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June 9, 2021
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Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Know he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.
Jay is a total online gaming crack and knows every slot developer, operator and game theory by heart. Before becoming an editor he was part of a blackjack card counting group and taught young players how to beat the house. Know he's an ambitioned online editor and writes about new games, legalization of online gaming in the US and much more.

Live Casino Baccarat 2021: Rules, Strategy & Bonus

The Live Casino Baccarat can be traced back to the 15th Century. In fact, it happens to be one of the oldest casino games. At this time, only aristocrats were known to be the primary players of this casino game. However, in recent years, the Live Casino Baccarat has become a household game played both online and in a normal casino. The game was first introduced in Italy and then gradually bought its way to other countries. This extension and popularity resulted in changes in the game’s terms and conditions by each country- In some countries, it’s called Chemin De Fer.

Important Highlights of Live Casino Baccarat
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  • It’s easy to learn and play

  • You need a good internet connection to play online

  • You can place multiple bets on the same hand

  • There is no particular strategy or trick to winning a baccarat game

Live Casino Baccarat in Details

Baccarat game is a simple game that is enjoyed all over the world. However, like every other popularly recognized game, the baccarat game warns against betting on a tie. Like many live games in a casino, the live baccarat has gone through new live variants and adaptations over the years. The following are therefore necessary for a baccarat player so that he or she is fully grounded in the casino game;

Live Variants of the Baccarat

As it has been explained in the previous sections, the game of Baccarat has been through a variety of adaptations which have brought new exciting versions of this iconic game. Following, you can check some of the most popular versions of the game played today;

Chemin De Fer

This version of the game of Baccarat is one of the most popular. Unlike other variants, in Chemin De Fer, players are offered the right to decide whether a third or fourth card will be dealt from the deck or not. While the game is very popular among French online casino players, other also enjoy its unique rules. Chemin De Fer is played with six card decks on a table with punters playing against each other. Players seated at one table are called punters while the player dealing the cards is called the banker.

Midi Baccarat

Then, there is Midi Baccarat which is one of the most commonly played Baccarat variants in online casinos. Unlike Chemin De Fer, the game is played with eight card decks while all standard rules of the game apply.


Mini Baccarat also known as Punto Banco is another extremely popular Baccarat variant in which several punters with one dealer control the payouts and table actions. What is interesting about this game is that it can be played by only one player. In this case, the game features lowered table limits.

Side Bets

Side bets features in the game of Baccarat allow players to win bigger payouts for playing with side bets. With side bets, players can also win progressives.

Vip Baccarat

Vip Baccarat is played like any standard Baccarat game, but it features faster-paced actions and higher limits which make the game suitable for more experienced Baccarat players.

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Essentials for playing at Live Casinos

Apart from the knowledge about the intended game, the most basic and significant factor you need to play at online live casinos is a very good internet connection for HD quality video for easy access.

Advantages of Live Online Casinos

  • Many games can be played in Live Online Casinos.
  • Quick and easy generation of online casino bonuses.
  • Better odds are offered on most games.
  • Online Casinos are easy to access as long as you have an internet connection.
  • There are no prying eyes to personal details such as players’ gender and profession.
  • You can play from the comfort of your house.

Disadvantages of Live Online Casinos

  • Not all casino games can be transformed into live dealer casino games.
  • There are no waitresses waiting on you during the game as well as security to ensure your safety.
  • There are quite some fraudulent and illegitimate game playing websites.
  • There are chances of technical issues and errors occurring, which may slow the pace of the game.
  • There may be a delay from other online players in the game, which could slow the pace of the game. This may also easily bore the available players.

You may think that since the baccarat is quite popularly played across the globe, especially amongst the well to do citizens, the game sounds like a difficult and intimidating one. This is, however, not the case as the baccarat game is quite easy and simple to learn. All you need to do is understand the significant terms, processes, and strategies.

Live casino Baccarat Game Processes

As a player of this popular casino game, you need to know that there are three betting options. These options are quite easy to understand. Firstly, the player may place the bet on the “player hand.” Then, he or she may wager on the “banker hand.” Lastly, the payer may place the bet on a “tie.”

It is also important to point out that unlike other Casino games, the Live Casino Baccarat does not have a major requirement. This means that as a player, you are allowed to sit and watch the cards and also place your bet whenever you wish with no major restrictions.

Another thing to note in a Live dealer baccarat online is that a tie may be wagered by itself. It could also be wagered with the player or banker wager as stated in the betting options. What this means is that you can place multiple bets on the same hand. This feature makes the baccarat game quite unique from other casino games.

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Rules of the Live Casino Baccarat

The baccarat game is played with an eight-deck of cards in a shoe from which each of the player and banker's hand is given two cards. The hand ends when one of the two fractions (player/ banker) is dealt on 8 or 9 as a whole. This is a natural win for everyone who bet on the player. The same goes for the banker. In cases where none of them is dealt with an 8 or 9, the action of the player will be determined.

This means that if the count is five or less, the player’s hand will be hit back but if the count is a 6 or 7, the player gets a stand.

The following are the rules for the banker when the player hand is hit for a count of 5 or less;

  • Dealer has a position on 7
  • Hit 6 only if the player draws a 6 or 7
  • Only hit 5 if the player draws a 4 through 7
  • Hit 0,1 or 2 always
  • Do not hit 3, unless the player draws an 8
  • Hit 4 if the player draws a 2 through 7.

Tips on winning the Live Casino Baccarat Game

There are some very useful tips for you to play and score a victory while playing this game. Firstly, make your first bet on the banker. Asides this, ensure you do not make the tie bet. Keep betting on the banker till it loses and manage your money very well. There is no particular strategy or trick to winning a baccarat game unlike Caribbean Stud Poker. The only and best advice is to know your game well.

Legal Situation of Online Casino Games in USA

A few years ago, sanctions were applied to online casino operators. This also goes to show that several Casino operators were charged for allowing US citizens to play at their Casinos through online platforms. Therefore, there has been a great reduction in the number of legal US Live Casinos. In 2006, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act forbade Americans to play legally at an online casino.

In 2021, the status of online gambling has changed its course, and its already paving its ways through the laws. This is so as some states are discussing the gambling issue in their legislative houses.

Casino with Live Casino Baccarat: Play Now!

The game of Baccarat is one of the most popular, most widely played casino games which involve the banker and player. According to some studies, the game of Baccarat is considered to be one of the most popular games in land-based casinos while its popularity across online casino venues has been on the rise especially in Asia. When it comes to looking for an online casino that offers Baccarat games, players are advised to look carefully in order to avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong online venue. The truth is that not all online casinos are worth your time and money, so you have to do your homework before you decide to register and play. We highly recommend that you check your potential online casino’s terms and conditions, privacy policies, reputation, bonuses offered and its general service. We also recommend you check our online casino comparison to find the best online casinos featuring live Baccarat games.

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Start making Money Playing Live Casino Baccarat
The game of baccarat is a very popular casino card game in both brick and mortar and online casino sites. The game is now very accessible in various online casinos and can be extremely thrilling to play. You now know the rules and basic strategies needed to play baccarat and beat the house, so the last thing that is left is to sign up with one of the recommended online casinos and start applying your newly found skills at the baccarat tables.
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