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June 6, 2021
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Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.
Michael was Marketing Director in Atlantic City and worked in the casino industry for several years before shifting over to numerous newspapers in New York and Chicago working his way up to Editor-in-Chief. His focus areas are mainly in the fields of sports, gambling, and politics. He has a Marketing Degree, visited Columbia University during his time in New York and is now Editor-in-Chief at AmericaGambles.

Live Dealer Casino 2021: Everything to Know!

The casino industry has recorded tremendous growth in casino gaming and the consumer population continue to growth exponentially. Broadly, casino games are divided into three major categories: the table games, the electronic gaming machines like slot machines, and the random number tickets games like Keno and Roulette. With casino industry being among the spotlight, the gaming industry alone employed over 727,000 people in the US. Over $33.3 billion is being distributed as salaries and wages, benefits and tips, labor income, etc. – all thanks to the gaming industry of which casino games is a very crucial player. Casino games players are doing their civic duty as they directly and indirectly invest in the economy.

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Online Live Casino & Games: The legal situation in the USA

The biggest issue revolving around legality of online gambling and other related betting activities has been one the arouse a considerable higher interest as many speculations and inaccurate information continue to flow. First, let’s clear the air on this very important myth. Online gambling, and by this we mean gamblers, are in no way prohibited in the United States by Federal Law. Many persons who have erroneously subscribed to this myth of gamblers being prohibited in the US only had poor interpretation of the UIGEA or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act conducted back in 2006.

For clarity purpose, the part of this Act that many interpret is the one that states that no person or entity may knowingly accept funds associated with a person participating in illegal online gambling. This clause emphatically stress “Accept”; thus, putting no restrain on your ability as a gamble to send money those who this law does not govern, preferably, online casinos outside the US. More importantly, you should know that reactions to to online gambling varies across States in the US.

Another important fact to note here is that casino games must meet certain requirements in order to be accepted. In addition, they are regularly inspected by official testing authorities.

That Makes an Online Live Casino

Prominent among the salient factors that should be considered when planning to play in a live casino online are the five points briefly explained below:

  • HD Video: Recall that online casinos are able to attend to gamblers’ needs of playing online live casino by software providers. These software providers have studios located around the world from which gamblers do live streaming of these online games. Thus, the need for a quality HD video to have smooth streaming experience cannot be overemphasized. Poor video quality translates to poor streaming experience and ultimately, poor online live casino gaming experience.
  • Live Dealer/Croupiers (Pretty Ladies): In an online live casino that you find real croupiers, it only means two things above all. One, that this is an internet betting establishment that mean business and conduct it as fair as possible. Two, that they neither joke nor toil with security.
  • Chat & Tip for Croupiers/Dealers: Chat in an online live casino game is very important as it serves the role of enhancing rich interaction between the gambler and the live dealers, which in most cases and pretty ladies. When gamblers win, the quality gambling experience they are getting with these pretty ladies often make them give live croupiers interesting tips.
  • Fast pace, dynamic: This is the OCR. Casino now used optical camera recognition to record and real-time stream all table actions as they are happening from studios and live casinos using video links.
  • Real casino gaming experience/vibe very close to the vibe you get when gaming at brick and mortar venues: The HD video, the pretty ladies/dealers, real social aspect, the OCR; all these are there to create that fantastic, engaging online gambling environment as make it like gamblers were actually in a land-based casino.

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Online Live Casino & Games: Choose Your Favorite One

Most players are sometime are at loss regarding which casino games poses the most fun and give the biggest winning. In this section, we are going to give a short introduction into 10 casino games and you can decide which one matches your interest the most, and start playing.

Caribbean Stud Poker:

Also referred to by many as Casino Stud Poker, it is simply a casino table game that has its rules originated from 5-card stud poker. However, it’s playing mechanism is a little different from the standard poker games. While gamblers play other players in standard poker games, gamblers play against the house in Caribbean stud poker. Each player must place his/her ante on the surface of the playing table in a marked spot prior to the time the dealer will announce that no more bets can be placed.

Live 3 Card Poker:

It’s one of those airtight poker games. The game was envisioned and developed by Evolution Gaming with topnotch licensing features as it was exclusively licensed with Scientific Gaming. Live 3 Card Poker has gained huge popularity and become one of the most popularly played table games in the United States and the United Kingdom. Among notable online casinos, you can have a good live 3 card poker experience are Golden Nugget online and SugarHouse Casino.

Live Blackjack:

Live Blackjack is by doubt one of the online casino favorites and most played games. What’s not to love about it? It’s relatively easy and convenient to learn and play. The most fascinating thing about live blackjack is that it’s one of those games that conveniently and transparently transform good playing intuition, strategy, and skill into massive profit upon the turn of a card. So, if you are as skilled as you say you are, live blackjack is your best bet for the profit of a lifetime.

Live Casino Baccarat:

This is another very-simple-to-learn casino game, and relatively easy to play. The dealer in live casino baccarat is often referred to as the Banker. The Banker deals two-card hands to players of live casino baccarat. The objective of the game, at least for players intending to win and go home with some profit, is to score something as close as humanly possible to 9. It creates a betting opportunity of place bets on either the Banker or the Player to win, or perhaps a tie.

