human dealer
  • it is costly to set up such as getting a good internet connection
  • players do not get to interact physically with other players
  • These games also take the thrill and fun part usually associated with the game played at brick and mortar casinos

Game processes

The player gets to choose whether to play in the European roulette or the American roulette or French roulette. Chips are used instead of monies and the players must first place a bet on numbers or options on the table. Dealer spins the roulette wheel and throws the ball and the winning number is announced after the ball lands safely. In any case, the type of bet placed determine the winnings

Outside bets are bets placed in the surrounding areas apart from the numbers 1 to 36. They are outside the central grid box. Red- to bet on red means the predicting the ball to land on a red number while black- to bet on black means the predicting the ball to land on a black number. There is also the Even and odds bet type. Even to bet on even means predicting the ball to land on an even number while the odd – to bet on odd means predicting the ball to land on an odd number.

Inside bets are bets which includes numbers within the central grid box from 1 to 36. They are based on number combination within the central grid.

Winning possibilities

The winning possibilities is determined by the accuracy of the bet prediction. The higher the accuracy of the bet prediction, the riskier and higher the odds would be. Inside bets are riskier and have higher odds compared to the outside bets. The house edge is a deliberate deduction calculated as a percentage which is payable by every player. The casino makes money from here and reserves the right to determine its house edge. It is orchestrated such that players loss money even when they win. American roulette has a higher house edge of 5.3% while European and French roulette is 2.8%. and 1.3% respectively. When a player wagers a bet of $10 in a European roulette, the player gets to receive $7.2.

The possibilities of high winnings are highly dependent on the house edge and return to the player. The return to player is determined by the house edge. 100 – House edge = RTP. The RTP for American roulette is 94.7 while European roulette is 97.3%. The method for payoff is calculated x: y which is x to y and not x for y. That is the player gets to get his money and at the same time his winnings. For $100 bet with 35 to 1 on a single number bet the player wins $3500 + $100.

Type of bets – The type of bet determines how much a play stands to win.

Inside betWining possibilities
Straight/single number bet35:1
Split bet17:1
Street/trio/steam bet11:1
Corner bet8:1
6-line bet5:1
Top line/5-number bet6:1
Outside betWinning possibilitiesRed1:1Black1:1Even1:1Odd1:11st dozen2:12nd dozen2:13rd dozen2:11-18/low1:119-36/high1:1columns2:1

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Strategy and tricks

  • Parlay – this strategy is used ‘’for even money bets’’ such as even/odd, black/red, 1-18/19-36 where they have 50% (1:1) probability of winning. This strategy requires that the initial bet size is determined. Parlay system implies that after each bet that is won, the next bet should be a double of the preceding bet. And in the event of a loss, the next bet should be the initial bet amount.
  • 7 corners – this system as the name implies involves placing corner bets at 7 positions in particular sequence or order. This is done such that only 10 numbers will lead to a loss when the ball lands on one of them. Corner bets are bets placed at intersection of 4 numbers.
  • Bomber – this strategy is based on the hypothesis that a number repeats itself in 12 consecutive spins. The player starts a bet with the last number the ball landed on and proceeds. If he loses, he increases his token or chip or bet for the previous spin and the current spin number.
  • Shaun roulette system – this strategy gives the player 9 out of 10 chances of winning. It requires a sufficient capital to rake in lots of profits. A player has to bet 66 tokens in a defined placement.
  • D’Alembert – this system is also based on ‘even money bet’ which include even/odd, black/red or 1-18/19-36 which have 50% probability. Based on this system, it is believed that there is a greater chance of winning after a loss and vice-versa. The bet is increased by 1 when a loss occurs and doesn’t change when a win occurs.

Legal Situation

As mentioned previously, the online casino gaming and betting industry are one of the most profitable industries which are always changing and expanding. The alignment of the online casino gaming industry in terms of technological advancements and rising trends brings more opportunities globally for fans of such gaming activities. In other words, with technological advancements growing, the industry’s player satisfaction, and player base are growing which consequently bring more profits. However, the industry cannot thrive in the absence of federal and state support.

In order to get this done the right way, the governing agencies and bodies have to approve such activities. In the past, gambling facilities were prohibited by federal and state laws and this can be traced to the major inability to control such venues to protect the players. However, as of relatively recently, many states in the USA lifted their bans on online gambling and betting activities.

It should be noted that state and federal laws are not only limited to online casinos, but they also govern offline venues of this kind. Then, some of the US states have not legalized such activities yet, while others have legalized just some forms of online betting and gambling. All in all, every state has its own laws and regulations that govern the iGaming industry.

Live Roulette: Play Now!

Roulette game is a table game played using results of roulette wheel spin. The game can be played by many players. Aside from the mortar and brick casino services of roulette, it can also be played online with randomly generated numbers as the game controller and live dealer type with a croupier dictating the game on screen. Check in at our Online Casino comparison. You can also find more information about other games such as Caribbean stud poker, and others.

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Get on and start winning
The rules are easy to learn and there are simple strategies that you can use to optimize your chances of winning. It offers high stimulation, exciting gameplay with the potential for big payouts. Join in on the fun and Start playing Live roulette at an online casino of your choice. You are however advised to gamble responsibly. Good luck with your live game adventures!
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