Live Dealer Casinos Online 2020

When you hear live dealer casino online, we are basically referring to online live casino and games. In most write-ups and articles, these two terms are used interchangeably. Let’s try and define what it is. Live dealer casino, by way of definition, simply depicts a room, or more than one room – a series of rooms – owned and managed by an online casino or an online gaming website. This facility is then used to provide traditional and/or modern casino gaming services to players from around the world via video links and streaming. These games are handled and run by a real-live dealer. With the online casino industry being among the most lucrative and profitable industries, the gaming industry in the United States only generates billions and employs over 720,000 individuals across different sectors. It is also estimated that over $33.3 billion in distributed as wages and salaries, tips and benefits in the industry and all thanks to the rising numbers of online casino gamers.

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Live Dealer Casinos Online & Games: The legal situation in the USA

The biggest problem concerning the legality of online betting and online gambling activities in the United States rises from inaccurate information and speculations which circulate even today. When discussing the legality of such activities in the states, we have to say that online gambling is not prohibited in the USA according to its federal laws. This is one of the biggest myths surrounding this issue which suggests that such activities are prohibited. This myth mainly arose from the UIGEA or the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act from 2006 which is frequently poorly interpreted.

To make things clear, according to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act from 2006, no online gambling and betting facilities no matter in which state are not allowed to accept funds which are associated with individuals who participate in illegal online betting and gambling activities. While online betting operators are not allowed to accept those funds, players are not restrained on their ability to send money and gamble to those venues which operate outside of the United States. Fortunately, there are many regulated, fully licensed online gambling venues across the states.

That Makes a Live Dealer Casinos Online & Games

  • HD Video: HD video streaming technologies which are part of live dealer casino games are what make these games more interesting. With these games, online casino venues are also able to offer their players loads of real-time gaming sessions which are streamed around the world across different studios held by different online casino content developers who make their live dealer games. The need for a high-quality HD video is necessary for smooth streaming experiences. On the other hand, poor video quality directly translates to poor online gaming sessions.
  • Live Dealer/Croupiers (Pretty Ladies): When playing live dealer casino games, you play with human dealers who are always friendly as well as professional. On the other hand, they are always serious and they never joke.
  • Chat & Tip for Dealer/Croupiers: Another extremely important part of live dealer casino gaming is the opportunity to chat and interact with other players as well as with the dealer. Chat is also important as it enriches the interaction between all players at the table which consequently enriches the overall gaming experience.
  • Fast pace, dynamic: Online casino venues now use OCR or optical camera recognition in order to record and stream actions as they happen in real-time through video links.
  • Real casino experience/atmosphere, at least very close to it: The high-definition video, the friendly croupiers, the live chat options and the optical camera recognition are all there working alongside each other to create those engaging, fantastic online gambling sessions which are very similar to those of brick and mortar online casinos.

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Live Dealer Casinos Online & Games: Choose Your Favorite One

In this section, we bring you detailed information about 10 live games that you can play to enjoy yourself, and also to win. It is very sure that you will find one of these games your favorite and you can start playing to win immediately.

  • Live 3 Card Poker: It’s not your regular 5 hand dealt poker game. This game is fast in play as you are dealt only three cards. In this game, only one hand can be dealt to and this affords hundreds to play at the same time with buzzing excitement. The Live Three Card Poker Game available across online casino venues was first envisioned by Evolution Gaming whose version of the game features high-quality characteristics. At the time of its inception, the game was licensed with the Scientific Gaming company. Live Three Card Poker had gained massive popularity over the years to become one of the most popular and widely played live dealer casino games across online casinos. Little did Derek Webb who invented this variation of poker know it will be favorites to millions.
  • Live Casino Baccarat: Baccarat game is a simple game to learn. The Baccarat game is a popular card game played at Casinos which involves the “player” and “banker.” The baccarat game is played with an eight-deck of cards in a shoe from which each of the player and banker's hand is given two cards. It creates more betting opportunities as players get to place wagers on the Player, the Banker or on a tie to win. Live Casino Baccarat does not have a major requirement. This means that as a player, you are allowed to sit and watch the cards and also place your bet whenever you wish with no major restrictions.
  • Live Craps: The game of live dealer Craps is a fantastic game which uses a table and dice. The major difference between this game and the game of Sic Bo is that every Craps round starts with a human dealer. Put differently, the dice is rolled by the human dealer. On the other hand, the live dealer Craps game is started with the player rolling the dice instead of the dealer initiating the round.
  • Live Roulette: Roulette game is a table game played using results of roulette wheel spin. The game can be played by many players. Aside from the mortar and brick casino services of roulette, it can also be played online with randomly generated numbers as the game controller and live dealer variant with a human dealer dictating the game on screen.
  • Live Slot Play: Live slot play is one of the simplest bet games. Modern machines have been programmed to offer this service. It takes just a push of a button to play and win. players need to consider where they want to register for this game. Standard casinos with unaltered slot machine algorithm will be the best bet. This might be hard to tell wish casino has this but casino with high reputation and standard is goal.