Live Casino Hold’em:

Yet another popular table games in the world of online casino gaming. Live Casino Hold’em has this distinguishing feature – more like a flavor – for players who have good taste. It creatively and in a very interesting manner combines the traditional online poker, which is on a very fast-paced speed, with live dealers. This then creates a seamless casino gaming experience that guarantees the ultimate casino gaming experience for players.

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Live Craps:

The history of live crap can be traced back to the United States. It is a game of dice where players bet against each other. Recently, tables are used to play the game. Online craps and live dealer craps games are commonly available across online casinos or across online gaming platforms. When it comes to the game of live dealer craps, the game streams all actions as they happen on the screens of PCs, laptops or portable devices as players engage. The human dealer dictates the live craps game. When it comes to the game of online craps, it runs on RNGs as other online casino games.

Live Dealer Texas Holdem:

When discussing the game of Texas Holdem, we have to say that this is one if not the most popular poker game in the entire iGaming and land-based gaming industry. After making its entrance into the world of online casino gaming, online Texas Holdem has remained one of the most popular poker gaming options around. The game is divided into the live dealer and online variant while the biggest difference between the two is that live dealer variants feature human dealers.

Live Roulette:

Roulette is one of those games that can give players the needed win at all times. Some believe in using strategies based on mathematical calculations and statistics can secure them the win. This might be true for some and not for others. Roulette can be played in a casino or online. The online varies as live dealer roulette and online roulette based on randomly generated number and spins. The rules are understandable and good players can take advantage of it.

Live Sic Bo:

Live sic bo is a game of dice and board. It originates from China, Asia, and is popular there. ’Sic bo’ means two bricks. Standard sic bo is played with three dice. Sic bo has many variations and well-organized game rules and processes. The game can be played in a physical location usually a casino but can be played online too. The online game can either be a computer simulated online game or a live dealer type with a croupier on the screens of player.

Live Slot Play:

Live slot games originated from Brooklyn, New York in United states. The modern slot machines are an advance transition from the mechanical ones built by the pioneers – Sittman and Pitt. It was then based on cards but now we have video slot machines which makes it easier. Slot play is a modernized betting or gambling machine such that it takes money and rewards for big wins. There are variants and strategies which players can use.

Top 5 Online Live Casinos

These online casinos have been vetted and from gamblers’ reviews and other quality service parameters, they stood up and exceptional gambling and online casino service providers accommodating US players as at 2021. On an average, a good online casino should offer about six hundred different games.

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Games: 700+
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Games: 600+
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Future Trends: Virtual Reality Casinos

The latest technological advancements entering the world of online casino gaming affect every single aspect of the industry. The way technology will shape the future of online live casino is such that it will have be played in virtual reality. These two concepts – Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) – have already been implemented in other facets of our existential living. This technology will usher in an artificial world of online live casino made with digital systems. When this technology gets fully integrated, we will now have an online gaming environment where gamblers just use special Virtual Reality controllers and headsets and they would appear in land-based casinos playing their live casino games like they were actually there. But in the real sense of it, the gambler may be thousands of miles away, connecting from another continent in fact.

So, in more practical terms, how exactly will technology revolutionize live casino in the future. With Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, gamblers will now be able to:

  • Socialize and communicate with other players in real-time;
  • Enter and leave gaming rooms to explore other games, gaming floors, and rooms as in a real, land-based casino;
  • Leave gaming floors to explore other sections included just like you explore brick and mortar casinos;
  • Also play slot machines as you are in a land-based casino;
  • Enjoy a vibe of real-time gaming such as hearing the crowd chanting and the sound of reels spinning;


Online Live Casino & Games: FAQs

It’s actually the same as “Live Dealer Casino”. It basically refers to very creative implementation of real casino table games, but in this case, players play on their PCs and mobile devices with the help of the Internet.

The answer is a straight Yes. There are quite a number of reputable online casinos and websites that accept US players to play online poker and casino games. There are quite impressive review notes and players’ positive feedbacks to show for it.

These reputable online casinos that we have made mentioned of in our website have severa fantastic payment options and instruments for winners to withdraw deposit plus winnings, including fantastic bonus. There are checks, bank transfer, cash transfer, debit card, even bitcoin.

If we are to include the ones based on reservation, then there are 40 states that has at least one casino. However, not all will be permitted to operate in your state, so it is very important to be super careful and very much advised that you check our online casino comparison.

This part is handled by different casino software providers who have their respective studio locations in different countries and states. For example, Microgaming has gaming studios in the Philippines, and Argentina, while NetEnt has its main studios for streaming live dealer casino games based in Malta.


Online Live Casino & Games
Online Live Casino is by far one of the options in an online casino where gamblers can enjoy the best in gaming experience while positioning themselves in the better spot to win the jackpot of their lives. The gamin environment is highly stimulating and gambler can now play to their heart’s content as they wish. The major requirements needed to enjoy online live casino is a very fast internet connection and of course, playing with a standard casino platform. Always check out our Online Casino comparison to register at a top-rated casino platform and start winning immediately!

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