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  • Caribbean Stud Poker: In this game, it is required that each player have his ante right on the surface of the table before the time that the dealer will announce that players can no longer place bets. Just like other casino games, it is also a table game and most of its rules can be found in what is known as the 5-card stud poker. It’s gameplay is quite different from other poker games though, as players typically play against the house in a standard Caribbean stud poker game.
  • Live Blackjack: The Live blackjack can be regarded as one of your best bets for a long-time profit-making adventure. It is one of those games that rewards excellent playing skills and turn intuition and dexterity into a cash-out model. Indeed, it is one of the most played casino games and it is very easy to learn, and to play too.
  • Live Casino Hold’em: Live Casino Hold’em has to be one of the most distinguished casino games. It is a fast-paced game where live dealers combine the techniques on the traditional online poker in a very stimulating manner. It is loved by many casino players majorly for the seamless gaming environment and experience it exudes. If you are a casino with a very classy taste in casino games, then the Live Casino Hold’em is one of the games you should really consider.
  • Live Dealer Texas Holdem:  The Live Dealer Texas Holdem is one of those casinos that retains the ability of players to play on and off the casinos. In other words, players can also enjoy the game online in the form of the online Texas Holdem. This offers a rich range of choice for players. The Online Texas Holdem is also split into two different choices; the online dealer Texas Hold’em, and the Online Live Dealer Texas Holdem. The difference between these two is that the Live dealer game helps add a touch of excitement and realism as it provides online facilities for a real live dealer.
  • Live Sic Bo: Live sic bo can be an extremely thrilling type of casino game. The game is played with dice and in this case you will need to be assisted by the dealer as the dice cannot actually be thrown by you. This takes away some of the game's thrill and for most players online sic bo can never really change the amazing nature of playing this game in a brick and mortar casino establishment.

Top 5 Online Live Casinos

In order to find the best online casino venue offering live dealer casino games, you have to do your homework the right way. This means that you have to check your potential online casino's security and privacy measures employed, its reputation, banking system integrated and other crucial details. You also want to check your potential casino's gaming library as well as its licensing and regulations.

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Future Trends: Virtual Reality Casinos

As technology keeps advancing in every possible way, our daily lives are significantly affected by the changes. In fact, the way that technological advancements shape our future, they also shape many different industries including the industry of live dealer casino games which have been thriving for some time now. It is very possible that in the near future, we will be offered VR or virtual reality games. Another concept on the rise in addition to VR is AR or augmented reality and these two have already been implemented in certain facets of our daily living.

The truth is that these technologies will most certainly affect the online casino gaming industry including live dealer casino games and online casino games powered by digital systems. Once these technologies get fully integrated, we will be offered online casino gaming environments in which players use their VR controllers and headsets among other tools that will recreate the vibe of playing at brick and mortar venues. In other words, players will feel as they are actually there in land-based casinos while they are gaming from the coziness of their homes.

In more practical terms, the technological advancements are definitely revolutionizing online casino and live dealer casino gaming especially in several different departments which will allow gamers to:

  • Make contact with other players playing at the same live casino table;
  • Play when and as long as you wish and switch tables at will;
  • Visit other parts of the casino and enjoy the bar or relaxation areas;
  • Play video slot machines that resemble the real ones;
  • Enjoy all the sounds and the atmosphere of a proper casino.

Live Dealer Casinos Online & Games: FAQs

Live Dealer Casinos are very similar to land-based casinos, but gaming sessions happen via high-definition, real-time streaming services. Live Dealer Casinos also refer to an interactive, creative implementation of brick and mortar table games which in this case players engage with from the coziness of their homes using their laptops, PCs, or portable devices.

You should know that operators and casinos that made the spotlight have all been vetted, scrutinized, and licensed by gaming authorities around the globe. Besides, you can be certain that any casino that has been mentioned in our website are duly analyzed for safety and security and you have nothing to be afraid of.

There are casino software providers with different studios around the world to provide this casino gaming services for their players. For example, Microgaming has studios in Canada, Argentina, and the Philippines and Net Entertainment has their own working in Malta.

Yes, there are many reputable, fully licensed and well-regulated online casino facilities which offer impressive live dealer gaming libraries and which accept residents of the United States.

The most reputable, renowned online casino venues offering live dealer casino games to the residents of the United States generally feature loads of popular withdrawal methods that players get to use. Some of these banking options include e-wallets, bank wire transfers, credit and debit cards and even digital currencies such as Bitcoin.

Live Dealer Casinos Online & Games

Live online casinos can be a truly remarkable place to enjoy spending some leisure time and unlike virtual casinos they can bring around some of the thrills of playing in a brick and mortar Las Vegas casino. It’s a very impressive gaming environment where online casinos bring the game to you, the gamblers. Now, gamblers have no excuse as to barriers or obstacles like it used to be. All you need now is just a good internet connection and a top-rated online casino with best offers of live dealer casino online and games. Always check out our online casino comparison for more relevant and updated contents for your best options on live dealer casino online and games.

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